Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka

Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 191


“if you have questions, just ask, you are a professional host of the Martial Arts Tournament, your commentary is much better than those idiots!” Ayaka glanced at the clown-like camera team not far away and gave the blonde host a small shout-out.

“Ah, thank you very much then!”

As the saying went, it was good to have someone in the court, and the blonde host was experiencing it, and it was much easier to get closer to these superpowered people when they were commentating later. He knew how big the gap was between each other was. To see a strong person like Ayaka was really very lucky.

The blonde host was very excited, like seeing a naked beauty, his eyes eagerly aimed at Son Goku and others. How many years he hadn’t seen a high-level match, his heart was like a knife for him who was drunk on Martial Arts Tournament commentary, and this time the Cell Game must present the most exciting tournament to everyone.

The game with Son Goku and other participants was the most original Martial Arts Tournament. This moment, as if back to the World Martial Arts Tournament many years ago, the host couldn’t help but have a feeling of tears.

“Commentary is no problem, but that super high-speed battle scene, the general public can not see!” Krillin kindly reminded.

“Hey, we’ve been prepared for this problem!” The blonde host confidently thumbs up, pointing to the cameras carried by the military people on the side, said, “To let the whole world see the game clearly, we have specially prepared several ultra-fast motion capture cameras, the picture is ultra-clear and ultra-frame, only a million trillionth of a second for one imaging, which can slow down the local picture to the extent that it is visible to the naked eye!”

Ayaka looked at the sophisticated camera devices in surprise and complimented, “You guys are quite well prepared, so you don’t have to worry about some people confusing the audience.”

The blond host grinned a little, “That’s for sure. This time, the king gave a special order that these images will be published in the name of the army, with great authority!” He then instructed the group to hurry to set up the camera equipment, but he tiptoed to Piccolo, and whispered: “Demon King, wait, you can go all out, do not worry about destroying the venue, it is best to kill Cell as well!”

Piccolo said coolly with his head turned away, “Ayaka and the girls are much stronger than me. You should count on them.”

“So Miss Ayaka has become that strong.” The host nodded his head in realization.

“Shouldn’t we pull down that clown-like person, let him keep stirring up trouble like this? I’m worried that Cell will kill him in anger!”

Yamcha looked at Satan, who was making a big splash in the ring, and the TV station line that kept adding fuel to the fire, with an unhappy face.

Ayaba agreed, “Yeah, that guy is really disgusting, I can’t help but want to kill him!”

“I’ll go drag him down!”

Krillin said jumping on the martial arts stage, making a pause gesture to Cell, then walking in front of Satan and grabbing him by the collar.

“Ahhhh, what are you doing, can’t you see I’m ready to destroy that liar Cell? Oh, I see, you are Cell’s accomplices, do not want me to reveal your deception!” Satan figured it out with a moment’s thought and looked at the little bald man who was pulling at his collar with an angry face.

‘I was trying to save you!’

Krillin’s face turned red and he wanted to drop this guy with one hand.

“You are not a match for Cell. If you want to live, hurry down!”

“Hey, hey, guys over there, Mr. Satan kindly let you stay here to watch the battle, how can you disturb Mr. Satan to save the world!” The TV reporter brought his face closer and yelled in discontent, pointing his camera at the stage and saying with righteous indignation, “Friends in front of the TV, those guys of unknown origin are trying to stop Mr. Satan from saving the world! Or maybe …… they just don’t dare to let the truth be put in front of the public ……”

“Who are those people and why are they stopping Mr. Satan, do they want to destroy the world?”

“Damn it. Get your ass down here, we’re going to let Mr. Satan defeat Cell!”

“I’ve seen them before, they were in the old martial arts videos!” Someone in the crowd shouted.

“Didn’t they say that was a blindfold, they must be in cahoots with Cell!”

The radio footage was sent around the world via satellite, and people were immediately talking about it. Some were puzzled, some were contemptuous, but more were angry at stopping their beloved hero, Satan, from saving the world.

“The only one who can save the world is the most powerful Mr. Satan, and they must be in cahoots with Cell if they won’t let Mr. Satan do it.”


Krillin saw that the camera was actually aimed at him, his face became unnatural, plus Mr. Satan, who still kept screaming in his hand, his heart was on fire, and he punched Satan in the arm.

Click, the sound of broken bones came.

Letting out a cry of pain, Satan immediately began to roll on the ground.

