Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka

Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 176


“What’s wrong?” Trunks asked suspiciously when he saw that everyone had stopped talking all of a sudden.

“Eh, isn’t that the android you were talking about?” Son Gohan looked at Trunks unbelievably.

“Androids? No, the androids in my world did not exist inside them! The world is crippled by the androids 17 and 18. 17 was a black-haired teenager with a scarf around his neck, while 18 was a teenage girl image with a costume similar to mine, they both have a cold look and round earrings, so they are very recognizable!”

“A teenage girl image of an android?” Krillin was astonished. The androids they fought just now were either old men or fat men. Where were the teenage girls?!

“Well, and their energy is near infinite, never weakening! All in all, very scary!”


“So we just hit the wrong one?” Vegeta asked irritably.

Piccolo shook his head, “Nope! Even if they are not the future teenagers 17 and 18, but they must be the androids right!”

19 and 20 were perfectly fit the characteristics of androids!

After knowing that just dealing with the unexpected androids, Son Goku was surprisingly silent, and Trunks was also a bit jittery because of the change in history.

Finally, Bulma thought that android 20 might be Dr. Giro himself, and then they all flew towards Dr. Gero’s institute in the north.


In the cold Northern Mountains, white-capped snow covered the mountain range, and from afar, it was a thick white patch. A few cold winds blew, scraping a few snow clumps off the lime green cedars.

“Let’s split up.”

Above the white and empty snow, the crowd briefly discussed and flew off in different directions.

Krillin kept searching along with the mountain range, and he kept circling between the various peaks by sticking to the ground when suddenly a black figure came into view.

“Dr. Gero!!!”

Krillin urgently stopped, his face showed surprise, and then gathered ki to guide Son Goku and others over.

At this time, Dr. Gero also found Krillin, “Hum, it’s Krillin the little bald guy.” He smiled scornfully, and his finger quickly pressed the combination lock, thinking with certainty, “As long as I release them, no one in this world will be able to stop me!”

Crackle, click!

The heavy steel door slowly opened, and Dr. Gero’s body scurried inside with a shrink. This was a very hidden institute, in the depths of the institute in a space stacked with a two-meter long and one meter wide dormant, several dormant had opened, only marked “16” “17” “18 ” of the three still intact closed.

“I don’t want to start as a last resort, but now I can only start. I don’t know if it’s changed!” Dr. Gero helplessly shook his head, his face a little gloomy. Although these androids were powerful, they were not qualified products in Dr. Gero’s opinion because they were not under his control at all.

Pop, pop!

After hesitating for a while, he pressed the button of hibernators 17 and 18.

Two hibernator hatch then opened, from which came out two slender androids. Surprisingly, all girls, and not a man and a woman in the original.

The original 17 and 18 were twin siblings, caught by Dr. Gero and transformed into androids because the brother was transformed first, so the number in front of the sister.

And in this world, the twin siblings became sisters!

“Ah,17, 18, hurry up and act! Son Goku’s accomplices will soon arrive, I want you to destroy them, none left behind!” Dr. Gero saw that the two androids did not look abnormal and relaxed in his heart.

“Yes!” 17’s soft voice rang out, and her body suddenly flashed, surprisingly snatching the dormant controller from Dr. Gallo’s hand.


The sudden change of events made Dr. Gero’s mind shake, and a bad premonition immediately rushed to his heart. He roared in horror, “17, what are you doing?”

What did he need to ask? A dizzying sensation of spinning answered him, and 17 actually struck at him. Dr. Gero had no time to think. His head was already spinning in the air, cutting a beautiful arc.

“Damn, old man, we don’t want to be controlled by you again!”

“Hee hee, 17, you’re so quick to strike. We’re much more at ease without that old man!” Smiling shallowly, 18’s pretty face outlined a soft smile. Two blue eyes looked around and soon saw the large hibernator placed in the central location of the Institute.

