Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka

Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 192


After Krillin cleared Satan out of the field, the real battle between the masters was considered to have begun. Even the amateur camera team clearly felt the atmosphere had changed, a stern feeling to the face.

Son Goku smiled faintly and took the lead in the martial arts ring, standing with a calm facial expression opposite to Cell.

Seeing Son Goku came first on the stage, Cell was a little surprised and smiled confidently, “I didn’t expect you to be the first one to come up, I wanted to save the interesting ones for later!”

Son Goku did not respond, just a serious look of stance. Cell bored a smile, with more in his heart, his cold face gradually gaze up. Swoosh, with a flash of light, Son Goku disappeared in place, with a lightning speed to attack Cell, Cell, of course, also began to respond.

The two cast out a comparable level, one attack and one defense, attack and defense, the move was sharp.

Faced with Son Goku’s attack, Cell’s body kept flickering and changing, always with a bland smile on his face.

Crackling, without seeing the people in the martial arts ring, the audience only to heard the sound. Ayaka, Androids and Dragon Ball warriors had sharp eyes, naturally, they saw the fierce fight above, enjoying a rare live-action audio-visual feast. But Satan and the TV camera team was dumbfounded, the ring was constantly flashing gold, thunder and lightning, the sound of snapping fights, but they could not see a trace.


A corner of the hard martial arts stage sank into a gaping hole, and countless tiny rocks burst open!

A storm of randomly drummed energy swept outward.

“Quickly …… point all the super cameras at the ring! Perform a capture!”

The conference host first reacted, and hurriedly shouted for the officers to set up the camera, and quickly ran to the large LCD monitor next to the side to watch the look.

Unfortunately, the fight between Son Goku and Cell on the top was incredibly fast,. The host had missed many wonderful shots, and the fight scenes shown on the display were slowed down by hundreds of thousands of times, and the live broadcast could only intercept certain clips for playback.

Surprisingly, the high-tech couldn’t fully reflect the battle between the two sides, which made the host both excited and regretful like beating his chest.

“Look, now is the battle between Mr. Son Goku and Cell, because their movements are too fast, so the naked eye can not capture, these are high-tech processing to slow down hundreds of thousands of times movement of the battle screen, but even so their movements are still fast and fierce!

The host pointed to the flashing duo on the screen and spoke with excitement, his cheeks turning a little red with excitement. These were the fights he had been waiting for.

The audience in front of the screen all over the world saw the battle scene of Son Goku and were dumbfounded and stunned. The action was slowed down by hundreds of thousands of times but it was still so fast, which could not be seen with the naked eye without the use of high technology!

The world boiled over at once!

Son Goku’s powerful let them greatly encouraged. There were still people like him on Earth with such terrifying strength, and then there was a strong sense of wonder and longing.

In a very short time, Son Goku’s power was deeply rooted in people’s hearts. After actually seeing the strength of a martial artist, people became enthusiastic about martial arts.




Snap! Snap!

The host was commentating when another change occurred in the arena.

“Skip! Skip! Switch directly to the instant fight screen!” The host shouted. This time he was excited about Son Goku and Cell fight. It was troubling that every detail of these shots was a wonderful part, and now it was heartbreaking to skip so easily.

The good thing was that the video data were stored in real time, a little relief.

The image reproduced on the screen was Son Goku’s body dive, like a missile about to hit the target straight towards Cell. The latter, however, Cell had a sneer of mockery on his face and his face was fearless. As he was about to make contact, an iron fist was clenched and attacked Son Goku violently.


Looking at the other side clearly punch the iron fist, Son Goku instantly decisive response. The body lightly avoiding Cell’s return attack, his hands on the ground continuously backward to do a dozen backflips.

“Humph, Son Goku, this time you are too late!” An icy voice rang out.

The dark green figure of Cell appeared in front of him, Son Goku’s face changed slightly, amazed at the speed of the opponent! Compared with the previous tentative exchange of blows, it was like two people! The light in his eyes flashed, quickly mobilized his posture. His arms were tightly braced and crossed in front of his chest, and he was ready to resist Cell’s heavy blows.


Like a yellow bell, his body shook slightly, and a strong whirlwind radiated out from the point of impact in all directions, immediately creating a gale of wind and waves!


A strange smile crept onto his face, Son Goku bellowed, his body flipped back, his hands into claws to grab the ground.

Tom-Tom …… snort!

His ten fingers poked into the ground, the hard granite slab was immediately scratched out of ten tiny holes, while at the same time he hoofed his body over sideways, two feet straightened, forcefully kicked out with full force against Cell.

“Damn!” Cell’s face changed, it was too late to dodge.


