Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka

Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 72


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“Ayaka, use Kaio-ken with all your might, and let me check it out.”

On this day, North Kai smiled and walked up to Ayaka, wanting to see his teaching results over this period of time. It had been a while since Ayaka came to North Kai’s Planet, and it was almost time to see the results of her training.

Ayaka nodded and began to show her power at full strength. All of a sudden, the wind blew, and the violent whirlwind spread out with earth-shattering energy. The whole North Kai’s Planet began to shake violently.

Outside North Kai’s Planet, the world changed color. The powerful ki shook away countless golden auspicious clouds, and the sky took on an empty azure color.


With a soft cry, the ki of Ayaka’s body instantly doubled. Her flaxen hair danced with the wind, and the terrifying ki poured straight into the ground. The ground then began to crack, and a thick crack scattered in all directions. Bursts of debris bounced up from the ground and hovered gravity-free beside Ayaka.





The furious ki rose to the sky, blowing a huge whirlwind as if a pale dragon rushing up from the abyss roared to show its majestic body.

The ground around Ayaka turned into pieces in the blink of an eye and disappeared. The earth-shattering energy was full of destruction. The distant cracked ground was like experiencing a cannonball attack, becoming pitted and cratered.

With Ayaka as the center, a huge arc crater was presented in front of everyone.

“Enough! Quickly stop! If you continue like this, the North Kai’s Planet will be destroyed!”

North Kai’s body was crushed to the ground by the ki. His hands were clutching a few handfuls of fine grass with beads of sweat dripping down from his cheeks. The sisters were also exerting their full strength, struggling to resist Ayaka’s terrifying ki.

Ayaka sniffed and gathered her ki.

After the ki dissipated, North Kai rose from the ground. He took out a cloth to wipe the sweat on his forehead. He looked as if he had palpitations, and he said seriously, “Just now, when you release the triple Kaio-ken, your power level actually reached more than 11 million. There are probably only a few people in the entire North Area who can match you!”

Ayaka spread her hands, “But there seems to be some flaw in the Kaio-ken. When the power level reaches more than 10 million, the increase in power is not so obvious. The difference between the four times Kaio-ken and the three times Kaio-ken does not seem to be very big!”

“This is up to you to study. I honestly can’t do anything about the degree of 10 million power levels or more. However, Ayaka, you can work in just a few months to reach more than 2.8 million, and you can exert an 11 million power level if you rely on Kaio-ken. Although it is a temporary achievement, this kind of strength can already be called legendary in the North Area.” North Kai spoke excitedly. If North Area had someone to rival Frieza’s existence so quickly, it would be easier to balance the evil Frieza Clan.

“Launch and Lancy, let me see your strength!”

The sisters went through the instruction of North Kai, and their strength naturally soared. Now, they have a 250,000 power level. Ayaka quietly watched from the side, and she calculated, Son Goku came to North Kai when his power level was not very high. After North Kai’s teaching, his power level was also multiplied several times. However, how could it haven’t reached 250,000?

Now was still the early stage of the Dragon Ball, and Launch and Lancy had been a bit of an anomaly.

Although they didn’t have too much mastery of Kaio-ken, Ayaka was clear that with their power level, their limit should be able to withstand about 10 times as much as Son Goku Kaio-ken. That would still be below 10 million and was achievable.

However, 2.5 million power was, after all, already overwhelmed the body in the limit state. If they wanted to fight freely, making a low multiple of Kaio-ken was the most appropriate. As for the late Son Goku, who made 20 times Kaio-ken, she wondered how he could carry it off.

This was really tangled. Dragon Ball’s early stage with a low power level plot was indeed a bit boring for Ayaka. Once she entered the Z chapter, the growth of power level was obviously excessive.

If 1000 had been invincible in the early stage, it wasn’t easy to survive without tens of millions in the middle and later stages. However, from 1000 to tens of millions, it took a few years to transition! Although it was said that the Z chapter was a few years after the end of the World Martial Arts Tournament, in fact, from 1000 to tens of millions, it was only in “days” per unit.