“You are displeased with your courtesy. Get up immediately. This is not a place for you!” Krillin snapped.

“Whoa, that hurts, my hand is broken! Don’t you know that I’m the World Martial Arts Champion Satan?” Satan yelled, still unable to distinguish the occasion.

“It’s hopeless to be so strong at this point.” With a flip of his hand, Krillin lifted Satan and threw him outside the ring. With a snap, Satan’s bloodshot eyes went wide in the air in a perfect parabola, and he landed on his butt in a solid heap.

The room fell silent.

The radio reporter wiped his eyes in disbelief and watched in awe as the world’s most powerful Mr. Satan was easily thrown out of the arena, not knowing what to do. But the camera actually captured the scene on film.

Watching the world’s most powerful man being defeated in one fell swoop, the world was silenced and silent, then exploded into a boiling frenzy.

“Satan …… Mr. Satan was actually thrown out, is the blindfold they used was also so powerful?”

“So strong, they are real experts! They did not use the blindfold! Satan is the liar who deceives everyone!”

“Mr. Satan is a veritable world-fighting champion. How could he be a liar? It’s just that those guys are so strong that they are completely beyond the realm of humans.”

“Could it be aliens? Look at …… some of them have dazzling blonde hair, some are covered in green, and there are redheads, they must not be earth humans!!!”

“No, there should be earthlings among them too. I remember they were introduced in the video of the World Martial Arts Tournament.”


When Krillin jumped down, Yamcha smiled and came over and said, “Not bad, this is awesome, showing your face in front of people all over the world.”

Krillin laughed bitterly, “If that Satan weren’t so insensitive, I wouldn’t have bothered with him.”

“Krillin did the right thing, that guy is too disgusting. He really think he is invincible, now his head hit the horse’s hoof, a big loss of face!” Ayaba said jokingly.

The TV reporter also reacted, trotted to Satan, and hurriedly helped Satan up. At this time, Satan touched his head with one hand, the other hand dragged helplessly on the ground, whimpering in pain, his face full of blood.

“Mr. Satan, how are you, are you hurt badly?”

“Wow, it hurts so much, what are they all? How come they are so powerful!” Satan, even if he was stupid, knew that those people were not something he could mess with.

At this time, the blonde host also jumped out at the right time and said to the ultra-high technology camera, “The one who just struck is the disciple of the God of Martial Arts, Master Roshi, Mr. Krillin. Mr. Krillin is one of the few great masters among human beings, who has participated in the World Martial Arts Tournament for many times and achieved remarkable results, and was also one of the main forces in stopping the alien invasion a few years ago.”

Taking this opportunity, the host vigorously promoted his professionalism as well as the information held by his insiders, releasing the complete and complete information about Krillin to the world.

“What I’m saying is those martial arts club videos from the past are real and approved through the government. And they are the protagonists of those martial arts videos, and I will introduce you to the super fighters of the earth.”

The blonde host narrates as if he were a family man. The camera follows the host’s narrative and keeps turning, skimming from Tian Shinhan, Yamcha, Chiaotzu, and others one by one, then resting on Son Goku.

“The next young man with blond hair and blue eyes called Son Goku, also a senior student of Master Roshi, and was the champion of the 22nd and 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament, is the most powerful man on Earth! And Son Goku has saved the Earth twice! It was Mr. Son Goku who stepped forward to wipe out the Demon King Piccolo when he wreaked havoc on the world, and it was he and his partner who later stopped the alien invasion in one fell swoop.”

“And Son Goku contestant’s sister, Miss Ayaka is also a remarkable master, was the champion of the 21st World Martial Arts Tournament, but unfortunately Miss Ayaka only participated in one tournament, so the tournament rarely saw the heroic figure of the young lady.” The host regretted it.

“This time when the Earth is once again facing a crisis, contestant Son Goku and his companions are once again stepping up to fight to save the world!”

The blond host was worthy of being a professional host of Martial Arts Tournaments, and knew how to raise everyone’s passion, turning the atmosphere to the highest point in just a few words.

“Why are they so strong… it turns out they are all hidden masters!”

“I’ve seen their match videos, and now it’s confirmed that those videos are all true, so Satan is so far behind them!”

“Listen to what the host said, so I seem to have some impression. The child who fought with the Great Demon King Piccolo was Son Goku as a child. It turns out that Mr. Son Goku has saved the Earth twice. I did not know that!”

“This is the man of the world, after the matter is gone, do not leave credit and fame!”

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