Hokage Ryo's Path

Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 195


The Hachibi’s Chakra gradually flowed into Korin’s body, and she began to conduct it to fuse with her own.

As that was happening, Ryo felt strong vitality being emitted by Korin’s body.

This vitality was closer to that brought by Yang Chakra from the vitality that he gained through the genetic modification he conducted upon himself.

Under Korin’s feet, the caves moss was affected by her vitality and began to grow at a speed visible to the naked eye. Soon, Ryo had no clear spot to set foot in.

Ryo perceived that this vitality was getting stronger as the integration of the Hachibi’s Chakra was progressing. Korin’s body also began to be affected by this.

She was already massive in size, but now she was getting too big for the cave. Ryo had no choice but to teleport with her to the Fire Country’s borders.

Korin’s body stopped growing when she became about the same size as other Biju. Her body was only half their size before, and now she was comparable in size to any of them.

The amount of Chakra in Korin’s body also increased as her body was getting larger, with the Natural Energy proportion of her Chakra increasing to around 70%.

Ryo felt that this was rather strange. Why didn’t such great changes occur when he gave her the Rokubi’s Chakra? 

Ryo was puzzled by this, but for the time being, he could only wait for Korin to fully integrate the Hachibi’s Chakra into her own and then ask her.

Around a minute later, the process was finally complete.

Korin slowly opened her eyes, looking at her own body with some curiosity. Apparently, she was rather surprised by the changes it received.

After adapting to her body, Ryo couldn’t wait to ask: “Korin, how do you feel?” 

“How do I feel? I feel good! I feel great power within my body, and it seems like I might be able to use a new ability!”

“What ability?” Ryo asked interestingly.

“Ryo, I’ll try it out, but you should step back!” Korin closed her eyes. She controlled her Chakra while activating the Water and Earth properties. She then mobilized her vitality, and her appearance started changing into that of a true that’s over ten meters high.

Seeing this, Ryo could barely keep himself still!

Knowing that the God Tree in the Manga was practically the Juubi’s body, he wondered if this transformation meant that Korin was transforming into a new complete Juubi!

He wanted to examine the tree that Korin became, but suddenly the scent of a flower reached his nose.

He felt strange, looked up and saw orange flowers growing on Korin’s trunk.

These flowers were exuding an unusual scent, one that made him feel that his body was light… floating…

Ryo started feeling dizzy after a while. He realized that there was something wrong with this floral fragrance. He immediately bit his tongue, forcing himself to wake up!

“Well Korin, I know your ability now! Revert to your initial state please!” Ryo was actually almost taken down by the scent.

Hearing his words, Korin cut off the process she activated to transform into the tree, and soon returned to her initial Water Kirin appearance.

“Korin, you’ve used these flowers, can you use other wood Jutsus?” Ryo asked.

Korin closed her eyes, trying for a long time before finally saying to Ryo: “No!” 

Her answer made Ryo doubtful. Isn’t her technique similar to Hashirama’s Mokuton?

Later, Ryo understood from Korin that her technique was not a Hashirama style Mokuton Ninjutsu. In fact, the flowers were more of a defense mechanism that she used in her tree state.

“Well, Korin, how come the fusion with the Hachibi’s Chakra caused so much change this time around?” Ryo asked curiously.

“That is because the Hachibi’s Chakra is of Yang nature.” Korin answered very calmly. 

Ryo had yet another surprise. He had never thought that the Hachibi’s Chakra would turn out to be Yang Chakra, but then he thought about it, and in the manga the beast mainly used to rely on the physical attacks, his ink and Biju Dama. Him having Yang Chakra made absolute sense.

“Kurin, that is to say, you have Yang Release now?”

Korin nodded.

Hearing this news, Ryo became excited. Today, Korin, who absorbed the Hachibi’s Chakra, gave him too many surprises.

She gained strong vitality, her Chakra amount increased greatly; she learned how to enter a state similar to that of the God Tree; and she gained Yang Release.

Now she had Water, Fire, Wind, Lightning, Earth, and Yang. All she needed now was to develop Yin release.

Ryo was sure that this relied mainly on her absorbing Chakra from both the Nibi and the Nanabi!

Ryo couldn’t wait to do just that, to be able to turn Korin into a being that’s similar to the complete Juubi.

However, he had to forget such ideas for now. After all, he had no idea where the Nanabi was, and while he knew all about the Nibi, he couldn’t just go there and take its Chakra by force!

With his current level, even with help from Korin, he couldn’t just deal with the entirety of the Cloud village protecting the Nibi with them having the Hachibi besides his target.

The Hachibi was second only to Kurama in both power and Chakra amount. Even after the transformation, Korin shouldn’t be able to take down Gyuki.

Even if she could, Ryo trying to face A, Yugito Nii, and the rest of the Cloud village is just asking for death.

Therefore, he could only forget about the matter and wait for an opportunity calmly.

While he was immersed in the joy brought by Korin’s evolution, news that a beast had appeared on the borders of the fire country reached Konoha Ninjas.

Because of the upcoming Hokage’s approaching wedding, Konoha naturally strengthened its patrols around the village and on the borders of the country. 

After teleporting from the Forest of Death to the borders, Ryo was discovered by a Hyug Patrol Ninja as soon as he appeared.

He was shocked to see Korin: her body was as horrifying as the sea on a stormy day, and the amount of Chakra she had was incredible and scary!

The Hyuga Ninja had participated in the 3rd world war, and saw the Ichibi, the Nibi and the Gobi on the battlefield. 

What surprised him was that Korin’s Chakra exceeded all three of them!

The situation was urgent, and he rushed back to Konoha!

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