Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka

Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 97


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One of the Earth’s seas, near fragmented and numerous small islands, was a relatively large island with a humble hut. A rooster-shaped weathervane on the small roof was constantly turning under the sea breeze.

Nearly a dozen people were gathered in the hut, sitting around the television set intently watching the live report, which showed that Demon King Piccolo had stormed the Centar City’s mansion and was preaching fear to the public.

“This is bad. This evil guy Demon King Piccolo has become the king of the world, and his next goal is to destroy the capital of the West City!” Yamcha indignantly banged his fist on the table. Bulma’s face was full of panic and anxiety, “What to do? My parents are living there!”

“Being anxious also useless, it seems there is really no way. Even a guy as strong as Goku was defeated. Can no one defeat Demon King Piccolo?” Violet, formerly Colonel Violet of the Red Ribbon Army, cried.

Tien Shinhan, Krillin, and others couldn’t help but silence. The look of resignation flashed across their faces. Demon King Piccolo was too powerful. Even if they joined forces, they could not defeat him.

“I do not know where Ayaka and the girls have gone. If they are there, we can definitely defeat Demon King Piccolo by joining forces.” Oolong’s body trembled when he remembered Ayaka’s terrifying strength a few years ago.

“Yes, it is a pity that we do not know where they went to train. We completely unable to contact them!” Master Roshi sighed.

Because Son Goku killed Tambourine, Krillin did not die as in the original, and Master Roshi did not go with Tien Shinhan to collect the Dragon Balls. Instead, together with Bulma and others, Master Roshi hid the Kame House on a deserted island.

“Well? Who is ‘Ayaka and the girls’ you guys are talking about? It sounds like they are very strong and can defeat Demon King Piccolo?” Never come into contact with Ayaka’s Tien Shinhan, and Chiaotzu asked suspiciously.

“We’re talking about Goku’s sister. Uh, how do I put it? Not the real sister, but their strength is also very terrifying. Three years ago when we met, they were very powerful. I think their strength must be above Demon King Piccolo!”

Thinking of the strength shown by Ayaka against the Great Ape Transformation Son Goku when he first summoned Shenron, Yamcha and Bulma were both yearning and fearful.

Tien Shinhan was amazed listening to the group about Ayaka’s exploits, “Hearing you guys say so, I want to meet them in person!”

“Unfortunately, it is impossible to contact them!” Master Roshi took off his sunglasses. His expression was serious, “Master Mutaito sacrificed his life to use the Evil Containment Wave to seal Demon King Piccolo.

“Master Roshi, please let me also go together to deal with the Great Demon King. It is too dangerous for you alone!” Tien Shinhan said seriously.

Among everyone present, he and Master Roshi had the highest strength.

Master Roshi’s face looked grim. He refused, “No, you can not go! Your martial arts talent is excellent, and you can continue to break through in the future. This is too dangerous. We can’t bury all our hopes!”

Tien Shinhan still wanted to say something but was stopped by the stern eyes of Master Roshi.

Ah, everyone, come and see, Goku appeared on the TV!” Oolong shouted, pointing at the TV screen.


Everyone immediately gathered their eyes to the TV screen again. They saw an orange and red-figure appear on the TV. Because the camera was far away, the figure appeared blurry. However, Bulma and others could still recognize it, “It’s really Goku, why did he run to fight with Demon King Piccolo again!”

Son Goku was wearing a martial arts uniform on the screen and was fighting fiercely with Demon King Piccolo. The screen flickered, the camera could not quickly capture the two figures.

“Goku’s strength seems to have become much stronger. He can actually fight with Demon King Piccolo to a draw!” Krillin was full of surprise.

Tien Shinhan and Yamcha nodded at the same time. Master Roshi’s eyes unblinkingly glued to the TV, “Well, that level of battle is indeed much higher than we thought, and both sides do not seem to use full strength!”

“Horror. Just the footage in the picture makes people feel unsurpassed. I wonder how shocking it would be if it were live!” Tien Shinhan stared at the television. The sound of a booming and visually stunning explosion made his head break out in a cold sweat.

At this point, Master Roshi pointed to the TV, “Look, Goku showed his strength. His attack speed is getting faster and faster! He was so powerful. Even back then, I’m afraid that Master Mutaito was not as powerful as Goku now!”


Near the end of the battle, Son Goku clenched his fist and rushed up to the sky. The fist knocked Demon King Piccolo through. Demon King Piccolo spat out an egg toward the distance before dying. The giant egg speedy flight soon disappeared traces.

“He won!!! Son Goku defeated Demon King Piccolo!!!!” Bulma happily knocked Oolong’s head, tears of excitement emerged from her eyes.

Krillin was also laughing and jumping up and down, “Great, Demon King Piccolo was destroyed. Son Goku saved the world!”

Yamcha, Tien Shinhan, and other people had smiles on their faces.

Once Demon King Piccolo died, the fear that hung over people’s hearts immediately disappeared. People around the world ran to the streets to celebrate.

“Goku’s strength has improved again, I have to catch up on my training. I can’t be too far behind him, and I must beat him in the next World Martial Arts Tournament.” Tien Shinhan secretly said.

It was not terrible to fall behind. As long as there was a strong and unconquerable heart, you could definitely catch up.


