Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka

Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 73


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“Well, I met Dore of the Cooler’s Armored Squadron, which was considered weak among the Cooler’s Armored Squadron members. However, he had a power level of 150,000, which almost destroyed Frieza Force. At that time, they were destroying Planet Canno in the Northern part. To cover the Cannosians escape, I was almost killed by Dore.”

In fact, Ayaka had already been “killed” by Dore, but her body was special, so she survived.

“What? That guy, Dore, tried to kill Ayaka. It’s unforgivable!”

Upon hearing that Ayaka was almost killed by Dore when she was a child, Lancy’s face changed. She decided in her heart that the next time she had the chance to meet that Dore, she would beat him severely.

North Kai stood aside, feeling the coldness emanating from Lancy. His body could not help but shiver. He could imagine that the future fate of this Cooler’s Armored Squadron must be very miserable.

However, he would, of course, be happy to see it. As long as the Frieza Clan completely wiped out in the North Area, the North Area would return to stable and peaceful order.

Ayaka said with a smile, “That was a long time ago. I will find him sooner or later to clear up.”

Oh, let’s put aside the matter of Cooler’s Armored Squadron. Ayaka, you have learned Kaio-ken. I have a more profound move here, called the Spirit Bomb! But the requirements for learning the Spirit Bomb are too high. One must be as pure as a crystal in mind to learn it. Ayaka and Lancy, the killing intent in your hearts are too heavy. Even if you learn the Spirit Bomb, you won’t be able to release it properly, so this move can only be learned by Launch alone.”

Ayaka was stunned, then nodded. The good thing was certainly not for her to take up alone. She did not think too much about the Spirit Bomb. Moreover, through the transformation of the Planet Namek Porunga, Launch’s heart was transformed from a berserker to the most serene posture and was the calmest of the three.

Although the Spirit Bomb release’s power was very great, the preliminary preparation was too long, not suitable for Ayaka’s combat style. The extra time would be better spent studying the fusion of the Kaio-ken and the Heavenly Thunder Shock Surprise.

“Spirit Bomb is a technique that gathers the vital energy of everything in the world, including grass, trees, animals, humans, the sky, and atmosphere, and releases it as energy. It is more powerful to fight when backed by a planet that provides huge energy.”

Theoretically, the greater the range of the help, the more powerful the resulting Spirit Bomb would be. Besides, it would not cause any burden to the body. Using the righteousness of the world to fight evil, this was the mystery of the Spirit Bomb!

Although the Spirit Bomb researched by North Kai was magical, it required a lot of preliminary preparation and could not bring out the necessary agility in a high-intensity battle. It required several people to cover it to perform it. So, Ayaka completely gave up learning the Spirit Bomb. Relatively speaking, she was more good at relying on her power like a storm to give the enemy a thunderous blow.

“Lancy, you and Launch are two-soul, so you can work together to cast the Spirit Bomb!”

If Launch learned the Spirit Bomb and then had Lancy as a support, the two together could bring out the Spirit Bomb’s true power.


The sun and the moon turned upside down, the white horse passed by, in the blink of an eye, another four months passed.

Under the guidance of North Kai, Launch gradually mastered the essence of the Spirit Bomb. She was able to release a powerful Spirit Bomb. Lancy was also training on her own, and because of her associated physique with Launch, her strength had also grown considerably.

Of course, the one with greater results was Ayaka. Although her power level hadn’t increased much, she had completed the fusion of the Kaio-ken and the Heavenly Thunder Surprise Shock.

Ayaka named the new technique Heavenly Fist!

Heavenly Fist combined the characteristics of Kaio-ken and the Heavenly Thunder Surprise Shock. When used, the whole body was surrounded by vast lightning. It was not only able to hurt the enemy but also could protect her well. Its strength would be doubled according to the use of the Heavenly Fist.

Ayaka continued to improve the Heavenly Fist. Therefore, the next step was to improve the upper limit of the Heavenly Fist’s power and bring out its power in future super battles.


A deafening roar came, and thick smoke filled the North Kai’s Planet as Launch controlled the bright point of light in her hand and pushed it forward, shattering the oversized bricks thrown by North Kai and sending an explosion through the air.

Clap, clap, clap!

North Kai clapped his hands together with a satisfied smile and said, “Launch, well done. I honestly didn’t expect you to master the use of the Spirit Bomb so quickly.”

“Even on a planet as small as North Kai’s Planet, you can gather mighty Spirit Bomb. On the planet you live on, there are many flora and fauna and a wide lake and ocean and atmosphere, and a huge star as a strong backing. When the time comes, your Spirit Bomb will be even more powerful and may destroy your world, so don’t use the Spirit Bomb easily as the last resort.”

North Kai looked serious. The powerful might of the Spirit Bomb made him admonish avoid unnecessary casualties caused by excessive power repeatedly.

“Don’t worry, North Kai, I will use the Spirit Bomb properly.”

“Well, then I’m relieved! You have been here for seven months; I have already taught you everything I know. Next, you have to figure it out on your own. There are countless masters in the universe. Besides the North Area, there are also monsters of super high strength in other galaxy parts. Even the entire bank is just a drop of the universe.”

The three of them nodded in understanding

 The universe was huge, and their eyes were no longer set in the small North Area, but the vast and boundless universe, where there were countless guys with terrifying strength waiting for them.

“North Kai, thanks for your guidance these times. We will keep becoming strong and then destroy all the evil guys who harm the universe so that the whole universe will know how strong we are.”

Upon hearing Ayaka said that, North Kai smiled gratefully.

Next, Ayaka and the others flew up in the air and waved goodbye to North Kai, “North Kai, we are leaving. Take care. We will come back to visit you in the future!”

“Bubbles, Gregory, goodbye!”

Uh-oh, uh-oh, uh-oh,” Bubbles hissed, waving his arms.

Looking back at the tiny North Kai’s Planet, the three of them whooshed towards the Snake Road, bringing a whirlwind behind them as they flew off towards the Other-World.

Looking at their distant backs, North Kai seemed to see three future powerhouses rising, and his mood instantly became pleasant.

“They all have astounding qualifications and potential. Soon, they will be able to become a strong person that will move the entire universe. It’s finally time for North Area to shine. Frieza won’t be able to be arrogant again!”

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