Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka

Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 2


Planet Vegeta, Baby Nurturing Room.

This was a very high-technology place, and space inside was also vast. The whole room had more than a hundred baby cribs discharged in a row.

Each crib was made of transparent material; the beds were padded with comfortable cotton materials, which were synthesized using high-tech technology to allow babies to sleep better.

Since King Vegeta led the Saiyans defected to Frieza, Planet Vegeta’s technology had been fully developed.

A green-skinned cosmonaut with a large duck-like beak inspected the infant room, followed by several cosmonauts with the same green duck beak, who were busy recording the baby’s data.

“Pattinis, only four power levels. Such a Low-Level Warrior, what trash.” The lead cosmonaut looked at the scouter next to the baby’s crib and said disdainfully to the cosmonaut beside him.

“This is Labaya’s daughter. Labaya is very famous among the Low-Level Warrior; I didn’t expect he would have a daughter with such a low power level. It seems that a Low-Level Warrior is a Low-Level Warrior; being outstanding individually doesn’t mean his offspring can be as outstanding as him. This little girl will have nothing great in the future.”

A cosmonaut looked at the records and reported the baby’s details in the crib that they were pointing at.

Tsk, it’s a female Saiyan offspring. The Saiyans are a Warrior Race, and women are hard to become powerful, let alone a Low-Level Warrior’s daughter. When she grows up, if she’s pretty, she might be able to find a strong man to marry and have a backer, but if she’s not pretty and has no one to shelter her, she’ll definitely be sent to war, and then she’ll be cannon fodder!

“Saiyans are becoming more and more unproductive. The children born this year are having a low power level. Sooner or later, they will be abandoned by King Frieza.” The next cosmonaut agreed.

“In addition to King Vegeta, there are only a dozen warriors with a power level of 10,000 or more. I heard that not long ago, they also ran into their old rivals, Tuffle, and seem to have suffered heavy losses.” Another cosmonaut whispered to their head.

“King Vegeta’s son was also born. He seems to have more than 600 power levels at birth and will probably grow up to become a powerful Saiyan. His name is ‘Vegeta.’ King Vegeta named him after the planet!

“Don’t talk here. Hurry up and record all the data and give it to King Frieza.” The leading cosmonaut scolded his subordinates.

As soon as they heard about King Frieza, they suddenly became obedient and hurriedly recorded these babies’ power level.

King Frieza was an invincible existence that could destroy planets with a wave of his hand. This kind of power had already exceeded their perception, and they could not imagine what else could compare to King Frieza, who was a veritable king of the universe. So, as long as they heard King Frieza’s name, their hearts were full of awe.

After these cosmonauts left the nursery, the baby girl called “Pattinis” opened her eyes.

“Vegeta was just born, so there are still four or five years before Frieza destroys Planet Vegeta.”

This baby girl was the reincarnation of Ayaka into the ‘Dragon Ball World.’ It was just that Ayaka didn’t expect Judge Lu to reincarnate him as a woman…

“Damn, how dare you reincarnate me as a woman? How can a woman mix in Dragon Ball World!”

Thinking of the weird smile Judge Lu had before the reincarnation, Ayaka’s heart was itchy. At that time, how could he didn’t notice and didn’t emphasize reincarnation into a man?

Now, when he thought about it, he could only regret it because it was too late.

Ayaka also thought about using the Dragon Ball’s power to change himself back into a male body, but the divine power of Judge Lu transformed his body. The power of Shenron shouldn’t be enough to change the characteristics of this body.

Damn, is this the way I am going to be in this life?

No matter how reluctant he was, it didn’t seem to help. So, Ayaka was a little discouraged to think about it.

“Forget about it. As long as I’m here, it should be enough. I have just been born; I can think about such complicated things later. Just now, those cosmonauts said my name is ‘Pattinis’, which is ugly. Well, I have to change it! Or maybe I’ll call myself ‘Ayaka’… I’ll be the strongest Warrior as well!”

Thinking about that disdainful attitude of the cosmonauts before, Ayaka was furious.


