Hokage Ryo's Path

Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 180


After killing the elders one by one, Pakura turned her eyes to Rasa.

“So, the traitor still wants to kill me?!” Rasa’s expression showed more and more of his rage.

Pakura looked at Ryo, and he understood, leaving her side.

Judging from what he had already seen, it seemed like Pakura’s control over her scorch release had reached perfection.

Before, Pakura also said that she had become Kage tier, so Ryo decided to let her had deal with Rasa on her own.

Without Ryo’s Ice in his way, Rasa controlled his Sand towards Pakura. However, she did not dodge, letting the Golden Sand wrap around her from all sides.

“Die you traitor!  [Sand Waterfall Funeral]!” Rasa packed the Gold Sand with Chakra, and controlled it to squish Pakura inside it.

However, he soon found out that no matter how much Chakra he injected into the Sand, its shape wasn’t changing.

Realizing that something was wrong, he immediately pulled back his sand, just to discover that a lot less of it was gold.

“Haha, what a messy method!” While Rasa wasn’t getting what’s going on, Ryo activated his Mangekyo, observing the Sand. Off course, no one could see his eyes as he brought Fugaku’s contact lenses.

“Ryo, what method did Pakura use?” Asked Kushina curiously.

“She actually formed a protective “Scorch layer” around her body. It’s a small area around her that’s so hot; it melts the gold within the Sand as soon as it comes into contact with it. Gold Melts at 1064 degrees (1 948 °F), and she could actually melt it!” 

Ryo explained Pakura’s method to Kushina while being still surprised by the terrible temperature of her attacks.

Rasa saw a small hole in the floor around Pakura, and also understood that he melted the gold in his Sand.

His face became gloomy; he didn’t expaect that her control over her Kekkei Genkai would reach such a level.

However, he wasn’t about to let go of her. His Gold Sand surged ready to continue its onslaught.

At this moment, everyone inside heard a rapid footstep outside the door.

A Ninja rushed into the conference room in panic screaming: “Kazekage sama! Things are bad!” 

“What is it? What happened?” Rasa asked.

“There were news spreading that the elders are being held up in the conference room, and now…. THE ELDERS! How come there only two, on the… ground?” The messenger’s voice was fainting and sweat was pouring from his forehead.

“As you can see, they are all dead.” Said Pakura faintly.

“Pakura sama… this is… you doing?” 

“Yes!” Pakura did not try to hide her deeds, and admitted them without hesitation.

Hearing that answer, the messenger immediately ran out. Rasa wanted to stop him, but he also understood that the fire that was ignited by Pakura could not be tamed. He sighed letting him run away.

“Pakura, I am sorry for you, but the rest of the Sand Village is innocent. If you still have any attachment to it, take these few Mist Ninjas and leave; don’t destroy the village.” Rasa said with some decadence. 

“I don’t know Kazekage sama how you decided that I must have betrayed the village! Not only Mist Ninjas could use Ice you know!” 

“Is it?” Rasa was stunned, and then turned around looking at Ryo.

The latter smiled and then undid the transformation, saying hello to Rasa: “Kazekage Sama, long time no see!” 

“Ryo Yamanaka! What are you…” 

“I’m here because I saved Pakura. We have been assigned to investigate and locate the Rokubi Jinchuriki, and we managed to find him. However, we also found a few other Mist Ninjas alongside him, and all of them were besieging Pakura. Being Ninjas of Konoha, the Sand’s allies, we obviously weren’t going to let her die. I intervened, slaughtered the Rokubi and saving Pakura.” 

“Slaughtered the Rokubi…” Ryo said those words so lightly, and they fell into Rasa’s ears like thunderbolts! He Slaughtered the Rokubi? How terrible! It’s been only a few months since Rasa saw Ryo, and he’s already this strong?

Rasa already knew that the Mist dispatched the Rokubi Jinchuriki to insure Pakura’s death.

If Ryo had really slaughtered him, the Sand village could not afford to offend him, and face such a great force!

Thinking about this, Rasa’s behavior made a 180 degree turn, immediately revealing a bright smile: “Thank you so much Konoha for your great help! Thanks to you, our hero could survive and make it home safely!” 

Ryo despised Rasa’s face! But in order to make things easier for Pakura, he hand to bare with him.

Pakura was actually relieved to see Rasa’s attitude change. Before entering the village, she told Ryo that she didn’t want to become Kage, and that her goal this time was just the Sand’s elders.

Ryo also had no interest in who should be the Kazekage at all. Since Pakura wasn’t going for it, he wasn’t going to push her in that direction.

Moreover, as far as Rasa is concerned, even though Ryo that that he was undoubtedly a scumbag, he was still a very competent Kazekage.

Giving Pakura away for the sake of peace with the Mist, sacrificing Gaara’s happiness in the Manga to make him into a perfect Jinchuriki, to his last breath, he relentlessly tried to get the village stronger. Even as he was being sealed after being reincarnated by Kabuto, his last words were “I entrust the village to you now… Gaara…”

Ryo and Rasa “had a talk” in the conference room, while the outside of the office was being surrounded by the elders’ clans.

Ryo had long felt the change in numbers of Sand Ninjas, but was not worried at all. He calmly said to Rasa: “You might have some trouble, Kazekage sama.”

Rasa immediately used [Eye of Sand] to see the outside.

Seeing the building surrounded by thousands of Ninjas, his face became really heavy.

“You’ve been far too impulsive, Pakura! Now what? How could this be solved?” Rasa complained.

“You don’t have to worry, Kazekage sama; we will handle it. Kushina ne-san, I leave this to you?” Said Ryo.

“Ryo, Kushina san, please show mercy!” Pakura said with concern.

“Haha, rest assured! I’m the best at scaring people!” Kushina went out with a smile nodding to Ryo, who followed her closely.

“Kurama, I have promised Pakura! You cannot have too much fun!” Kushina, while looking extremely loose, was actually a little worried herself.

“Okay, I know!” Kurama said rather impatiently.

As soon as Ryo and Kushina left the office, all the Sand Ninjas came at him.

Kuhsina smiled, and the Kyubi’s Chakra wrapped her body in an instant. Not long after a Golden Kyubi appeared before everyone on the Sand’s camp.

Kushina’s control over her Biju was still not perfect, so she simply gave him control instead.

As soon as he took control, Kurama screamed, and his horrible Chakra flowed out like a Tsunami!

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