Master Roshi went out of the house, looking at the azure sky. At this time, his heart was extremely unsettled. His disciple eliminated Demon King Piccolo and saved the world. Now, he was thinking about it. “How can Goku’s strength improve so quickly, it’s like a dream.”

Uh, what’s that?”

In the distance, there were three black dots flying this way. Master Roshi wiped his eyes to make sure he didn’t get misty-eyed, “Someone is coming this way.”

The visitors were flying extremely fast, and the sea was brought up in three intense waves.

Ayaka shook her hand at Master Roshi, “Master Roshi, you actually moved the Kame House here, so we have to look for it!”

Master Roshi didn’t think it was Ayaka and the girls. He calmed down and said, “Ayaka, where have you been for the past three years? How come we can’t get in touch?” Then he looked at the three with a lustful face, thinking, “A few years without seeing, Ayaka become more outstanding. These two beside her is also a rare big beauty!”

Ayaka knew Master Roshi’s usual problem. She didn’t bother to pay attention to him and said indifferently, “We went to a very distant place to train, and just returned. The group is here, right?” She said and walked into Kame House.

“Bulma, Violet, Krillin, Yamcha, everyone, long time no see!”

“Ayaka, you are finally here. Look, just now Goku defeated Demon King Piccolo to save the world!” Bulma said.

Ayaka smiled understandingly. The world had just emerged from the darkness, and everyone had a lot to say in their hearts.

“I’ll go make some tea first!” Violet stood up and walked to the kitchen. Now Violet was doing all the housework in the Kame House, replacing Launch’s job in the original story.

Tien Shinhan constrained to look at the new three. He looked unnatural whispered to ask Krillin, “Hey, they are the people you just said, right? Are they very strong?”

Krillin nodded hard, “I’m not too sure about the specific. It was Bulma and Yamcha who first traveled with Goku and they know better. However, in the last World First Martial Arts Tournament, Ayaka was the champion.”

Speaking of the last World First Martial Arts Tournament champion, Tien Shinhan had a deep impression, “So it was her! What a big change!”

Indeed, these years Ayaka completely matured. She was 1.7 meters in height and was considered relatively tall. All aspects of development were outstanding and were considered a product of fine craftsmanship. The body was no longer considered a young girl. She was between a young girl and a young lady. The flowing hair added a few mature temperaments.

Yamcha turned around to see Ayaka smiled mysteriously at him. He stood there awkwardly.

After a few people have explained, Tien Shinhan’s mind had an intuitive understanding of Ayaka. She was labeled as beautiful, scary, and unrecruitable.


“Hey, Demon King Piccolo was destroyed, just collect the Dragon Balls to let the people who died because of Demon King Piccolo to revive. Everything will be back to the original…” Oolong said with a small mouthful of ice cream licking, looking relaxed.

“Hey, you guys do not know that Shenron has been killed by Demon King Piccolo?” Ayaka asked strangely.

Everyone was startled. Oolong’s ice cream suddenly slipped on the clothes, trembling asked, “You say, Shenron has been killed? That…. Dragon Ball no longer exists?”

“Yes, Demon King Piccolo summoned Shenron to rejuvenate himself, after which Shenron was killed, and now the Dragon Ball has become an ordinary stone!”

Eh! Then you can’t make a wish anymore!” Bulma showed a disappointed face.

“But you guys don’t worry. Shenron is created by Kami, just ask Kami to bring back the Shenron!” Launch suggested.

“Launch, how can Kami exist?” Bulma asked. She did not believe it. How could Kami exist in this world?

“No, Kami exists. Goku eliminated Demon King Piccolo, so he qualified to go to the Heavenly Realm for training. He can make Kami recreate the Shenron!”

Time flew by, looking at the sky has darkened, and thought that Son Goku should be going up to the Lookout, Ayaka said goodbye to Master Roshi.

“Everyone practice well. In the next three years Goku will be in the Heavenly Realm to practice. Don’t be pulled down too much by Goku!”

With that, the three people flew up in the air and soon disappear into the sky.

“Master Roshi, Ayaka said Goku is in the Heavenly Realm to train, what does it mean?” After Ayaka left, Krillin asked in confusion.

Tien Shinhan and Yamcha also pricked up his ears to listen. The Heavenly Realm sounded like a remarkable place.

Master Roshi took a deep breath, “I can not imagine that Goku has reached that level. He qualified to go to the Heavenly Realm! I’ve only heard Immortal Korin talk about the Heavenly Realm, that mysterious place above Korin Tower.”

“Since Goku can practice in the Heavenly Realm, the one who instructed him to practice is the… Kami!”

Everyone was shocked.

Unlike the original, they had already been up there in the past few years at the Korin Tower. Also, they had received the instruction of the Korin, but now Goku could actually receive the instruction of Kami. Thinking about it made people envious.

“Goku that guy is really surprising. Three years later, I do not know how strong he will become. It looks like he will be left far behind again.” Krillin said in awe and envy, and then everyone agreed to use the three years to practice well and surprise Son Goku at the next World Martial Arts Tournament.

Watching everyone didn’t get frustrated at all but inspired to fight, Master Roshi’s face was extraordinarily bright.

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