Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka

Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 69


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Soon, the three of them stepped on the Snake Road. They flew up in the air with a whoosh flying at full speed a few meters above the Snake Road. Generally speaking, the Snake Road had a strong restraint. It was difficult to leave the ground, but Ayaka and the sisters were so strong that they disappeared in a flash. The clouds around them were affected by the whirlwind they had created, and they swarmed away to the sides, forming an open channel.


In-flight, Ayaka looked down at the Snake Road and found that many black clouds were faintly appearing on the Snake Road. Those clouds came up from below the golden clouds and spurted towards the heights.

“Could these black things be attacks from Hell?” She flew comfortably. At first, she had some inexplicable worries, but later she found that the black clouds from Hell could not affect her. Her figure had long since flown far away when the black clouds attacked her.

“Well, it seems that’s it. The attack from Hell is not really scary. If we fly at high speed like this, they can’t even catch up, and how can they attack us.”

The threat of the Snake Road was only for those with low strength. For them, the dangerous Snake Road was just the same for Ayaka and the sisters. As long as they weren’t foolish to let the black cloud attack them, there was no danger!

However, the role of training on the Snake Road was completely lost.

After half a day’s flight, Ayaka and the girls had already flown through most of the Snake Road. Their speed couldn’t be described as fast.

After a while, Ayaka gradually felt a subtle change in the surrounding space. The Other-World’s aura slowly decreased and fading, while another feeling of very sacred ki slowly appeared. The surrounding was transforming to some higher-dimensional space.

“Ayaka, the ki here seems to be changing. There is no more ki of Hell down there!” Launch also felt as if she and the others had stepped out of the Other-World.

Ayaka nodded, “Maybe the North Kai’s Planet in a higher dimension beyond the Other-World! Since North Kai is the highest God in charge of the entire North Area. It is unlikely that North Kai’s Planet is in the Other-World. The Snake Road is probably the passage that connects the Other-World and the North Kai’s Planet. We ran from the Other-World Snake Road, and now we should have entered the space where the North Kai’s Planet is located.”

Ayaka also had some vague guesses. Above King Yemma was the North Kai, but there was only one Snake Road in the Other-World, and it went straight to the North Kai’s Planet, so why didn’t it lead to the other three Kai’s Planets. Perhaps there were four Other-Worlds in the whole galaxy, which were under the control of the four Kais and other King of Onder-World.

This explained why there was only one Snake Road in King Yemma’s place because this was only the Other-World of the North Area, directly under the North Kai jurisdiction, so the Snake Road would only lead to the North Kai’s Planet.

“Then let’s speed up a bit and fly out of the Snake Road. There’s no point in staying on top of the Snake Road. I want to reach the place where the North Kai lives sooner.”

The scenery around the Snake Road was the same unchanging golden color. They would feel gorgeous and novel at first glance, but after such a long time of flying, Ayaka and the girls had already developed aesthetic fatigue and wanted to fly out of the Snake Road quickly. So, the three of them suddenly increased speed. With a quick flash of the swoosh, the three of them were completely invisible.

Due to the substantial increase in speed, it only took half a day to see the Snake Road end faintly.

“Look, ahead is the end of the Snake Road!”

Ayaka pointed to the Snake Road that disappeared ahead, where it already belonged to another dimension. There was a largely empty, vast space with the Snake Road tail, surrounded by a sacred and tranquil atmosphere. The azure sky was covered with yellowish clouds, and the North Kai’s Planet was there.

“Finally, we’ve flown to the end of the Snake Road… Huh, is that little green planet where North Kai lives?”

North Kai’s Planet was small. It was so small that it would take less than a few minutes to run around it for several weeks.

The three of them flying above the snake tail, observing the tiny planet in front of them. The North Kai’s Planet was only a hundred meters in diameter, covered with tender green fine grass. Except for the fine grass, there were only a few large trees and a house next to the trees. The trio took a few steps forward, and the North Kai’s Planet’s powerful gravity immediately hit their bodies. The sudden gravity caused Ayaka and the others to fumble briefly as their bodies plummeted down toward the North Kai’s Planet.


When they were about to hit the ground, Ayaka and the sisters steadied themselves, slightly opening their bodies to counteract the North Kai’s Planet’s powerful gravity. Then, they slowly landed on the ground.

Uh, the gravity here is really terrifying. My body seems to be bound; it’s very inconvenient to move.” Launch frowned.

“The gravity of the North Kai’s Planet is ten times that of Earth. Plus, you are still wearing weight-bearing suits. The weight pressing on your bodies must not be small; it would be strange if you can still move around as usual!”

“Ten times the gravity is huge, but it’s still easy to adapt. Well, move your body; it feels much more comfortable now.”

The sisters twisted their wrists and bodies to stretch out and adapt to the new environment. They quickly adjusting their bodies to the ten times gravity, then straightened their clothes and observed their surroundings.

North Kai’s Planet was tiny. In one glance, they looked all over the planet, and not far away, a gorilla was looking at them curiously.

“How come there are still gorillas on the North Kai’s Planet?”

“It’s probably a pet raised by the North Kai. However, a gorilla that can survive in ten times the gravity is not a simple species!”

“That’s right. It’s a pet raised by North Kai. The North Kai’s Planet is small and unpopulated. If you live here for a long time, you will definitely go crazy if you don’t have a companion. Being able to live on in this environment, North Kai’s personality should not be quite the same as ordinary people.”

The gorilla named Bubbles cocked his head and stared at Ayaka and the others with its huge eyes. It then shouted “uh-oh, uh-oh, uh-oh” and turned around to escape.

“This gorilla is quite interesting, huh? How dare you try to escape? Behave yourself and stop!”

Launch raised her eyebrows as if she saw a fun toy, revealing a bright smile. She then flashed her body and blocked in front of Bubbles. Seeing the woman who just appeared in front of him, Bubbles swung his hands in panic, grinning at the corners of his mouth, and shouted, ohhhh. However, his body was already picked up by Launch, and no matter how he broke free, he couldn’t escape from Launch’s hands.

“Launch stop fooling around. We still have to see North Kai.”

In North Kai’s Planet, Lancy was anxious.

Just then, “Hey, who are you? How did you get here, and what are you doing holding onto Bubbles?” A voice came from the corner, and a fat figure was seen walking out.

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