For Launch and Lancy, Ayaka knew that they were two-souls, but she did not know the limit of two-souls.

Of course, it was also unclear whether their strength could catch up with the later stages’ plot speed. Even Ayaka, in fact, was also a nervous in the heart. She wasn’t Son Goku and a bunch of other protagonists. The good thing was that her physique was the existence of the Dragon Ball wish that could not be reached, which was her greatest reliance. So Ayaka’s idea was to grow a little faster in the early stages.

“Well, a 250,000 power levels, it’s awe-inspiring!” North Kai nodded gratefully. Such power level was definitely considered cutting edge in the North Area.

“But with a higher power level, you guys can’t slack off. There are still many very scary and evil existences in the universe. Now it’s almost time to tell you guys something.”

“In our North Area, there are three incomparably powerful guys. They are evil and brutal without a bit of humanity and full of villains. They used force to suppress those who resist them. They conquered countless planets into a human purgatory, and many planets have completely disappeared from the universe.”

Speaking of the three evil guys within his jurisdiction, North Kai’s expression could not help but become grave.

“North Kai, give us an introduction to their situation,” Ayaka said.

North Kai nodded and said, “Their existence is a disaster for all the planets in the entire North Area. However, their strength is so terrifying that no one can subdue them at all.”

“Their strength is powerful. Even the weakest one of them is stronger than Ayaka after using Kaio-ken. Ayaka can barely fight with them, and it is impossible to defeat them.”

“No way. Even Ayaka is not an opponent!” Launch was astonished.

With Ayaka’s current 250,000 power level, if she wanted to destroy an ordinary planet, it was a simple matter. After using Kaio-ken, Ayaka would have a power level of more than 10 million; how could she still not match those North Area evil existences?

“North Kai, the three evil guys you mentioned are Frieza, his father, and his brother, right?”

Ayaka confidently said, “They are indeed terrifying. I am not their opponent yet, but I am confident that it will not take long to surpass them and then completely defeat them!”

“Hey, you know Frieza and the others! They’re the evilest thing in the North Area and are their strongest clan. Frieza, his eldest brother, Cooler, and their father, King Cold, are these three bastards. They make the entire North Area misty. They have destroyed so many lives; I really want to wipe them out!”

North Kai thought of the planets that had been destroyed by them, and his face was not so good. The North Area was so good before the three of them destroyed it.

“Frieza and the others are members of the strongest clan in the universe. They were born on the Winter Star. The clan members will be frozen from birth. The longer they are sealed, the greater their strength. They are also an ultra-rare warrior race in the universe, regardless of talent or potential. They are powerful. With their powerful strength, they have carried out bloody suppression on planets that dared to rebel against them and engaged in planet trading activities. They gathered a large number of subordinates and scientists under their hands.”

Ayaka agreed and said, “Frieza has triple transformation ability, and the Final Form is much stronger than my strength after using Kaio-ken. His eldest brother, Cooler, and his father, Cold, are even more terrifying than Frieza. He always commanded the Northern part of ​​the North Area. When I was about ten years old, I was attacked by the Cooler’s Armoured Squadron and managed to escape.”

“Cooler’s Armored Squadron? That’s a terrifying force.” North Kai was surprised. “Ayaka has already encountered them. It’s not easy to escape from them at such a young age!”

North Kai introduced the situation of Cooler’s Armored Squadron.

The strength of each of their members was terrifying. Cooler’s Armored Squadron, Frieza Force, and Cold Force were made by the Frieza Clan, who snatched the world’s strongest character. They were the evilest and most notorious forces in the North Area, and it was also the source of panic in the entire universe.

“Because it is composed of all the powerhouses of the entire North Area, the strength of these three forces members are all ranked in the forefront of the universe. They are extremely dangerous existences. Just pulling one out will make a planet doomsday.”

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