Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka

Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 70


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When Ayaka and the others arrived at the North Kai’s Planet, North Kai had just taken a nap. When he heard the shrill hissing of Bubbles, he came out of the house ready to see what was going on.


He saw three strange young girls appearing in the North Kai’s Planet, and Bubbles was being held in the hands of one of them with light blue hair.

North Kai’s eyebrows couldn’t help but frown. Outsiders hadn’t visited the North Kai’s Planet for a long time, and all those who could arrive were the top powerhouses of the North Area. This time, there were actually three at once; it seemed that a lot of strong people had emerged in the World of Living.

Upon hearing the shout of the North Kai, Launch consciously let go of her hand. Babulus took advantage of the opportunity to escape the claws of the devil. With a shout from his mouth, he ran to the side of North Kai in panic.

Ayaka looked at the Legendary North Kai, and saw that North Kai had sunglasses on the corners of his eyes. His chin had two fleshy whiskers and two long antennae on his head. His swollen body wore a wide black suit with the word “Kai” printed on it. The two antennas on his head were used to sense the galaxy changes as North Kai managed the entire North Area.

“You must be North Kai. I am Ayaka, the Kami from Earth. These two are my servants. We came here to see North Kai through Snake Road!

“Kami from Earth?” North Kai was slightly surprised. In his memory, the Earth should belong to the Low-Level Planet. The successive Earth’s Kami was weak existence with a power level of no more than 500. With a power level of 500, maintaining stability within the Earth was naturally not a problem, but it was not enough to look at the entire universe.

“Well, you do have the ki of a Kami on you. The two next to you have a slightly lighter breath, but they should be the God Servant. Okay, you have surprisingly passed the Snake Road; what do you want from me?”

“I heard that North Kai is the most excellent martial arts master. We came to North Kai’s Planet because we hope to receive your guidance!” Ayaka ruthlessly patted her back at that moment.

Sure enough, North Kai’s mood was great, “Oh, you guys can move freely under ten times the special gravity. Your strength is really not simple. It’s been many years since Earth has produced someone as good as you guys. Let me count, 10,000 years or 100,000 years, uh, like hundreds of thousands of years….”

Upon seeing North Kai calculating with his fingers on the board, Ayaka was momentarily speechless, “North Kai, we want to get your guidance, please grant our wish!”

“Do you want to improve your power through training?” North Kai looked squarely at Ayaka. His expression was serious, and he said, “You can break through the Snake Road and still move freely here. Your strength is already imposing; I have nothing to teach you; you’d better go back!”

Without anything to teach, then what happened to your Kaio-ken and Spirit Bomb? Ayaka was disgusted by the Kaio-ken’s shabbiness.

“Wait, North Kai. I have something for you here, read it, and then you can decide whether you want to teach us or not!”

Upon saying that, Ayaka took out a brand new book and handed it to the North Kai. North Kai took the book suspiciously, then turned a few pages. His body actually trembled violently, his breathing became rapid, and his whole face was held red as if he saw something that made him incredibly excited.

North Kai read a few pages, then let out a deep breath and carefully collected the books, looking at Ayaka with serious eyes.

“Indeed, you are really not simple to have such a divine object. Without teaching you something, I’ll bury the talents of my North Area. From now on, you’ll stay here. Let’s say in advance that your strength is already imposing, and even you have no less than mine. So, whether you can achieve any results, it’s up to you!”

“Don’t worry, North Kai, we can wear weight-bearing clothes for training; you don’t have to worry. By the way, I have a box of such books here; I’ll give them to you now!”

Ayaka pulled out a box of books from the Capsule and handed it over to North Kai like a treasure. He was carefully carrying it up and towards his hut.

“Find yourselves a place to stay, and tomorrow I’ll teach you what you want!”

Ayaka looked around the pitifully small North Kai’s Planet. How could she still find a place to stay here?


She took out a large house from the Capsule, which was a house that had been enriched by divine power so that it would not collapse in the North Kai’s Planet.

Watching North Kai walking away with the box in his arms, the two stared in awe. They didn’t expect North Kai to have this kind of personality. It was really because he had lived on the North Kai’s Planet for a long time that his personality had been greatly distorted.

“Is this North Kai who is in charge of our North Area? With this kind of personality, how can he really be a martial arts master? Why do I feel like I’ve come to the wrong place!” Launch asked incredulously, shaking her head.

Ayaka shook her head, “North Kai may seem exaggerated and funny, but he is an uncompromising martial arts master. After living on North Kai’s Planet for countless billions of years, he has seen all kinds of martial arts in the world. Although his own strength is not very strong, in theory, no one in the entire North Area can compare to him.”

“So that’s how it is. Ayaka, what book did you give North Kai? Amazingly, it could make him change his mind and teach us to train!”

