Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka

Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 98


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At the top of Korin Tower, Korin walked steadily on the curved sphere at the top of the tower with his walking stick, as if he was walking on the ground.

Pointing to the golden groove in the center of the tower, Korin said, “Insert the Power Pole into the groove. The Power Pole is the key to the Lookout. If you insert it into the groove and let the Power Pole grow longer and longer, you can reach the temple.”

“Right, don’t lose that pair of bells. That is the credentials to meet Kami!”

Son Goku nodded and did as instructed. He inserted the Power Pole into the golden groove, then shouted, “Power Pole, grow longer!”

The Power Pole rod emitted red light and then quickly lengthened. Son Goku was amazed by the Power Pole rod carried into the clouds and soon disappeared.

Korin stroked his beard, smiling lightly, “Originally, I thought Roshi is the most likely to ascend to the Heavenly Realm that’s why I gave it to him… But, hey, when Goku sees Kami and the Old Kami will be shocked!”


“Wow, it’s so fast I can’t even see Korin Tower.”

Son Goku looked down and found that he could no longer see Korin Tower.

The air around him began to become thin, with a feeling of breath-holding coming from his chest.

After a while, large dense black clouds appeared overhead. That wasn’t rain clouds because Korin Tower itself has been above the general cloud layer.

As he continued upward, he encountered dark clouds that were specifically isolated from the barrier of the sky!

Sinuous and swift lightning interspersed as if a dragon roared in anger.


Bright lightning strikes his body, making Son Goku numb. The clothes on his body emit an unpleasant smell of burning.

This area was a special space. The lightning and thunder inside was a test for those who sought to see Kami, and by passing through here, they could see the Lookout suspended high in the sky.


Meanwhile, Ayaka and the girls soon appeared in the Lookout square. From the Lookout, she already felt two not so weak ki. The Old Kami and Mr. Popo had eaten Tree of Might Fruit, and there was a great growth in strength. From the ki, the breakthrough of both of them was not small.

The Tree of Might Fruit was like a key, turning decay into magic, opening all of their accumulation at once. Old Kami’s power level reached 870, while Mr. Popo reached 1156.

“Congratulations on your great advancement in strength!” Ayaka smiled and blessed.

The Old Kami ashamedly said, “This is all the efficacy of the spirit tree fruit, taking the spirit tree fruit for us to eat, it is really a bit worthless ah!

“How? Your strength is very beneficial to the Earth. The Earth has produced many seedlings who are capable of going to the Heavenly Realm, so we should train them well!”

The Old Kami laughed brightly, “Ayaka is right. When the time comes, I will have to teach them well, so that the Earth’s practitioners are more powerful.”

“Launch, go ahead and get ready. Goku will arrive soon. He needs a whole room in the Lookout, and food should be prepared in large quantities!”

Launch sniffed, then went with Lancy to prepare the room.


Below, Son Goku finally passed through the thick layer of dark clouds and had seen the red hemispherical Lookout floating not far away.


The Power Pole stick was accurately inserted into the golden groove at the bottom of the Lookout. Son Goku climbed over along the side ladder and jumped onto the Lookout in one leap.

At one end of the Lookout was a majestic and gorgeous palace with several rows of plants on both sides and a vast and spacious square in the middle.

Knowing that this was the Heavenly Realm that Korin spoke of. Son Goku immediately took on a reverent mindset, and just like that, the barren and slightly monotonous Lookout immediately became sacred.

A strong breeze from on high blew in his face.

At that moment, he saw Mr. Popo was standing not far away and ran toward Mr. Popo.

As in the original, Son Goku was put down by Mr. Popo in three or two blows.

Subsequently, Son Gou met with the Old Kami, who looked exactly the same as Demon King Piccolo.

“Son Goku, you defeated Demon King Piccolo to save the world, very impressive.” The Old Kami praised, “But unfortunately, Demon King Piccolo has not died yet. He spat out an egg before he died, that is the incarnation of Demon King Piccolo, containing everything of Demon King Piccolo. Sooner or later it will harm the world again.”

“For some reason, both Mr. Popo and I can’t take direct action against Demon King Piccolo. So, for the next three years, Mr. Popo and I will give you good instructions as you defeat the newborn Piccolo.”

