Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka

Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 188


Lightning-form Cell could be said to have stepped into the Super Saiyan 2 stage. Every move was involved in a great deal of power.

The angry state of him was even more powerful, without fear of emitting the murderous aura, making the inner diameter of the sphere within a thousand miles of the caged space, the temperature dropped rapidly. People in the caged area felt a sickening disgust.


In a huge roar, the earth and rocks under the feet in the energy penetration have cracked, blinked into tiny particles, like smoke scattered.

The slightly larger scattered gravel was accelerated in an outward thrust.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Like bullets cut through the air, then hit the surrounding rocks and ground, leaving a trail of bullet marks.

There was no shortage of them flying towards the silver-haired girl, but they were framed at a distance of tens of centimeters from her, and then a wisp of green smoke rose, and the silver-white flame destroyed the stone particles.

There was a muffled beeping sound.

A cloud of smoke spread out and soon obstructed the line of sight. The corner of the girl’s eyes showed a contemptuous smile, her eyes flashed, the silver-white flame immediately spread out towards the periphery, as if to cleanse the natural light of filth, flying towards the girl’s dense gravel and was empty immediately.

With the girl and Cell at the same time, the battlefield was divided into two opposing camps, of which the girl was extremely strong, actually firmly in control of the situation. Her flame was like a hat that fell from the sky, wrapped in Cell’s faint “ki cloud”!

The young girl’s ki flame was very special. The edge of the shear cut constantly surged, showing domineering and tyrannical, looking aggressive to dismember Cell’s aura. Still, the internal flame was extremely peaceful, balanced with each other, without a hint of collision potential.

In the central “mire” of debris, Cell was surrounded by a silver electric aura, constantly emitting horrible suffocating energy around. —Although at a disadvantage, at this moment, Cell was unusually calm. His two golden eyes were filled with unprecedented killing intent, and his strength was more than doubled with the full release. Feeling the abundant energy flowing in his body, he looked indifferent, as if the person who was in a mess just now was not him.

With a steady pace, Cell slowly walked over.

As he moved step by step, the condensed cold ki mass tore apart the silvery-white ki flame of the young girl.

“Hmm?” The young girl wondered in amazement.

“Haha, this is my 100% power. Originally I wanted to save until the ‘Cell game’ to deal with Son Goku, now I’ll let you see in advance. Shouldn’t you feel honored? Oh, I will use the most powerful power to entertain you. In front of the overwhelming power, is your heart began to tremble?”

HIs cold face carried extreme confidence, the corners of Cell’s mouth raised high.


The silver-haired girl looked at the self-aggrandizing Cell expressionlessly, with two calm blue silver eyes indifferent, as if looking at a clown.

The young girl’s attitude angered Cell. He coldly grunted. His cold cheeks twisted a bit, his body flashed, turning into a lightning strike towards her.

Leaving deft trails in the air, Cell was so fast that he almost formed a line from start to finish!

“Tsk, this is 100% of your strength? What a disappointment, far worse than that woman Ayaba before!” The silver-haired girl lowered her head and sighed to herself with a soft sigh, surprisingly indifferent to Cell’s attack.

With a happy face, Cell’s heart burst into a frenzy of joy, thinking that because he exceeded his opponent too much and made his opponent simply unable to resist. When he was ready to destroy the flowers, a white palm suddenly appeared insight, and then a slap at him. Cell immediately lost his concentration, and his whole body was hard slapped out.


Along the ground’s surface cut a deep gully and then ruthlessly hit a bare ridge of pure rock. The ridge instantly collapsed into a pile of rubble, the body rooted into the ground hundreds of meters deep.


The sky shook, and the ground erupted with rocks! Cell rushed out of the ground in anger, and he grimaced as the invisible evil ki coiled in a mass, giving a feeling of oppression to the extreme. He drew a breath as his eyes looked in awe at the young girl whose body was glowing with silver, and his heart was slightly frightened.

Wiping the blood from the corners of his mouth and spitting it out with a “bah”, Cell shook his head and couldn’t help but think wrongly.

According to the computer simulation, as long as he devoured Android 17 and 18, he could evolve into the invincible state of the perfect body. But this bright prospect was ruthlessly broken by the appearance of the female Super Saiyan. He thought the computer’s calculations would never be fulfilled, but who would have thought that there was no way out. He was lucky not to die but also unexpectedly breakthrough into a higher level than the perfect body of Lightning form, becoming more perfect.

At this time, he had no fear of the female Super Saiyan!

Just when Cell was ready to show off his ambition to rule the world, another girl with a silvery glow appeared and played with him.

“Where are all these women from? Why are there so many horrible guys on Earth? Powerful female Saiyans, mysterious silver-haired women, what is wrong with this world?”

No one came to answer this question to Cell.