Ayaka’s face showed a strange smile, and she whispered, “Due to his long life on North Kai’s Planet, North Kai’s greatest interest is to drive his small car and research jokes. Because no one listened to his jokes, so the content of those jokes slowly turned into lame jokes. Since North Kai likes jokes so much, I collected a box of lame jokes and gave it to him! “

“North Kai is willing to teach us to practice just because of a box of lame jokes?” Lancy felt incredible that North Kai would change his mind for some joke book.

“Well, it turns out that North Kai is very good at bribing. You don’t have to spend too much. Just throw in some cheap books to bribe him.”

“Bribing North Kai with a box of jokes is really an eye-opener.”

No matter how much, they couldn’t believe it in their hearts. North Kai had already promised to teach them to practice. When they looked back at their big house, it looked a bit out of place to have such a big villa on the tiny North Kai’s planet.

Wouldn’t it be a bit below and beyond the bounds of authority?

“Should I get a smaller house in the future? Well, forget it, it’s still easy to put a smaller house elsewhere. Not all planets are as small as North Kai’s Planet.”

The higher space where North Kai’s Planet was located had no day and night. The whole world was blue and gold.


About ten hours passed before North Kai came out of the house satisfied, with a look of unfulfilled desire on his face.

After getting a box of jokes from Ayaka, he spent more than ten hours reading them, carefully studying every joke inside. Some of them always made him laugh and smile. However, knowing that Ayaka and the girls were still waiting for him, North Kai had to put down the joke book and walk out.

It seemed that the mortal planet called Earth had developed the level of jokes far more powerful than their power. The strength was not good, but the culture was so high. It seemed that he had to pay more attention to it in the future. North Kai was filled with emotion. Although he could know every move of the North Area, his focus was on the living beings. For those non-living beings, he still needed to go through the management system of the individual Kami.

“Earth’s Kami, your name is Ayaka, and I am delighted with what you brought. You’re really worthy of being a Kami under my leadership. Alas, how come the other Kamis do not have the same idea as you and know to send me something!”

“North Kai, you can call me Ayaka. These two are Launch and Lancy; please guide us well!”

North Kai nodded and stroked his hand over the black glasses at the corner of his eyes, “I will teach you well. It is up to you how much you can learn!”

“Then let’s get started. Unbind yourselves, and let me see how strong you are!”

“Okay, North Kai, Launch remove your weight-bearing clothes!”

Ayaka looked at the sisters, who smiled and nodded. They removed the pendants hanging around their necks. After removing the pendant, both of them instantly changed their clothes from dark green to light green. The weight on their bodies disappeared abruptly, and after moving their arms and legs, powerful ki emerged.

This particular weight-bearing suit was developed through research by Ayaka and the Old Kami. Just bring a pendant as the enabling switch for the weight-bearing suit, which was very simple and convenient. When you didn’t need to use the weight, take the pendant off, and you didn’t have to take off your clothes.

Oh, so it’s a unique weight-bearing suit. What a novel setup. One of you is called Launch, and the other is called Lancy. Show all your strengths for me to have a good look!”

The two nodded with a light smile and then released their ki with full force. In an instant, a whirlwind blew up with them as the center. As if they were two typhoons, their hair floated in the wind. The green grass on the ground fell in all directions under the effect of their powerful ki. The tiny stones gradually broke away from the boundaries of the North Kai’s Planet and levitated upwards.

North Kai felt the ki emanating from their bodies, and he was covered with terrifying ki. He shielded his forehead with his hand, blocking the whirlwind whistling around, then shouted, “Enough! Stop quickly. I already know your strength!”

When Launch collected her ki, North Kai wiped the sweat on his head and was really a bit surprised.

“Such a terrifying strength. According to the common calculation method in the universe, I’m afraid that both of them have tens of thousands of power levels!”

“Launch and Lancy’s power level are both 85,000, which seems very powerful, but compared to the monsters in the universe, it’s still a far cry!”

North Kai nodded in agreement with Ayaka’s statement.

Tens of thousands of power level was enough to live in the universe in style, but to squeeze into the strong ranks was still far from enough. In the North Area, where he was in charge, several characters had a power level of more than ten million. The typical one was the strongest clan represented by Frieza, whose terror was so great that the galaxy was scared.

“I already know your approximate strength; the sisters have 85,000. So, as the core, how much is your power level, Ayaka? Well, you don’t have to release your ki; just tell me directly. You can’t ruin north Kai’s Planet!”

“North Kai, my power level is roughly 2.4 million!”

“2.4 million!!!”

North Kai was astonished, and his whole body shook up. He then quickly walked to Ayaka’s side and looked her up and down. With North Kai’s eyes, he quickly judged Ayaka’s strength, and his expression became even more shocked.

“To actually have 2.4 million power levels, it’s incredible. No wonder you were chosen as the Kami of Earth. If I’m not mistaken, you just turned 17, right? At such a young age, you actually possess such a powerful strength. When did Earth produce three of you outstanding talents!”

North Kai said with a horrified expression. However, in his heart, he began to make a small calculation. He must let Ayaka and the others grow up and become warriors to guard the North Area.

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