In a flash, more than a month has passed since Ayaka was born in Planet Vegeta. During that time, Ayaka’s father, the Saiyan named Labaya, had visited her once.

However, after seeing the scouter on the crib she was lying on, he was greatly disappointed and hadn’t come back to see her since.

In his mind, Ayaka was estimated to be a loser in this life that could hardly even reach an ordinary Low-Level Warrior.

If she were a boy, perhaps through a battle, her potential could be stimulated, but she was a girl.

She was bound to have no achievements in the future. For Saiyan, unless they were the offspring of Middle-Level Warriors or Elite Warriors, girls wouldn’t focus on training.

In other words, if we followed the norm, Ayaka had no more flowers in this life.

During this month, Ayaka obtained the “Instant Transmission” ability that Judge Lu had loaded into her soul.

This ability was like her instincts, without the need to meditate and concentrate. When she wanted to use it, she only needed a thought, which was countless times more advanced than the Instant Transmission that Son Goku later learned.

It was much more flexible than East Supreme Kai guard, Kibito, and Ayaka had been sneaking out to test it during the month.

Her other ability was “immortality,” which Ayaka hadn’t yet tested. To test it, she needed to let herself get hurt. Ayaka didn’t want to play with self-harm, so she only thought this ability must be compelling.


At night, the whole Planet Vegeta was covered with a festive atmosphere.

Saiyan Prince, the son of King Vegeta, was born with 600 power levels. For his one-month celebration, King Vegeta specially set up a banquet at the palace. Those with higher status and some prestigious Saiyan warriors attended the banquet.

Ayaka was quite disdainful of such a banquet.

So what if he had 600 power levels? Was it worth such a big fanfare? A true honor was to rely on great strength to achieve; now, Vegeta was just a hope to become a powerful warrior. What was there to celebrate?

Well, this was Ayaka’s jealousy.

Vegeta’s one-month celebration passed in the lively banquet, and Planet Vegeta returned to the usual calm. Warriors began to go out one after another to carry out the tasks assigned by King Frieza.


At the docking port, personal spaceships come and go, and spaceships were continually rising and falling.

In the distance, a hundred or so cosmonauts came; their hands were holding a baby. Following the Saiyans’ tradition, these babies were sent to different planets to receive exercise.

The strength of the force where they went was determined according to the baby’s power level. Although the Saiyans believed in fighting and could even be very cold-blooded, it was impossible to send Saiyan children to planets where they would die.

According to the traditional force division, a planet with a maximum power level below 1000 was classified as a Low-Level Planet.

A planet with a maximum power level between 1000 – 10000 was classified as a Medium- Level Planet.

A planet with a maximum power level above 10000 was classified as a High-Level Planet.

Only Planet Vegeta’s most powerful Warrior could be sent to subdue planets with 10,000 power levels or higher… The Saiyans, including King Vegeta, who had a power level of more than 10,000, were only 13 people. Among them, King Vegeta was the strongest with 100,000 power levels and the most famous of these 13 people, of course, the “Low-Level Warrior” born Bardock, the future father of Son Goku. However, through a battle, he miraculously had nearly 60,000 power levels.

Today, the children born during this year would be sent to distant planets, and Ayaka was one of them.

Since Ayaka was born with only four power levels and was a baby girl, she was sent to Planet Pheroco, which had a shallow power level.

Ayaka watched with wide eyes as each child was sent into the capsule and then flew into space. Soon, they left Planet Vegeta on their journey.

Ayaka’s heart was very excited as her dream was ahead of her. As soon as she left Planet Vegeta, she would have her own space. She would break out into glory and achieve her path of being stronger.

A cosmonaut was gently put Ayaka into the pod capsule. The spaceship’s destination had been set for “Planet Pheroco”. The sleep mode and Saiyan training mode also had been activated.

After the ship lifted off, Ayaka looked at the gradually smaller and far away Planet Vegeta and sighed in her heart, “Such a beautiful planet, who would have thought that four years later, it would be destroyed by Frieza’s energy ball?”

Ayaka then closed her eyes and entered the Saiyan training mode, waiting for her destination’s arrival.

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