His share of lamentation or hatred of being born at the wrong time unknowingly made his face become hideous.

The silver-haired girl watched Cell’s face-turning, the corners of her mouth curved high, “This Cell’s luck is really no good. How good he is in this world, the world with Ayaba, Ayaka, and the others, he is already doomed to tragedy. If the time machine takes him to another parallel dimension, maybe there is a glimmer of chance! Uh, speaking of which, he will have to be more tragic later!” Shaking her head, “Ugh, what do I care about this, one more lesson for him, and let’s go back ……”

The silver-haired girl mused, but the movement in her hands was not slow. She moved, just like a heavily armed tank, brutally rushing towards Cell.

Bang bang bang!


A kick and a punch landed solidly on Cell’s body, hitting Cell without temper. Not knowing whether intentional or unintentional, she picked the vital parts that were prone to severe pain, and within a few minutes, Cell had been ravaged by her.

She was grasping the hard insect back armor.


A brute force tear, even tendons, and flesh from the Cell body ripped off. Snapped and crushed the opponent’s shoulder blade ……

A few minutes later, the girl innocently picked up the pale, bruised, and battered Cell.

At this point, he had very little ki left, the body’s aura had long disappeared. With eyes half-closed, blood flowing from the corners of the eyes and lips, like a dog in distress.


ightly shook his head, the silver-haired girl like throwing garbage Cell casually away, “pop” a sound, the dust stirred.


The silver-haired girl sighed lightly and turned her head to leave.

At that moment –

A cluster of shiny dark red electric energy waves from behind attacked, dark red energy speed cut through the void, the fierce sound of breaking air, the ground cracked a straight line.

“You’re looking for death!”

The silver-haired girl turned back, and a cold electric aura flashed in her eyes. With a flip of her palm, the dark red energy wave underwent a ninety-degree turn and flew far towards a mountain.


The young girl’s body moved and appeared in front of Cell, and then in the other party’s horrified gaze, her fingers kept gesticulating up, more than a thousand thin lines emitting glittering cold light like tough steel wires, winding and folding.


Cell did not have time to think. His ears have sounded “hiss hiss” ear-piercing sound, that emitted crystal cold light of tiny lines actually weave into a dense windless grid, flat sweeping over his body. Click, a subtle vibration, Cell’s stunned expression was frozen, the whole person was cut into a piece of tiny particles.

With a crash, Cell turned into a pile of mud!

“Cut! Only one death is considered a bargain for you. How dare you sneak up on this lady!” The silver-haired girl pooh-poohed, full of disgust.

Immediately, her small hand scratched a few times towards the sky, a deep crack formed in the air, a trace of ancient and desolate atmosphere from the crack. The silver-haired girl lingered to look outside, with a gentle leap, she jumped into the crack and disappeared. The young girl’s deep sigh echoed in the air.

“Cell Game continues, when the time comes for a change, they should be able to handle it, right?”


In the Lookout, Ayaka and others remained frozen and speechless in the Lower Realm long after the silver-haired girl disappeared. Everyone, including Ayaka, was shocked by the super strength shown by the young girl. The opponent was the lightning-form Cell, the equivalent of Super Saiyan 2 strong, but she was calm, and the final disappearance of the hand all reveal the opponent’s extraordinary.

“Powerful, lightning Cell is actually like vegetables in her hands!” Krillin’s whole body was trembling.

“Her strength is at least Super Saiyan 2 beyond, perhaps much more so that she has been playing when she fought me?” Ayaba’s tone was a bit gloomy. Anyone who knew they were being teased couldn’t keep a light heart.

After a year of training in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, her strength was already very close to Ayaka’s.

Ayaka shook her head and said, “That woman’s strength is certainly above me, not as simple as Super Saiyan 2, really is unimaginably powerful! Good thing it doesn’t seem to be a hostile relationship with us! Otherwise ……”

What Ayaka really scared of was the way she disappeared, cutting through the void, just like when she crossed the space sandwich. —In short, this woman was full of mysteries. If she was a friend, so be it, in case she became an enemy, she didn’t dare to think about going on.

That was definitely a desperate enemy!

The key, she was ruthless enough!

“What really makes me care also? Why would she know that the Cell Came will change in a few days? Could she be able to see into the future?”

“Unfortunately, that young girl is always wrapped by the silver aura. The temperament appearance has a large blurred point. Otherwise, there may be a few clues!” Piccolo said.

“Eh, wait, Cell is not dead. Cell Game will continue?” Krillin asked.

“Stupid! That woman only killed Cell’s body, but did not destroy the core, so Cell is not dead through!” Android 18 hit without mercy.

“She was so whole, the recovered Cell will not be more powerful, or we should kill him completely now while he is still recovered, right?” Krillin’s expression was first white and then suddenly suggested with interest.

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