Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka

Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 189


“There’s no need for that!” Ayaka didn’t take Krillin’s advice and said, “Even if Cell recovers, his strength won’t change much.”


“Before the breakthrough completely because Cell once had the experience of the perfect body, the body cells have memorized the perfect body state, coupled with their own strength is at the threshold of the breakthrough, only then the power is greatly improved, turned into lightning form! But this time is different. The Saiyan cells are not omnipotent, and rebirth will pay a huge price. I think within a few years, Cell will not have any progress!”

This was Ayaka’s speculation about Cell.

The fusion of many strong genes was not perfect. Cell’s congenital birth had already predetermined his achievements. He belonged to a special life form created by computers, born not to meet the requirements of the laws of the universe. Although he had advantages of the Saiyans, the Namekian and the Frozen Clan reflected in Cell. It had deprived him of the most basic advantage of ordinary life forms – evolution.

Yes, Cell was not able to evolve, but only disguised devouring to obtain a breakthrough.

The activity of Saiyan cells brought Cell a strong sense of combat, the Namekian genes made him less prone to death, the Frozen Clan made him able to survive in the universe, but all this was limited within a huge framework. Beyond this framework, Cell could not continue to get stronger.

This was why Cell needed to devour Androids 17 and 18 to evolve into a perfect body. If he wanted to break through by himself, it is basically impossible.

Inherent defects were the hurdle in front of Cell.

“That’s good, and I was worried that Cell will experience a near-death like the Saiyans will be greatly enhanced, otherwise who can stop him then!” Krillin patted his chest and breathed a big sigh of relief.

“Well, Cell is not enough to fear and can be ignored for the time being, but the silver-haired woman referred the change that we need to be vigilant, what she can call a change, certainly not a trivial matter!”

Ayaba interjected. Although she and the silver-haired girl look at each other disagreeably, they also recognize each other’s strength.

As soon as it was mentioned that a change of heart might occur during the Cell Game, everyone looked at each other in eerie silence.

“There are still three days left to guard against anything that may happen. Everyone should use these three days to work harder.” Speaking of which, Ayaka was helpless. A total of three days, there was a limit to the time for a person to enter the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, and the rest was just a matter of fate, “By the way, where is that Vegeta guy?”

“Oh, he woke up and ran to the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, until now has not come out!”

Vegeta was seriously injured by Cell. As punishment for trespassing, Ayaka did not allow anyone to heal him. Lying for five days, after waking up, Vegeta’s face was blue, his self-esteem suffered a severe blow, of course, the “Saiyan Prince” this honorary name existed let him almost corrupted. He asked Bulma a few Senzu Beans and ran to Hyperbolic Time Chamber. It seemed that he would not stop until he made a breakthrough.

“Well, let him be. I hope after this incident can give him some lessons!” Ayaka also didn’t hold much hope.

If he had not entered the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, she might have beaten him severely as a warning to others, but since he “slipped” first, this account would be recorded for later.

“Android 17 and 18, your energy is eternal. I wonder if you can grow your energy through practice?”

Android 18 was wearing a loose casual suit and a pair of light blue jeans underneath. She stuck both hands in her pants pocket and shook her head, “I haven’t tried this, but it should be possible. Android 17 and I are both human bodies, and we just have some extra nano-level machinery in our bodies used to maintain constant energy, so we should be able to do it with practice!”

Deeply looking at Android 17 and 18, Ayaka lightly smiled and said, “Well, then, whether it can be done or not, the next few days, you and Android 17 will go into Hyperbolic Time Chamber for practice.”

They had heard about the magic of the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, and then look at Android 17, 18 nodded in agreement.


Somewhere in the northern hemisphere, in the mountain range, Mount Paozu.

The king and the accompanying officers were riding in a large aircraft.

The king sat on the seat, looking out the window in silence. He was about to meet Mr. Son Goku and wondered if he was willing to stand up for himself like the previous times. Looking at his previous performance, he indicated that he was a decent and kind person. He must be willing to do it. Even if Mr. Son Goku was willing to fight for the Earth, the question was whether he and his companions were sure of defeating Cell?

Thinking about this problem, the king only felt a headache.

Your Majesty, we will reach our destination in ten minutes!” An officer came over and reported.

“Well, everyone gets ready. When we see Mr. Son Goku later on, we will concisely state our intention and do our best to persuade him and his companions to go to that Cell Game.” The king took a sip of tea to refresh himself and instructed.

