Hokage Ryo's Path

Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 270


The Hyuga Ninjas who were responsible of the protection of Hinata returned to the clan’s district to report to Hizashi.

The Ninja who spoke to Ryo didn’t report straight to Hiashi, as had no right to go directly to the clan head’s place.

After Hizashi listened to the incident, his face turned very gloomy; he also realized the seriousness of the matter and rushed to Hiashi.

Looking at the anxious look on his brother’s face, Hiashi immediately realized that something bad had happened. It was obviously not trivial. And then, after listening to the story, his sat down, almost collapsing: A ninja of their clan had insulted both Ryo Yamanaka and Kushina Uzumaki! 

“Hizashi, do you think we could just…” 

“Hiashi sama, this time I’m afraid we can’t hide. Ryo Yamanaka and Kushina Uzumaki could decimate our clan on their own. Worst of all, the current Hokage Substitute would definitely stand on their side!” Hizashi explained his thoughts.

Hiashi sighed and said decadently: “Hizashi, accompany me tomorrow to visit Ryo Yamanaka!” 

“Yes, Hiashi sama.”

The next day, Lain had just finished breakfast and was ready to go out on a task when she met the Hyuga brothers on her way out. She blinked, and then rushed back inside saying: “Oni san, there are identical people outside!” 

“They were fast… Don’t worry Lain, I knew about them already. You can go, and your brother will handle this!” 

“Okay, bye bye!” 

When he heard that the Hyuga brothers had arrived, Ryo cancelled his plans of going out. After a while, Inoichi arrived, and he sent someone to bring them in.

Ryo moved to the living room, Inoichi by his side. The latter greeted the two brothers as they walked in, while Ryo glanced at them with a cold expression on his face.

Just his gaze was enough to make the two brothers feel that blood was freezing in their veins!

“Cough, Ryo, you’re going out of line; the Hyuga clan head has come his with sincere intentions!” Inoichi tried to warm up the mood.

Taken by surprise, Ryo nodded, and then said: “I was just thinking of visiting the Hyuga’s patriarch yesterday, and here he is today!”

“Ryo sama, today, we’ve come here especially to apologize. Yesterday, one of our clan spoke without thinking….” 

“Is that so? I heard him saying that Naruto was demon! This was after Naruto interfered to save your patriarch’s daughter, taking a beating for it. You’re saying that he spoke without thinking? I think this is clearly how he felt!”

Hizashi did not know how to answer, and just stood in place, his face getting even gloomier.

“So, I can understand that his feelings reflect your clan’s attitude towards Naruto?” 

“No, no! This is just a misunderstanding, Ryo sama! We are very respectful to the Yondaime and his son, and how they both saved Konoha from destruction!” 

“In that case, then you should let Naruto know how you feel! You and Hiashi dono should be apologizing to Naruto, not me!” After saying that, Ryo stood up and left.

The Hyuga bothers looked at each other, letting out a sigh of relief! From what they just saw, they realized that Ryo’s requirements were simple, and that he wasn’t going to unleash his wrath upon their clan!

Ryo did not want to make the Hyuga pay; he just wanted to make them, and by extension, all other clans, pay Naruto the respect he deserved.

To put it bluntly, he just wanted to shake things up a little bit, fixing the village’s perception of Naruto. The Hyuga just happened to be the clan to get in his way!

The next morning, the two brothers visited Kushina’s place. After taking an actual beating from her, they received Naruto’s forgiveness! 

On the same day, a public statement was made by the Hyuga clan. First, they apologized to Naruto, and then expressed their gratitude, making it clear that they have always respected him.

The other families were oblivious to what was happening in the background. However, it was clear from the Hyuga’s actions that the top of the village was somewhat dissatisfied with Naruto’s status.

These clans had to live in the village for the foreseeable future; leaning in with the wind was their best option, and therefore, most families changed their inner teaching about Naruto, with him transforming from the demon of the village, to its hero!

With this result, Ryo was satisfied, as Naruto should be getting less and less looks of contempt and fear as walks in the village.

Indeed, things went like he anticipated, with the attitude of the Hyuga and most other clans, along with civilians, changing drastically. 

For now, at least no one would openly show their disgust to Naruto, with those who could not shake their hatred to him just looking at him coldly and not doing anything else.

Children are the most sensitive to emotion, and Naruto could obviously feel this partial change of attitude, and it just added to his smile and happiness.

A few days after the Hyuga’s public apology, Ryo received a letter from Orochimaru, telling him that he had made a breakthrough in his cloning technology!

Ryo went to the Sound country immediately, and as soon as he arrived, Anko took him into the lab.

“Ryo, let’s keep any chatter for later: check this out!” Orochimaru handed Ryo a copy of his recently recorded experimental data.

Reading through it carefully more than one time, Ryo was getting more and more excited by the moment!

This data recorded the results of Orochimaru’s latest cloning experiment. The latest clone that he had made had been able to carry Chakra, as well as produce its own!

The only problem was the foreseeable life span of these clones. Orochimaru had noticed that the cells of this clone had their mitosis much faster than the cells of an average human. Therefore, they should also age much faster than a normal person. 

“Orochimaru san, why do think this is happening?” 

Orochimaru shook his head, as he also did not have an explanation.

After considering all issues here and back in the village, Ryo decided to stay and work with Orochimaru, in order to perfect the cloning technology. Now, he was one step away from achieving true resurrection. 

The winter soon passed, and the spring of year 52 came without anyone realizing it.

All this time, Ryo had been working with Orochimaru. It was a shame that the two still failed in solving the problem of fast mitosis. However, being the “men of science” they were, they did not give up, continuing to bury their heads in their experiments.


Far away, in the Cloud village, after over four years since the end of the 3rd Shinobi World War, the village was prosperous once again, with all traces of destruction brought by Ryo gone.

Under the leadership of the 4th Raikage, the Ninjas in the village were also working hard and practicing, hoping to protect the village better next time.

At this time, in the Raikage’s office, A was looking at a scroll on his desk with excitement.

It was sent by a spy in Konoha, confirming that a certain Clan head in village had a three-year-old daughter.

“Dodai, summon all elders of the village for a meeting immediately!” After four years of lying down, the Hidden Cloud were finally making their next move!

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