Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka

Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 3


Unknowingly, the ship Ayaka was on had been flying in space for more than eight months.

With a beep, a computer alert sounded in the ship.

“Approaching the target ‘Planet Pheroco.’ Expected to arrive at Planet Pheroco in one day.”

“Repeat. Approaching the target ‘Planet Pheroco.’ Expected to arrive at Planet Pheroco in one day.”

As the beep sounded, the ship’s sleep mode gradually turned off, and Ayaka woke up from her slumber.

“Is it getting there?” Ayaka thought to herself.

Although Ayaka had been in a deep sleep during the eight months of flight in the universe, the computer instilled Saiyan combat techniques into her brain every moment.

Now Ayaka’s brain was filled with all kinds of fighting styles, so she was very eager to land on Planet Pheroco quickly and then practice the skills she got in her head.

Struggling to calm herself, Ayaka closed her eyes and began to receive the last day of learning.

Planet Pheroco was a relatively primitive beast planet; 70% of the planet was the ocean, and nearly 30% of the remaining was the polar regions covered with snow and ice.

The land accounted for about 20% of the entire planet, mostly jungle and only a few plateaus and deserts.

However, various kinds of beasts and birds of prey living on this land area were not extensive.

Planet Pheroco was a Low-Level Planet with the strongest species having a power level of no more than 500.

It was enough for Ayaka. Such a planet was suitable for Saiyans like her to exercise. After all, Ayaka’s power level was still shallow. It was unnecessary to go to High-Level Planets because of the risk of accidental death.

Gu gu…

There was a strange sound.

A large bird in the middle of the jungle spread its wings and soars. Not far away, a leopard was waiting to attack the elk drinking at the river.


There was a loud cracking sound in the sky, then a spherical object with a red glow fell from a high altitude at an incredible speed.

The animals below were scurrying in all directions as they sensed the commotion coming from a high altitude. They tried to get as far away from the area as possible.


There was a loud sound.

The sound of a violent impact shook the four directions at once and then struck up a thick layer of sand and gravel.

A shock wave spread out in all directions from the point of impact. The vast trees towering high under the shock wave’s effect fell towards the side one after another, causing the whole tree to be uprooted.

Gradually, the smoke composed of sand and dust dispersed. The bare sand and gravel presented in front of the eyes had become entirely unrecognizable, nearly a hundred meters square. There was a huge impact crater about forty in diameter and about ten meters deep in the middle.


The door of the spaceship opened, Ayaka climbed out from inside and dragged a single mirror frame scouter in her hand.

Pressing the scouter switch, a “beep” sounded in her ears, and a series of data appeared on the screen.

The scouter detected that the highest power planet on this planet was around 467, more than 1,300 kilometers away from here, followed by dozens of sources with a power level of 300 or more.

“The power level of Planet Pheroco is not very low!” Ayaka continued to test, and nearly a hundred power levels of more than 200 kilometers were found one after another.

It should be noted that Master Roshi, known as the “God of Martial Arts,” had a power level of only 139.

Ayaka took the scouter to test her power level.


There was a sound of a beep, and a set of data appeared on the scouter.


Ayaka was not disappointed. Although her power level was a little lower now, it was not difficult for her to become strong with her extraordinary physique.

“Let’s start training!”

Ayaka made up her mind and then began to train according to the training methods she learned on the spaceship.


Time passed day by day, and soon a month passed.

A young figure in the jungle constantly waved her fist at the big tree in front of her. She snapped a fist on the big tree and made a burst of fist sounds.

When the tiny palm hit the tree, the tree of more than a meter thick suddenly shook, and then many leaves floated down.

Ayaka put away her palm, and her body crouched down and then kicked out diagonally. After the heavy kick on the tree, there was a “creak” sound of the tree fell.

The moment the tree fell, Ayaka jumped back five meters, looking at the fallen tree, and her face showed a smile.