“Your majesty, from the incident of Demon King Piccolo to the alien invasion, Mr. Son Goku has stood up for himself, which means he is a peace-loving martial artist and will definitely participate in the ‘Cell Game’ for the sake of peace on Earth!”

“I hope so!”

The cabin fell into silence, and the king looked blankly out of the window. In the tense flight, time passed little by little, flying over several mountain peaks, a flat and short hill gradually came into view. On the top of the mountain, a luxurious villa was built, which looked out of place with the surrounding area, and by now, it was already smoky with cooking.

They had arrived at Mount Paozu.

On the country road, Son Goku and Son Gohan in casual attire, one carrying a large bucket, carrying a fishing rod cheekily towards the direction of the villa.

When they reached the flat platform in front of the courtyard, they saw a large aircraft docked in front of the house.

“Goku, you’re finally here. His Majesty the King has been waiting for you for a long time!” Chi-CHi shouted in surprise when she saw Son Goku return and hurriedly pull his clothes towards the house.

“King?” Son Goku was a little confused.

Inside the house, the king saw the blonde-haired, blue-eyed appearance of Son Goku, excited to pull up Son Goku’s hand, “Mr. Son Goku, finally I see you!”

“You are the King?”

“Yes, Mr. Son Goku should have heard about the demon who threatened to destroy the world, right?”

Son Goku suddenly realized, “You mean Cell?”

“Yes, we came this time to hope that Mr. Son Goku and your companions can participate in the ‘Cell Game’ held by that demon, you have defeated the ferocious Demon King Piccolo and the powerful aliens, we have analyzed that only powerful masters like you are among the martial artists of all mankind now to save the world!”

The feeling of being praised was very good. Son Goku scratched his head in embarrassment and laughed out loud, “In fact, there are more powerful than me, of course, even if you do not come to the king, we also plan to participate in the ‘Cell Game’.”

The king stood up with a red face, excited, “Mr. Son Goku, you said all true?”

“Haha, don’t worry, my companions and I will participate, and we will be able to defeat Cell!” Son Goku was full of confidence statements.

“Please, Mr. Son Goku! Except that there is only Mr. Son Goku’s family here, I wonder if your companions ……”

“Oh, they are all in intense training, and they can not take time for a while.”

The king nodded indistinctly and hurriedly bowed to Son Goku together with the accompanying officers, after which he left contentedly.

“Goku, that Cell is so abominable you must defeat him. His Majesty the King just promised to let Gohan go to the best school, to receive the best education! For Gohan, you also have to work harder!”

Chi-Chi was worthy of being a mother, and she put Gohan’s future in the first place. Previously he was very opposed to Goku practice, mainly because he was worried that the atmosphere of practice affects Gohan’s education. But now Gohan had been good grades and was expected to receive a better education, how could she oppose? Moreover, Chi-Chi itself was not opposed to practice. Before giving birth to Gohan, she was also a great master!


“Your Majesty, listening to the tone of Mr. Son Goku, with him and his companions participating in the ‘Cell Game’, the hope of winning is quite high!” The officer said with a joyful face.

The king smiled and nodded his head and came to do very thorough thinking, and he just did not expect the other party to agree so quickly, worthy of the God of Martial Arts Master Roshi’s disciple. He had a big heart! And his wife was also a good wife and mother.

If Ayaka knew about this, he would snicker at the fact that Chi-Chi’s gaze was only one inch long.

“You go down to make arrangements, let the army to prepare a group of professional camera personnel to do the whole live broadcast of the Cell Game Tournament. The commentary candidate …… let that the WorldMartial Arts Tournament host do it! He and Mr. Goku are old acquaintances, with many times, the commentary is more original.”



Time passed in a tight schedule, Ayaka, Son Goku, and others were making final preparations for the “Cell Game”.

When the Cell Game was placed, the near-death Cell gad recovered. After the rebirth of his strength, although there was a slight improvement, his heart was rather hanging up.

Under an unknown glacier, a cluster of dark green figures frozen in the ice, bzzzz, the ice suddenly vibrated a few times, a few narrow cracks produced, spreading around the spread.

Under the glacier, groups of polar sea fish seemed to sense the crisis, such as inserting a high-performance antenna to receive signals. The whole group suddenly turned the direction, fleeing away. The calm polar, because of the abnormal performance of the fish, the small fluctuations infinitely magnified.

Riptides surged up under the ice.

“Hey, hey, Ayaba, after waiting for so many years, finally this day come! When the time comes. I will make the world shrouded in darkness so that all people will die in despair!”

An angry roar rang out under the ice layer, and for a moment, the entire ocean began to boil.

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