Hokage Ryo's Path

Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 181


Seventy to eighty percent of the Sand Ninjas surrounding the building were Chunin and Genins. They were all overwhelmed by the Kyubi’s Chakra, with most of them being frightened and pale.

In fact, it wasn’t just the lower ranked Ninjas; everyone among the troops surrounding the building, including the ones in the lead, were really scared.

Kurama started condensing a Biju dama, then launched towards the desert quite far away from the village.

“BOOM!” The Biju dama exploded, leaving behind a mushroom cloud. A blast of wind and sand spread out of it in all directions, reaching the Sand Ninjas, breaking their spirits, and getting the weakest among them to flee.

Revenge for their elders? Defending their clan’s glory? Vain words! All of that was insignificant compared to their own lives.

One of them took the lead, and naturally others followed. In a few minutes, what used to be a crowd of thousands of Ninjas became a lot of 8 people, one being Quasi Kage, and the others being Jonins.

“This is boring!” Kurama glanced at the remaining people and lost all interest in a fight.

Facing the Kyubi, a  Jonin was equal to a Chunin or Genin, and a quasi Kage was nothing but a stronger Ant.

“Kushina, I’ll leave this to you!” After saying that, Kurama returned Kushina’s body under her control.

Just like Kurama, Kushina had no interest in fighting the remaining eight. She simply left the tailed coat mode, returning all of Kurama’s Chakra to her body.

Seeing the disappearance of the Kyubi, the eight looked at each other and then rushed towards the Kazekage’s office.

After remaining on the sidelines for so long, Ryo realized that it was time for him to intervene. After he entered the Ice Lightning Chakra Mode, he flickered in, blocking their way.

“You… You are Ryo Yamanaka!” Hugo, who was among the eight, recognized Ryo.

Looking at him, Ryo also remembered who he was! It was the Jonin from his 1st battles against the Sand. Since this was an old acquaintance, Ryo decided on giving him special treatment!

He opened his Mangekyo, using it to put Hugo under Genjutsu. At first, Hugo could only sense darkness before him, and then he lost control over his body, walking step by step towards Ryo.

The other seven wanted to pull him back, but they were all pushed away by him. He watched himself get closer and closer, and was extremely afraid as was able to see Ryo’s Crystal Clear Ice Scalpel.

Hugo was finally stopped by Ryo. He found his enemy right before his body, with his scalpel against his throat. If he wanted, Ryo was only a motion away from slitting it. 

Snapping his fingers, Ryo returned to Hugo all control over his body. Therefore, the Jonin could only watch Ryo’s smile and tremble. Not being stopped, he quietly rejoined the other Seven. 

Rasa was watching everything that just happened. He finally understood how Pakura was able to get back so confidently to kill all those elders: she has such great support! 

The regular Ninjas had suffered great losses in the war, and still had the Rock to face. Ryo and Kuhsina alone were enough to devastate the village.

Rasa took a deep breath, the asked: “Pakura, what’s your main motive? Do you want to be the Kazekage?”

Pakura shook her head, saying very seriously: “Kazekage sana, I want to change the village, but I never thought of becoming Kage. What I’ve done was taking down all the elders, to become the Sand’s new and only elder!” 

“Would you help me settle things down with these clans?” 


Rasa was quite surprised. He didn’t expect that Pakura would be so committed to even give more for the village. He remained silent, considering whether this would be good or bad for the Sand.

On the other side of the Sand Village, Chiyo and Ibizo were sitting down facing each other, drinking tea, while watching the entire situation.

“Sister, you really don’t want to stop this?” Ebizo said with concern.

“I just said, Pakura is a good child. I believe in her. Moreover, this village could indeed make use of some change!”

Chiyo was very dissatisfied with Rasa’s actions when gave Pakura to the Mist.

After all, Pakura was a Sand Ninja, a Sand hero! Chiyo could not accept the fact that her life was exchanged for peace.

Therefore, to Chiyo, this village that could not protect its own men had already decayed, and was due for great changes. She was supporting Pakura’s action completely.

Ebizo didn’t question her back; her opinion was clear.

“However, I didn’t expext that brat to become so strong in so little time! It seems that we’ve really become too old!” Chiyo said, looking at Ryo and sighing. 

“Oh indeed, we’re so old! Our retirement was definitely the right choice!” Ebizo echoed his sister’s thoughts.

In the Kazekage’s building, after taking so much time thinking, Rasa finally chose to make a compromise. 

Rasa knew all too well that Pakura, with Ryo and Kushina’s help, and her own great power, could take down all the clans that would oppose her. The fact that she would actually agree to settle things down with the mourning clans along with him led him to make his choice! 

“Pakura, from this day on, you shall be the Sand’s only elder consultant. I hope that together, we may lead the village to be stronger!” After finishing his words, Rasa walked outside.

He first expressed his gratitude to Kushina, and then took the eight remaining Ninjas far away, while being doubtful of what he should be saying to them.

The next day, Rasa announced that the village had abolished its elder council system, and that Pakura had become the village’s sole consultant.

Ryo and the others also bid farewell to Pakura and left the village in the afternoon of that day.

It was year 47 since the inception of Konoha, and the 3rd world war had been going on for nearly eight years!

Just like every time, Konoha emerged from the war as the sole victor. The village actually remained withdrew from the war early enjoying peace, while the other villages were not so lucky.

The Sand and the Rock were still fighting, and some friction still existed between the Rock and the Cloud.

The Sand were actually in a very unfavorable position.

Fortunately, after the great change in the village’s top, the Sand’s front became more united, and the new blood in the leadership led to much more successful battles.

The Rock couldn’t take them down in a short time as they envisioned. Therefore, they just gave up on continuing the fight and signed a peace treaty with them.

With that, fights stopped among all five major countries. The battles between smaller nations have also gradually subsided.

In the way, the 3rd Shinobi World War finally came to an end, ushering a new chapter in history.

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