With the training of the past few days, Ayaka had been able to control her punches’ speed and force.

Her power level was also rising slowly, and she had 21 points of power level now. Next, Ayaka planned to challenge those aggressive beasts.

After turning on the scouter, Ayaka began to look for the beasts that matched her power level.

Soon, she found a target. In the southwest, there was a signal source of 26 power levels.

Now that she had found the target, Ayaka didn’t stop and planned to go there immediately.


Ayaka activated Instant Transmission and disappeared in one go.


At a distance of about two kilometers from the location, Ayaka’s figure appeared on a large tree’s trunk.

She looked around and found that giant trees surrounded the vicinity. The vegetation was very dense, and not far from the ground towered a few rock shelves with a giant reptile similar to dinosaurs lying there. That was Ayaka’s target.

The giant reptile’s perception was very keen, so the moment Ayaka appeared, it found her. It buzzed and ran in the direction of the tree where Ayaka was and appeared in front of Ayaka in no time.


The reptile hit the tree’s trunk with its vast body, and the tree broke and fell quickly.

Ayaka took the opportunity to flash to the reptile side, stomping hard towards the ground, and rushed to the reptile.

She clenched her fist and smashed heavily on the belly of the reptile, making it rolled over and fell to the ground, raising a thick layer of smoke and sand.

The giant reptile let out a painful scream, and its tail fiercely flung towards Ayaka. Ayaka was taken aback and disappeared in an instant when she was about to be attacked by the tail and then appeared in the back of the giant reptile’s head.

“Look at this move!”

Ayaka struck the giant reptile in the head with a series of several blows.


Due to the heavy blow to the head, the giant reptile roared in anger and opened its big mouth to reveal its sharp teeth to bite Ayaka.

The speed of that mouth was breakneck, but Ayaka was prepared. Her body fell slightly to the side, cleverly avoiding that big mouth.

Then, with a foot on the ground, Ayaka did a few backflips and pulled away from the reptile by tens of meters. She then “swooped” with a dive and kicked the reptile in the elbow. The reptile swayed and howled a few times and then started to fight back.

The two of them kept attacking each other, and it didn’t take long for both of them to create wounds on their bodies.

Ayaka and the giant reptile pulled away. She then wiped off the sweat and blood on her forehead and calmed down to take a look at her prey.

“This giant reptile’s skin is so thick that ordinary attacks can’t do much damage to it at all.”

‘It takes real skill to fight this reptile.’ She thought to herself. Fortunately, she was a Saiyan. Although she was young, she already showed extraordinary agility and reaction ability, which was a Warrior Race characteristic.

Concentrating all the ki in her body onto her right index finger, she slowly emitted a faint blue light from her index finger.

“SWORD WAVE!” Ayaka lightly shouted.

A thin wave of ki shot out from the index finger towards the neck of the giant reptile. This wave of ki converged all of Ayaka’s ki, and without much hindrance, the wave of ki penetrated through the neck of the giant reptile.

The giant reptile let out a roar of pain with blood flowing from the wound on the neck. Its body swooped to the ground and soon lost its life.

Seeing the big reptile fell to the ground and die, Ayaka collapsed helplessly to the ground. Her mouth was gasping for air; the ki wave just now had exhausted her full strength.

This move was called “Sword Wave.” Ayaka created the energy wave after realizing the existence of “ki” and then combining it with the Saiyan moves. It was made by gathering the energy of the whole body and was very powerful.

However, with Ayaka’s current pitiful “ki” content, she would fall into a state of total exhaustion after using this move.

Ayaka just lay on the ground to slowly recover. Only when she was fully recovered, she slowly got up from the ground.

Looking at the sky had become dark, Ayaka got firewood from the surrounding area and began to prepare dinner. She sliced off a few meat pieces from the reptile and grilled them on the bonfire to eat, even when the taste was average.

After eating and drinking enough, Ayaka jumped on the tree. She laid down in the branches of the tree and began to rest.

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