Hokage Ryo's Path

Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 196


The Hyuga Ninja, named Kenichi rushed back to Konoha, running straight to the 3rd’s office.

After the guard confirmed his identity at the entrance, he took his straight to the Hokage.

At this time, The 3rd, Jiraya and Minato were all in the office, and Kenichi who entered through the door felt under great pressure in the presence of all of them.

Minato said with his signature smile: “Don’t be nervous! You can say what you want to the Hokage sama!”

Minato’s comforting made the Ninja feel a lot more at ease. He gratefully bowed to him, and then reported what he saw to the 3rd.

“Hokage sama, I was on patrol around the southern borders of the Fire Country today, and I’ve detected the presence of a potential Biju.”

“What?” The 3rd’s face changed heavily. Jiraya and Minato also were gloomy as they exchanged looks.

“Kenichi, how many tails does it have? Did you get an estimation of its Chakra levels?” Jiraya asked.

“Jiraya sama, it actually has only one tail, but more Chakra then the Gobi when I saw it last time!” The Hyuga answered.

“What? Then, it is not a Biju?” Jiraya felt that this disproportion was rather strange.

“Hokage sama, Jiraya sensei, let me go and check this out!” Minato volunteered to investigate the matter.

“Yeah, that’s a good idea. With your Flying Thunder God, you can escape immediately in case things turn ugly.” Jiraya agreed.

“Alright! Kenichi, you go with Minato, and show his the exact location!” the 3rd also agreed.

Minato nodded, and placed on hand on Kenichi’s shoulder and prepared to use his Teleportation Barrier to get to the southern borders of the Fire Country.

“Hold on one minute! You should take Kushina along, just to be on the safe side!” The 3rd stopped Minato.

The latter was actually reluctant to put Kushina in danger, so he just wanted to reject the request. However, the 3rd continued: “Don’t forget, Minato is now the Kyubi’s perfect Jinchuriki. In brute power, she actually surpasses you!” 

His words left Minato no space to argue, and he could only pass by the 3rd Training Ground to pick up Kushina before the two went along with Kenichi Hyuga to the southern borders of the Fire Country.

“Minato, what’s wrong? Why did you bring me here so suddenly?” Minato actually did not explain anything to Kushina before bringing her to the borders.

“Kushina, this Hyuga Ninja had discovered the existence of a suspected Biju while on patrol. The Hokage Sama asked me to investigate the matter with you!” Minato explained.

“A Biju? With how many tails?” When Kushina heard of the Biju on the borders she immediately remembered Korin.

Last time, Korin and Kurama caused a massive explosion on the woods on the borders. Kushina was still feeling some guilt about that!

“Normally, it has one tail, but it has more Chakra than the Gobi! That’s why we can’t be sure that it’s a Biju.” 

Kushina’s eyebrows rose; this was indeed Korin!

Seeing Kushina’s face and instantly realized that things were not so simple; it was obvious that she knew something!

Kenichi looked at the two of them as they stared at each other awkwardly, and dared not say a word.

The three didn’t remain that way for long, and they soon rushed to where Kenichi found Korin.

When on the way, Minato was worried. He deliberately slowed down and tried to ask Kushina about the matter.

“Kushina, wdo you know anything?” he asked.

She did not answer. On one hand, Ryo never allowed her to talk about Korin’s situation, and on the other, she just couldn’t lie to Minato. Her only option was silence.

Minato could see that Kushina was torn. Since he didn’t want to embarrass her, he did not ask further questions.

The three continued their path. Finally, a few minutes later, they were stopped by Kenichi who pointed into the woods and said: “Minato sama, the Biju-like creature was there!” 

Minato immediately flickered in swiftly with the Hyuga Ninja. He quietly observed the surrounding woods and found the traces of a massive creature. From the damage that the woods received just by the creatures presence, he estimated that it should be the size of a Biju.

Kushina followed Minato, and Kurama perceived Korin’s Chakra.

“It seems that the kid’s Biju has has something good lately. Her Chakra is so much stronger than before!” Kurama said to Kushina.

“Well, Ryo did kill the Rokubi’s Jinchuriki. Perhaps it’s the Rokubi’s Chakra?” Kushina said after some thought.

“Not just that. She had Yang Chakra now. I guess the kid actually had even got the Hachibi’s Chakra!”

“No! That’s impossible! The Hachibi is in the Cloud Village now! How would Ryo be able to do that?” Kushina was in disbelief.

“Who know? All I can say, the kid’s Biju has so much Yang Chakra that I’m sure she had access to the Gobi’s Chakra.”

As Kurama and Kushina were talking, Minato also noticed this Chakra. As he was about to collect the traces he found, a Thunderbolt Flickered before his eyes.

It went past him, and then jumped directly in front of Kenichi. As soon as he saw it, Minato flickered to Kenichi using a Flying Thunder God Mark he left on him. However, the figure wrapped in Lightning Chakra did not dodge him and it stared at Kenichi without budging.

Kenichi’s expression became stiff in an instant, and his eyes turned hollow. At the same time, Minato’s Kunai touched the figure’s throat.

However, what surprised Minato was that the figure still had no reaction, even with Minato’s Kunai seemingly going through the skin!

“Ni-san, how cruel! Going straight for the kill?”  Moved back Ryo left his Ice Lightning Chakra Mode.

Minato, finding out it was Ryo, became even more concerned: “Ryo, are you okay?” 

“I’m fine I’m fine! Here!” Ryo raised his head, exposing his unscathed neck.

After confirming that Ryo was okay, Minato pointed at Kenichi and asked with dull look: “Ryo, what’s going on?” 

“I used Genjutsu on him. I have things I want to tell you, and I don’t want him to hear them. Let go to Ne san’s side now!”

Minato had his doubts, but didn’t question much, teleporting with Ryo to Kushina.

“Ni-san, what I am about to tell you is my biggest secret. Please be sure to keep it between us!” Ryo raised his arms with Korin in them in her ragdoll cat form.

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