Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka

Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 193


“You know, King Chappa and Mercenary Tao, they lost to the teenage Mr. Goku many years ago, and did not last a single move before losing!”

Satan froze for a moment after hearing this, and could not help but feel demoralized. It turned out that he who always considered himself invincible in the world had not even entered the gates of martial arts.

Seeing that Satan did not speak at once, the crowd did not dwell on the so-called forgiveness. Satan was certainly a bit arrogant, but in addition to the essence of some small shameless, there was no big evil, and even sometimes seemed too “simple”.


On the battlefield, Cell’s eyes were like a torch-locked Son Goku. His neck twisting “cackling” sound, “Son Goku, the preparatory activities end here, next it comes out the real thing!”

Son Goku blandly stared, did not say anything, but the corners of the mouth curved a smooth arc. The heart secretly said, “This guy is more difficult than I thought. If not careful, I may be cleaned up by him, but this is interesting!”

With the follow-up troops, Son Goku had no worries at all. In this way, he took this encounter with Cell even more as a rare competition battle. The stronger the enemy, the better!

Son Goku wanted to defeat the enemy with his own power and would never want to use the power of others!

“The fight to the death only now began. I wonder if Goku can defeat the lightning form of Cell?” Krillin’s gaze began to stare, the two people in the field changed steeply, and he realized that both sides were ready to take out the real strength.

Trunks said with unblinking eyes, “Mr. Son Goku is so calm and unhurried, he should have more certainty.”

“Wait, you guys said the battle has just begun. What about the previous ones?” As the host, how can he miss such “sensitive” news, so he stood far away he trotted over.

“Of course, that was just a little warm-up exercise. Both sides did not show their real skills! Did you see even a single injury on them?”

After Krillin said this, the host realized that the two people on the field were not really injured except for some torn clothes.

Then there was a burst of joy, “So Mr. Goku has become so powerful, this is more interesting!”

The TV was still live, and the host came to the camera red-faced and cheerfully reported the information he had just received, then gulped and watched the next battle with anticipation.

Pop, bam!!!

Son Goku gathered his arms, clenched his fists, crossed them over his chest, and then fought to throw energy, and he released all of a sudden, the collected fierce energy at once. The gale suddenly rose, and at the beginning of the chaos, the golden flames rose to the sky, and the powerful ki that was as strong as a broken bamboo swept out and spread out from the ring at once.

In a moment, the wind raged, sand dazzling, fierce gale couldn’t stop blowing over. Under the gale, people had to close their eyes tightly. The earth seemed to shake. A doomsday-like atmosphere was born. Satan and others were even worse, directly prostrate on the ground, shivering.

The wind dispersed, Son Goku wrapped around the burning golden flame, with his golden hair rushing up to the sky.

“This is the strength of Son Goku?” Android 18’s face was shocked.

Vegeta face changed, “Kakarot surprisingly has been so strong.”

“Remarkable, Mr. Son Goku is extraordinary!! This strength, I’m afraid, has touched the Super Saiyan 2 realm! No, Mr. Goku may still have something to hide, and this is not necessarily his full strength!” Trunks murmured, the heart more and more excited.

“It’s really worthy of Goku.” Krillin grinned, smile overflowing.

Cell coldly snorted, his eyes calmly watched with a joyful look, and his hand pointed, “Haha, this is interesting, Son Goku, watch me crush you a little!”

Suddenly, Cell’s body burst out of the powerful aura not inferior to the Son Goku! Two figures were shining with rich light as if they were a blinding light source as he was standing on top of the martial arts ring.

“That guy Cell did not show his real skills, planning to play with us one by one?”

“Maybe that’s it. Cell has the Saiyan gene in him, and even inherited the Saiyan’s proud character!” Android 17 said disdainfully.

“Even if Goku was defeated, we still have Ayaba and Ayaka here? Does Cell have the confidence to defeat them together?” Krillin said in disbelief.

Android 18’s blue eyes swept around, “Cell is going to fall on his face at night. He has only seen Ayaka’s Super 2 form, but he doesn’t know Ayaka’s exact strength, and he got arrogant after evolving into his lightning form.”

“Right! Arrogant!” Ayaba said fiercely.