“That’s great. That’s exactly what I plan to be taught by Kami.” Son Goku said happily.

“I’m not a Kami anymore!” The Old Kami shook his head, “To be exact I am the Old Kami, now Kami is someone else, soon you will meet her.”


At that moment, wearing a white female Kami costume, Ayaka walked out.

Son Goku was startled, his eyes boarded out, “Sister, why are you here!!!”

Immediately after noticing Ayaka’s attire with the “Kami” symbol written on her chest, Son Goku opened his mouth wide in disbelief. He said, “Could it be that you are Kami?”

Ayaka smiled and nodded and asked rhetorically, “What do you think? I’ve been Kami since five years ago. By the way, Launch and Lancy are now also in the Lookout.”

Son Goku nodded. Although he was simple, it did not mean that he did not know the truth that it was good to have someone in the court. Since his sister was the Kami, the next thing will simply be easy. With Son Goku’s character, even if Kami was a person he didn’t know, he wouldn’t hesitate to say his request.

“Sister, you can resurrect Shenron, right. Quickly let Shenron resurrect!”

Ayaka shook her head. Her gaze went to the Old Kami, “I don’t have the ability to resurrect anything, that is against the rules. Shenron is created by the Old Kami with his own magic power. We need the Old Kami to resurrect Shenron!”

Son Goku smiled and asked the Old Kami to help.

The Old Kami smiled and nodded, “To be honest, I originally did not intend to repair the Dragon Ball. At the beginning, I created the Dragon Ball just to give people on Earth courage and hope, but the result is that not many people will use it for good. Most of the people looking for the Dragon Ball just for personal selfishness, this time Shenron was killed, I also hesitate to let Shenron reborn. However, seeing that there are still pure people like you in the world, I finally decided to let the Dragon Ball come back to life.”

Mr. Popo brought the glass cover containing Shenron as instructed. The statue of Shenron inside had broken into several pieces.

Mr. Popo took out the glue quickly assembled the clay puppet of Shenron.

“It’s fixed!”

Everyone stepped back a few steps, the Old Kami raised his finger, a crystal bright light flashed from between his fingers and shot at the glass cover containing Shenron.

The glass cover flashed a few arcs of electricity, then Shenron turned into a bright light and flew to the Lower Realm.

“Originally, Dragon Ball had to have a year to turn into stone, but this time is special. Shenron just resurrected, so it will first fulfill the wish to let the people who were killed by Demon King Piccolo to resurrect, but after that Shenron will fall into a few years of slumber.” The Old Kami said slowly.

“No problem, as long as the people killed by Demon King Piccolo resurrected, Shenron can sleep for a few years. No problem.” Son Goku said.

The next moment, the sky became dark.

In the wasteland where Shenron was killed, the green coiled huge Shenron shuttled through the clouds. The two eyes shone with a bright crimson light. All the people killed by Demon King Piccolo immediately resurrected, after which the seven Dragon Balls scattered all over the world.

Because this wish belonged to the overdraft, the next few years, the Dragon Balls would only be the rock state.


Kame House was located on the island, Master Roshi and other people stunned looking at a dark sky.

“It looks like Shenron really resurrected, so Goku has met the Kami?” Krillin said incredulously.

“So there really is a Kami in the world!” The atheistic Bulma and Violet’s original worldview was torn open.

Tian ShinHan, who never knew the deeds of the Dragon Ball, asked in dismay, “This… sky is pitch black, is this the scene where Shenron appears?”


At the same time, people around the world found that those who had originally died had surprisingly come to life.

This time no matter whether theists or atheists, there was only one thought in their minds –

“God miracle….”


“Well, Shenron has been fulfilled the wish, Son Goku, you rest first, tomorrow you start practicing!” The Old Kami said, turned, and walked into the Lookout.

“Son Goku, we have prepared a lot of good food. Go eat!” Launch, who had prepared the food, came with a smile on her face.

“Is there a lot of delicious food?”

As soon as he heard that there was something to eat, Son Goku’s eyes immediately glowed. His spirit was high, and his whole body became stupidly excited.

Sure enough, he walked into the dining room, where dozens of delicious food had been laid out.

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