Hokage Ryo's Path

Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 274


Facing the 4th Raikage, Sakumo was having a slight edge. The 3rd was also putting the Nibi under pressure, but on the whole, Konoha did have an advantage over the Hidden Cloud.

Konoha’s main force lied mainly in its various clan prodigies with their clan exclusive techniques. Their ordinary Ninja were not as powerful as the average Cloud Ninjas.

On top of that, the Hidden Cloud had learned from the lessons of the 3rd Shinobi World War. In the past few years, they worked harder than the victors and therefore, besides the very top battles, they were pushing Konoha back.

The 3rd was rather anxious watching the battle. He did not expect that in just a few years, the Hidden Cloud would get that much stronger.

However, Sakumo was very calm in comparison. This gap existed before between the Cloud and Konoha’s Ninjas, but Konoha’s clan specialists could compensate for that back then.

Yes, the Cloud were now stronger than before, but they were not likely to beat Konoha’s lower ranks in a short time. With this dragging on as much as it’s supposed to, the battle would end as soon as Ryo or the 3rd end their fights, which would inevitably push the Cloud to surrender!

Sakumo was better fighter than A. But while the latter wasn’t as powerful as the 3rd Raikage, he was faster, which prevented the White Fang from being able to beat him.

In the Wind Country’s desert, Ryo was violently giving B a beating. Between his Ice Teleportation and his Mangekyo enhanced Ice-Lightning Chakra mode, the Hachibi’s Jinchuriki could not even touch Ryo, passively getting beat.

With him yet another time falling to the ground, the Hachibi could no longer stand it: “We can’t go on like this; let fight together!” 

Hearing his Biju, Killer B looked at Ryo who was distant from him. Although his pride made him want to go on, he knew that he couldn’t cope with Ryo.

“Alright, let’s teach him a lesson, this Bakayaro Konoyaro!” After saying that, B’s body oozed with Red Chakra.

“Oh, you can’t take this anymore?” Ryo smiled as he watched Killer B’s body being wrapped with the Hachibi’s Chakra.

In no time, the bullheaded octopus-body monster appeared in front of Ryo!

Immediately, he launched a Biju Dama at him!

Over the course of the past few years, Ryo’s became much more proficient with the Teleportation Barrier Technique. Dealing with a Biju Dama was no problem to him!

Just like Minato teleported the Juubi’s attack in the past, Ryo sent Gyuki’s Biju dama into a different part of the desert.

The Hachibi did not expect that Ryo would actually do such a thing, thinking that such a feat could only be pulled off by Minato.

“Hey cow, are you ready? Next, it’s my turn!” 

As soon as Gyuki heard Ryo saying that, he rushed at him wildly, but when he felt Natural Energy gathering around him, the beast wanted to escape.

Killer B had not practiced Sage Mode, but the two had been working together for so many years, having a very strong connection. While B did not sense the energy around Ryo, he could sense Gyuki’s fear clearly.

“What’s wrong?” 

“Leave and I’ll explain to you!” After finishing his words, Gyuki wrapped his tails around him, and then rotated, creating a massive dust cloud in the desert and pushing himself away…

“So anxious to go? I have a present prepared for you!” 

The Hachibi heard Ryo’s voice ringing in his ears from the distance, and then felt a bitter chill, finding himself already inside the Ice World!

“Is this Genjutsu? What kind of an illusion is this?” The Hachibi quickly asked B.

“No… no, this should be the real world…”

Gyuki fell to silence. All he knew what that he felt an abrupt gathering of Natural Energy around Ryo, but he did not expect him to go this far, creating such a terrifying thing!

“Hachibi, Ryo Yamanaka should have just transferred us again!”

“No, it’s not that! We’re still in the same place. The sand around us is frozen, and the desert floor could be seen through the ice on the ground!”

Hearing Gyuki, Killer B was stunned. Freezing such a large area of the desert in an instant was beyond his imagination!

At this time, Ryo who was hidden in the ice restored the Chakra he had just lost with Korin’s help.

This was a technique that took Ryo over two years to complete.

Ever since the Kyubi’s night, he had been trying to awaken Susanoo, but unfortunately, he never managed to even sense it.

Instead, because of his frequent use of his Mangekyo, he discovered a hidden function of his Ice World.

The Ice World was somewhere between Genjutsu and reality, closer to the Kamui World than it was to the Tsukuyomi.

He could store things inside this world, or even let living people come in. But what was really special, was that it could absorb his Ice from the outside world.

Whatever Ice is absorbed from there would quickly assimilated by Ice World. After being assimilated, it wouldn’t just be part of it, but it could also be sent back out.

However, even when sent back out to the outside world, this assimilated Ice would still be connected to Ice World. With these properties, Ryo could actually create an Ice World outside; trapping what couldn’t be usually trapped by the Ice World, such as the Biju. Just for differentiation sake, Ryo called the original technique Ice World, and the new one the [World of Ice].

With Korin’s help, Ryo’s Chakra was quickly recovered. By then, Gyuki had begun to try crushing the Ice around him.

However, no matter how hard he tried, the Ice would just be repaired, as it was linked to Ryo’s Spiritual Power and Korin’s Natural Energy.

As long as Ryo’s and Korin’s powers were not exhausted, the world was indestructible!

In this space filled with Ice, Ryo reigned supreme and had absolute control. Immediately, he controlled some of the Ice to form a massive fist, one that was directly aimed at the Hachibi.

In panic, Gyuki dodged it, but to his surprise, as he jumped to the left, he was met by an attack from an Ice creature that looked exactly like him!

He became a little confused for a while, while Ryo just enjoyed himself more and more, controlling the Ice into all sorts of shapes.

Being one of the strongest Biju, Gyuki put up a good fight, but the storm of Ryo’s attacks was still too much for him to take, especially with all the attacks containing Natural Energy.

Soon, the Biju’s nose became swollen, and a few minutes later, he completely lost consciousness. B left his Biju State, and he was left on his own staring at the Ice World around him.

Ryo smiled, teleporting behind B while making an Ice Pan, with which he knocked him unconscious.

Then, he pulled his Ice back into his Ice World, and then teleported with Killer B instantly to the battlefield!

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