Ayaka shook her head and smiled gently. Her clear face turned to the ring, but in her heart, she secretly pondered, “Lightning-form Cell is indeed not enough to fear, but what exactly does that silver-haired girl mean? by the change, is there a new enemy?”

‘I couldn’t rule out that possibility!’

‘It was better to be prepared as early as possible.’

For a time, Ayaka’s eyes shake through the penetrating light, full perception of everything surrounding.

A circle of perception fell, except for a few people on their own side and Cell’s aura. There was nothing else that existed.


With a pat on the head, she suddenly thought of the ordinary people on the side. The energy exploding out from Goku and Cell’s battle later was not something they could withstand, and with a flip of her palm, a small crystal clear palace appeared.

Ayaka pulled over the host, whispered a few instructions, and then the ice king palace growing larger, greeted everyone into it.

With the strength of the Ice King Palace, blocking the storm generated by Cell and Goku battle was enough.

So the Dragon Ball warriors and Android 16, 17, and 18 walked into the palace one by one, and the host and his camera team, knowing the danger outside, moved their equipment to the inside of the palace and shot outward through the palace’s main hall.

At this point, however, Satan and the idiot TV crew were still standing outside, dumbfounded.

“Mama, I’ll get them in!” Ayame said as she raised her small hand to behave.

After getting Ayaka’s approval, the young girl took a step out and flashed to Satan’s side. Then gave them each a slap under their stunned gaze.


Seven or eight figures flew through mid-air and fell down to the door of the palace.

“Mama, I’m done!” Ayame said with a cheeky grin, oblivious to how crude and miserable her way was!

Ayaka smiled and nodded, satisfied. The encounter with Satan was unconcerned, and his gaze focused on looking outside.


Outside, the ring was changing rapidly.

Son Goku had begun to fight with Cell again. Perhaps because the two had put the air pressure about the same reason, it was difficult to fight without winning or losing. Two people moved very fast, kept attacking. The sky lit up with a flash of impact thunder, a circle of rapid shock waves spread.

Cell abruptly appeared in the high altitude in the sky, fixed his body, aimed at Son Goku to release a super-strong ki wave. Light blue energy was generated in the blink of an eye from the hands that reached forward, which was as thick as a bucket of water, came at an incredible speed, and went to the Son Goku in front of him in the blink of an eye.

Son Goku’s face slightly changed, but not too much anxiety. The body quickly flashed, but Cell’s attack was too fast, already difficult to avoid. A little negligence in the battle could make one fail, and he was not prepared to resist. Taking the unnecessary damage, he had no choice but to launch the Instant Transmission.

The light blue, bright dazzling energy broke through the clouds, through the original location of Son Goku, shooting out towards space.

Son Goku appeared on Cell’s side after the Instant Transmission, hooked his foot, and struck Cell in the face, sending him flying!

Whoosh ……

He continued to move, constantly striking out, making powerful attacks all the way to the speeding figure.


A fist smashed down, the ground shook, a deep crater in the shape of a man appeared, and Cell was knocked down nearly a hundred meters deep into the ground.

The earth cracked, and the granite slabs above splattered like loose flour. With a soft chant, a cluster of figures suddenly stood on the cratered martial arts stage, Cell re-stood in front of Son Goku.

Gently wiping away the blood from the corner of his mouth, maintaining his usual bland smile, his golden pupils bursting with blazing killing intent!

“What’s going on? My ki wave can obviously hit you. How come you suddenly appeared next to me?” He asked indifferently.

“This move is called Instant Transmission, and it’s still quite practical!” Son Goku did not hide and told the truth.

“Then it is difficult. I can only destroy you and the Earth together, but to be honest, I will not do that as a last resort, and that would be meaningless!”

“Hey, do you think you can destroy the earth? You just try!”

Having said that, his brow couldn’t help but lock up, he didn’t believe that Cell was capable of destroying the enhanced Earth, but if he really did, a large number of humans would surely die.


“Ah, Mr. Goku stopped. Look at the situation; Mr. Goku still has the upper hand. Let’s continue to cheer for Mr. Goku. I hope he quickly defeats that demon Cell!”

The host saw that the battle had stopped a little and hurried to comment on the battle just now. However, he knew that his eyesight was not as high as the martial artists around him and asked them for advice from time to time while commenting. It was an excellent way to compare the brief and intense battle scene.

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