Hokage Ryo's Path

Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 269


Truth Seeking Balls are high density entities composed of all attributes; Yin-Yang and the Five Elements. They usually take the shape of Black Spheres, although they can take other shapes and even combine. They have the power of all things, and upon hitting someone not endued with the power of the six paths, they could send them into oblivion.

Just thinking about this makes it clear: Ryo’s idea was very dangerous. If he was to reproduce some of the effects of the Six Paths Sage Mode without truly reaching it, the results might be catastrophic and it could end in his demise. Therefore, he wasn’t going to act on it just yet.

He needed to wait some more; wait for Naruto and Sasuke to grow up, so that he could extract traces of Ashura and Indra’s Chakra from them.

With the power of both sons of the Rikudo Sennin, he should have no problem dealing with the Truth Seeking Balls, or any other manifestation of the Six Paths’ powers.

Ryo explained these thoughts to Korin, and after some thought, she was willing to cooperate with Ryo for this goal.

With her by his side, he was more comfortable. Now, he only needed Naruto and Sasuke to grow up, and then find a way to awaken the powers of Ashura and Indra in them.

As for Korin, as she had finally achieved her goal, he took her back to Konoha with him.

In the evening, Chinse made a nice dinner to her children, as usual. Lain, who had a difficult day with her mission, and Ryo, who just got home, were both guided by their noses to the table.

Korin could smell the rice, and her sniffing sounds could be heard out of Ryo’s bag. The latter smiled, and he took her out to enjoy the food with his family.

As soon as Lain saw Korin, her eyes went bright, for she had never seen a cat that’s as cute: “Oni san, is this cat yours?” 

“Well, her name is Korin. Korin, say hi to Lain!” 

“Hey little girl; hello!” 

“Wow! A talking cat!” Lain’s eyes got wider, and she became so excited about Korin; she directly went and held her in her arms.

“Lain, you need to eat your dinner!” Chinse couldn’t stand watching her daughter ignoring the food.

Lain pouted and put her tongue out, but she did reluctantly put Korin down and get back to her dinner.

After the meal, she hurriedly helped Chinse with the dished, and then ran to Ryo’s room.

The latter guessed why she came back to him, but Korin was no toy. After thinking about it, he took out Kogin’s summoning contract.

When Lain entered the room, he took her to the side quickly, and under her confusion, he made her a contractor of Kogin!

Then, he taught her [Summoning], and with the only Summoned Beast of her being Kogin, she easily summoned her into the room!

Looking at the stunningly beautiful Silver Falcon before her, Lain forget all about Korin, holding on to Kogin and not letting her go.

Ryo hadn’t seen his falcon for a while, and now, her body had grown a lot. He established a telepathic link with her, and told her that Lain was his sister, asking her to take care of her. Kogin obviously agreed and promised him to do just that.

The next day, Lain flew to the place where Shisui told her Team 6 will be gathering.

Izumi and Itachi came early as usual. Before the eyes of the two, Lain jumped from Kogin’s back.

“Lain, what’s that? It’s so beautiful!” Izumi pointed to Kogin who was still in mid air.

“She is the Summoned Beast that my Brother had me have a contract with. Her name is Kogin. Kogin, get down here with us!” Lain called Kogin down and introduced her teammates to her.

Seeing the envious eyes of Itachi and Izumi, Lain’s ego was satisfied. It was then that she decided that for any reason, she would not hesitate to get Kogin’s help.


Time flew, and before anyone knew, it was the winter of year 51.

Perhaps it was because of his Ice Affinity, perhaps it was something else, but Ryo felt most comfortable in the winter, and especially liked snow.

Knowing that Pakura would never witness such a sight in her hometown, he decided to bring her to see Konoha under the snow.

Looking at the sliver-white world before her, Pakura was indeed very excited. All she ever saw in her country was the desert, and it was the first time she ever saw such sceneries in her life. Very quickly, she forgot all about the tension of being in a foreign country.

After the two of them played in the snow for a while, Ryo put on the hat of a tour-guide, taking his girl around the shops of Konoha.

In order to avoid trouble, Pakura deliberately changed her appearance. As she went around the village, she realized that it was a very good decision.

This was because when the villagers saw Ryo holding the hands of a strange woman, hanging around Konoha, they were all stunned, their eyes fixed on the two. Their gazes were far from easy to cope with, and Ryo’s face rapidly turned red.

After leaving the center of the village, there were far less people around the two, and Pakura was finally relieved.

“Ryo, those people’s eyes are so terrible!” She said with embarrassment. 

“Oh, you mean the villagers! Well, that’s probably because they never saw a girl around me!”

Hearing that answer, Pakura blinked, and then a bright smile of satisfaction appeared on her face.

Without knowing, the two had their legs drive them into the woods, where the snow made the most beautiful of scenes. Pakura was just about to say something to Ryo, when she suddenly heard some noise in the distance!

“Ryo, there seems to be some trouble right there; let’s check it out!” 

Ryo released his mental power, and after a few moments, he smiled and said: “Well, let’s go watch the hero save the princess!” 

He was already holding Pakura’s hand, and he teleported with her into the vicinity of the action. Now, that Konoha was completely covered in snow, Ryo could move freely all around the village.

“Hey! Why are three boys all bullying a little girl?!” Pakura asked angrily!

“That child will be fine. Keep quiet for now; my nephew should come out to save the beauty in distress at any moment.”

“Your nephew? Are you talking about Uzumaki Naruto?” 

“Yes, I just sensed him nearby. Naruto is a good boy; he will not just let such a thing happen!” 

Just as Ryo finished his words, Naruto actually rushed in and shouted to three bullies: “Quit it!” 

“Who’s that!”

“He’s the kid that my mother told me not to play with!” 

“Oh! It’s that kid!”

“My name is name is Uzumaki Naruto, the future Hokage! Don’t you forget it!” After saying that, Naruto made his hand seals, and a clone identical to him appeared by his side!

“A clone? Is he a Ninja?” The three children were stunned by seeing Naruto using hand seals, but a non living clone wasn’t going to hold them back!

They all gathered around him, and he was stomped!

“Ryo, why aren’t you saving him?!” Seeing Naruto in such big trouble, Pakura could not stand the heart-wrenching scene unfolding before her eyes.

“It’s alright! Kurama will help Naruto when time comes. It’s just that now, some people in the village are upset about him! It seems like in the past two years, Ne-san and I have been too low key.” As he was speaking, Ryo could sense a group of Ninjas coming through the woods.

Pakura couldn’t even hear Ryo clearly, being more concerned with Naruto’s state as she watched him nervously. A few moments later, she watched a group of Ninjas in charge of protecting Hinata coming out of the woods. Seeing adults approaching, the three rascals scattered quickly.

The Hyuga Ninjas picked up Hinata and were about to leave, but the young girl looked worriedly at Naruto and fell to the ground, struggling to get to him.

“Hinata sama, what do you want to do? That child is a demon…” 

“What did you say about my family? The Hyuga clan seems to be getting confused!” At that moment, Ryo and Pakura came out of the woods, hand in hand.

“This is a matter of the Hyuga clan, it’s not wise to talk to a group of Ninjas like….” As the Hyuga who was speaking turned around, he realized he was speaking to Ryo Yamanaka. Immediately his face immediately turned whiter than the snow around him!

Ryo was too lazy to bother with scolding him further, and decided to take the matter to Hiashi himself!

(PS: with things happening differently before, it’s obvious that events in Naruto’s life would go differently and at different times.)

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