There was a bang, the area of the stone slab grasping hands turned into fine dust. Cell’s chest was hit hard, the whole person was kicked high into the air by a huge force.


“Stop!” Cell’s body was firmly fixed in mid-air as his arms opened.

“Ha, this is the chance!” Son Goku calculated the timing, the body sprang up, also flew into the air. The thin air blowing cheeks, because the speed was extremely fast like a knife cut, it was good to have the qi flame for protection. From the bottom up Son Goku rushed head-on, both hands shone with a light blue light.


A wave of ki gong emitting blue light shot straight out, the blue wave of ki gong raging like an angry roaring dragon, unstoppable rushing towards Cell.

Seeing the approaching ki wave, Cell’s golden pupils shrank slightly, his eyes narrowed slightly, and a faint cold smile crept onto his cheeks. In full view of everyone, he raised his arm and swung it, hitting the chakra wave with one arm, surprisingly sending the turtle school chakra flying along a 90 degree angle.

“That’s all.”

“You’re too happy!” Son Goku bizarrely appeared behind him and aimed a violent blow at his back.

Across the two beetle-like wing flaps, violent impact poured into the torso from behind. Cell’s face changed, his handsome face was instantly distorted, cold and piercing murderous aura erupted, and his eyes cast at Son Goku were full of murderous intent.

A bitter smile, turned around, chilling power converged on the fist, forcefully smashed towards Son Goku!

The sky seemed to explode a gorgeous lotus flower, the wrong isobaric line curved and spread out.

Son Goku fell fast, the limbs support the ground, the ground granite has immediately cracked under the huge impact, the center of the martial arts stage appeared an arc of subsidence, the impact of the shock wave passed along the surface of the ground, making tiny stones burst out, such as falling fireworks across the air tom-tom sound of breaking, leaving a vacuum of splash track.

Son Goku and Cell reentered the ring and confronted each other.

“This …… is so wonderful, the match has just started, and Mr. Son Goku has shown us astonishing and terrifying power! This is the strength of the Earth’s martial artists!” The host shouted loudly with tears in his eyes.

Those TV crews were already stunned, and the reporter foolishly asked Satan, “Mr. Satan, they sent out rocket launchers from their hands, are these really not barricades?”

“Shouldn’t….. it be, right?”

Satan held his chin and his face stiffened. He participated in the World Martial Art Championship and had never seen such a perverted character, capable of generating rocket launchers from his hands, unheard of.

Although the discussion over here was light, it was still heard by many people present

When the blonde host saw those fools still talking one after another about what rocket launcher, he was immediately upset. That was a martial artist’s ki wave, don’t insult their legendary skills! The World First Martial Arts Tournament had really lost a lot of martial arts in the past few years, and the host felt the need to popularize the martial artists’ ki wave for everyone.

Picking up the microphone, he said, “Mr. Goku issued a strange energy shock nad it is not a rocket launcher, that is a senior martial artist’s move, called ki wave! Mr. Goku learned from Master Roshi, this move is called ‘Kamehameha’! It’s a special of Turtle School’s disciple to release the ki out of the body!

There are two basic conditions for performing the Kamehameha, one is the Kamehameha luck and the other is to have enough ki in your body! Mr. Goku also once performed an even more powerful move at a martial arts meeting, the Kaio-ken!”

“Similarly, the Tien Shinhan contestant and others also have their own masterpiece, Ki Blast and Flight is also not to be underestimated, as well as Mr. Krillin’s Solar Flare, Mr. Yamcha’s Spirit Ball, are all great big moves!”

The host recounted the information he knew bit by bit, listening to Satan and the others.

“I’m the champion of the World Martial Arts Championship, how come I don’t know what martial artists call ki!” Satan retorted in disbelief.

The host despised a little, the real martial artists did not care to participate in World Martial Arts Championship, the World Martial Arts Tournament was what they were after. He remembered that at the 21st World Martial Arts Tournament there was once a World Martial Arts Championship seeded participant in the tournament, and actually tried to use despicable means to attempt to make Son Goku miss that tournament.

‘Are all the guys from the World Martial Arts Championship that shameless?’

“The strongest Mr. Satan, how do you compare yourself to King Chappa, the master of martial arts back then, and Mercenary Tao, the world’s number one killer?”

“I …… am not their opponent!”

Satan was immediately speechless, King Chappa and Mercenary Tao’s fame he had naturally heard of. When they were active, he, Satan, was just a little man with no reputation, even now that he had become the World Martial Arts Championship, Satan did not think he could beat Mercenary Tao and King Chappa.

“Strong people like them are only able to use the ki in their bodies and cast cave waves, which shows the difficulty of performing these big moves, which are not very common in reality, and it’s normal that you don’t know about ki waves!”

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