Hokage Ryo's Path

Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 271


In the Raikage’s conference room, the elders of the Hidden Cloud gathered.

“Raikage sama, why did you bring us in so suddenly?” asked a middle aged clan-head. 

“Here’s the deal: I have just received a message from a spy of ours that’s lurking in Konoha, confirming that the Hyuga Clan Head has a 3 year old child!”

Excitement immediately showed on everyone’s faces upon hearing the info.

“Raikage sama, when should we make a move?” 

“We should take out time. First, I have to confirm that Ryo Yamanaka is outside the village. His perception abilities can be too much of a threat to any action we might take. It would be difficult for our plan to be successful with him around.” A answered.

“Ryo Yamanaka? He is indeed a problem!” said an elder, sighing.

“Raikage sama, if we make sure that Ryo Yamanaka is away from Konoha, will you make the spy perform the task? This could save us time and logistics, as well as take Konoha by surprise.” Another elder suggested.

“No. The spy who sent the information is only good at hiding and tracking. It would be impossible for him to manage to steal away the young Hyuga from her clan and then from the village.” A refused the suggestion. 

“In that case, we can only send someone else. However, we must hurry up! In the last war, how many casualties did we suffer just because of those damn Hyuga? We must get the Byakugan!” 

Hearing this elder speak, other clan heads agreed: “Yes! We must get the Byukugan!” 

A few days later, the Fourth Raikage received another message from his spy, confirming that Ryo Yamanaka was out of Konoha.

A was overjoyed when receiving the news, and he once again gathered the elders.

As soon as he read the scroll to them, all the elders began to urge him to act as soon as possible.

In the afternoon of the same day, the Raikage selected a Jonin and five Chunins to form a small team, and they were all put under the leadership of the Head Ninja of the village. Then, he sent a scroll to Konoha, notifying them of the team’s arrival for negotiations to improve the relationship between the two villages.

In Konoha, Sakumo looked at the message frowning. Konoha and the Hidden Cloud weren’t on the best of terms, so this sudden move of the Raikage made Sakumo suspicious.

“Go and call the 3rd. While you’re at it, check if Ryo Yamanaka has returned. If he’s in the village, call him here as well.” Sakumu said to the Anbu behind him.

After a short while, the Anbu returned with the 3rd, letting Sakumo know that Ryo hadn’t come back yet.

“Sandaime, I have just received a letter from the 4th Raikage.” As he said that, Sakumo handed the scroll to the 3rd. After the latter read through it, he asked him: “What do you think, Sandaime?”

After some thought, the 3rd answered in a serious tone: “The relationship between us and the Hidden Cloud has never been really that harmonious. With the 4th Raikage sending people to communicate, he certainly has some hidden purpose.”

Sakumo nodded, as he thought the same.

“Sakumo, I suggest that when the Cloud’s team arrives, your Anbu should keep them under close surveillance. If necessary, recruit more support to them from the Hyuga and Aburame clans.” 

“Well, I will mobilize my Anbu. For the time being, I won’t disturb the Hyuga and the Aburame. If the Anbu find out something, I’ll get their help to get to the bottom of it.”

The 3rd agreed with Sakumo’s thoughts, and a few days later, the Cloud’s team arrived to Konoha, and Sakumo sent Shisui and Kakashi to meet them.

Seeing the seven man team, with the 2 Jonins leading the way, Shisui whispered to Kakashi: “It’s quite the lineup they have sent!”

“Indeed! The Hidden Cloud must have some hidden purpose behind this. We must be careful, Shisui!”

“Kakashi san, you can rest assured; we’ll have no problem!” Shisui said confidently.

The team’s leader had a few words with Kakashi and Shisui, before the two arranged for them to stay in a hotel at Konoha’s center.

The Anbu were already hiding near the hotel, prepared to constantly monitor these Cloud Ninjas.

For three days, the Cloud Ninjas did not do anything suspicious, and the Anbu gradually relaxed their vigilance.

On the fourth night, the team returned from the Hokage’s office after a meeting. Under the eyes of the Anbu, they returned to the Hotel, and remained in their rooms making no suspicious moves, as usual.

However, what the Anbu did not realize was that the Head Ninja of the Cloud Village had already been replaced by the Cloud Spy lurking in Konoha, with the latter using the transformation Jutsu.

Starting on the fifth day, the Head Ninja began watching the activities of Hiashi and Hinata in silence, remaining on the edge of the village when possible and disguising himself as a civilian.

After two days of observing Hiashi and Hinata’s patterns, his plan begun!

First, he killed the Hyuga Ninja responsible of protecting the child, and then disguised himself as him!

He kept following Hinata, until she reached an area where she was alone. Immediately, he stepped in, stunning her unconscious, and then taking her to the forest of death!

Before going there, he made a signal that notified his companions at the hotel of his success. As soon as they noticed the sign, the team knew that the Hyuga child was caught!

In order to not grab any unnecessary attention, they did not rush to leave, pretending that nothing had happened, and remaining in the village.

However, what the Cloud Ninja did not anticipate was that Konoha would strengthen their patrols and defense because of their arrival!

In the afternoon, a patrol found the body of the Ninja responsible of protecting the young Hinata. Upon seeing it, Sakumo immediately made the decision to close all exists of the village!

By now, he had already guessed the purpose behind the Cloud’s “negotiations”, so he made sure that they would not be able to take Hinata away.

Sakumo’s commands were quickly passed the Uchiha’s Police Department, and the entire village went into the emergency state. The Cloud Head Ninja pretended to be a civilian with his sleeping child, trying to leave Konoha, but he was blocked.

After learning that his daughter had been kidnapped, Hiashi was extremely anxious, deploying the entirety of his clan’s forces to aid the Anbu in their search for her.

The Hyuga clan head’s daughter going missing was no trivial matter. All available Ninjas in the village also joined the search, including many of those around the hotel.

At the hotel, the Cloud team obviously noticed things were abnormal in Konoha, and they immediately realized that they might have been exposed. After discussion, they made a new emergency plan, and the spy lurking with them left the hotel, taking advantage of the now lax surveillance on them.

On the other side, with their Byakugan, the Hyuga quickly located the spy who was hiding in the Forest of Death.

Hiashi was notified even before Sakumo, and he came personally to the scene, killing the Cloud’s Head Ninja with his own hands, and recovering his daughter.

As the corpse of the Head Ninja was delivered to Sakumo, he went straight to the Hotel, his face gloomy.

“I believe you awe me an explanation!” 

“What explanation? Our captain realized that there was an accident going on in Konoha, and went out to help you out. Now, he is dead! You are the ones who have to explain themselves, Konoha! You must hand over the murderer at once!” The remaining Jonin in the team answered Sakumo according to the emergency plan!

Sakumo did not expect such an answer from the team. He was furious for a moment, but then he regained his composure, asking: “Can your village afford going to war against us?” 

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