“Eh ah, there is a 16 here, looks different from us! Dr. Gero actually created so many androids. I wonder how strong this guy is. Should we try and see?” 18 asked with a tilted head.

17 shrugged her shoulders and said she would let her decide.


The steel door of the institute was blown open, the smoke cleared, and Son Goku, Vegeta, Piccolo, and others appeared outside the institute.

“Ah! There are so many people here, what can we do now! Hee hee, Son Goku is also in. It saves us from looking around!”

“But we are outnumbered, oh!” No. 18 covered his mouth and shouted in surprise.

“Hum, then kill them all!”

Piccolo raised an eyebrow, suspiciously looking at the two androids talking and laughing, turned his head to Trunks and said, “Trunks, didn’t you say that the androids are one male and one female? How come both of them are female!”

Trunks had a moment of consternation, shook his head breathlessly, “I’m not sure why android 17 would be female, but there is no doubt that they are the androids that brought darkness to the world. Everyone, be careful. Their strength is terrifying!”

He naturally didn’t need to remind this, Son Goku and others had already been prepared.

Trunks wrinkled his brow and thought uneasily, “It looks like history has really changed, 17 is actually female, and there are still androids here 16, absolutely can’t let them start, androids can’t be increased!”

After experiencing the dark reign of the androids for more than a decade, Trunks would never allow this world to become a purgatory on earth. Thinking of this, he transformed into a Super Saiyan, and then regardless of the three or seven, to the Institute to start the destruction.

“Impudent brat!”

Vegeta cursed angrily and hurriedly shielded himself with air, and together with the others, to exit the Institute.


The sky shook the earth, and the Institute was located in the mountain peak was completely blown apart.

The explosion generated by the chaotic rocks and wild energy flying around, thick smoke spread out. It was said that Trunks’ attack had put forth its full strength and was naturally not less powerful, but the result was frustrating, and the dormant device of the android 16 did not suffer a bit of damage.

At the other end of the hill, 18 kicked away the dormant device, and android 16 woke up.

“Shit, another android has awakened!” Trunks’ face went white at once.

Looking at the newly appeared large 16, Vegeta showed an elegant smile, mockingly shouted to Son Goku, “Kakarot, now there are three androids, wait a moment I will go over to completely defeat them, so you can see what the noblest lineage of Saiyans is!”

Son Goku shrugged his shoulders, there was nothing he could do, or he had long since adapted to Vegeta’s temper.

Seeing Vegeta turned into a ray of light to fly past, Trunks’ face was ugly, and he said urgently, “Vegeta is too gullible. These androids are not simple! We’d better go and help him!”

Son Goku nodded in agreement. He was not as blindly arrogant as Vegeta, after a calm analysis, came to a bad conclusion.

“The difference in strength is so great that Vegeta will be killed!”


With a winding circling canyon, 17, 18, and 16 had been waiting there, such as hunters waiting for their prey to come to the door. The sky flashed a few lights, Vegeta and others flew over one after another.

“The hunter took it easy, the prey automatically to the door, it is time to harvest.”

17 jumped down from the stone, narrowed the two sky blue eyes, contemptuous, “Rush in the forefront is Vegeta, followed by Son Goku’s group and a teenager of unknown origin.”

“17, leave Son Goku at the end. Let me play with Vegeta first!” 18 stroked down the golden hair hanging by the corner of the eye, looking elegant.

“Since 18 wants to play, Vegeta will be given to you, sister! 16, we block Son Goku and them, do not rush to kill, or it will be much less fun!” 17 said.

“Whatever, I was produced to kill Son Goku. Since you guys said so, I’ll delay it!”

Vegeta was flying at high speed and saw the three waiting not far away 18. The corners of his mouth showed a smile. He turned into a super Saiyan state, the golden flame suddenly blazed up, “Three androids, let me Vegeta to clean you up!”

Shaking his head, 17’s clean face revealed an evil smile, “Saiyans are always overconfident, 18, teach Vegeta a good lesson.”

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