Hokage Ryo's Path

Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 275


In the forest on the borders of the Fire Country, the battle between Konoha and the Cloud was getting intense.

Konoha’s ordinary Ninjas were losing ground, and the 3rd was getting more and more anxious, wanting to beat the Nibi as fast as possible to support his Ninjas.

Sakumo was obviously in the same position, but the Fourth Raikage was not foolish enough to let him have his way. He knew that as long as he, Yugito Nii and Killer B held their ground, the Hidden Cloud would emerge victorious!

Therefore, he and Yugito Nii were stalling as much as possible. With both being extremely fast and agile, they were doing just well enough to avoid being beat.

Whenever the 3rd would give up on fighting Matatabi to help his troops, the beast would always rush at him in time, keeping him from doing anything.

“Damn it! Sakumo, we can’t go on like this! Let’s send someone to bring Kushina from the camp!” The 3rd said.

Sakumo nodded, as now only Kushina could help them indeed!

As A and Yugito Nii heard Kushina’s name, they looked at each other awkwardly.

“Raikage sama, didn’t you say that the only Kage Tier Ninjas currently present in Konoha are Sakumo, the 3rd Hokage and Kushina the Kyubi Jinchuriki? If Kushina is still in the camp, who is B Sama fighting?” 

“I have no idea, but no matter who they are, they could never beat B. We just need to beat Konoha’s troops quickly before Kushina arrives, and we’d still win!” 

“Is that so, A? I haven’t seen you for a few years, but you’re still the same arrogant man you’ve always been!” 

Hearing this familiar voice, A’s face froze, and he slowly turned around to find Ryo carrying B!

“Ryo Yamanaka? It’s actually you! How are you here?!” The 4th Raikage face changed as he asked Ryo.

“How am I? Not great, but I could be doing better at any moment!” Smirking, Ryo placed Killer B on the ground, gathering an Ice Blade in his hand and putting it against his neck!

“You… Bastard! Can you even stand against me to actually threaten me?” 

“Stand against you? Do you think you have the strength to overcome the Hachibi in its full form? A, when have you become so arrogant?”

A’s face became more and more gloomy. Ryo beating a the complete Gyuki was feat that even he couldn’t pull off, and beating a perfect Hachibi Jinchuriki in his fully transformed state was something that even his father might’ve not been able to pull off.

“What do you want, Ryo Yamanaka?” 

“What do you think I want? Is that skull of yours empty? Or do you just not care about B’s life and you’re fooling around?” As Ryo spoke, his blade scratched B’s throat.

Immediately, A screamed: “Calm down!”

When Yugito Nii saw the expression on A’s face at this moment, she knew that the war was lost.

Although the 4th Raikage and Killer B were not blood related, the tie between the two was stronger than that of blood brothers. On top of that, Killer B was effectively the Hidden Cloud’s strongest force. With him losing to Ryo, the Cloud had already lost.

Seeing that A could not utter the words, Yugito Nii sighed and shouted to the Cloud’s troops: “Hidden Cloud, Retreat!” 

Hearing her voice, everyone turned around to Yugito Nii. When they saw Killer B on the ground unconscious with a blade on his neck, they all lost their fighting spirit.

The Hachibi was their own Biju, and no one knew his strength better than them. With B losing, they lost as well.

Sakumo here took the opportunity to say: “Stop the fighting, Konoha’s Shinobi! We’ve won!”

Konoha’s Ninjas heard Sakumo’s command and stopped attacking as well, and both sides took their wounded and went on their ways to their respective camps.

“Are you satisfied now, Ryo Yamanaka? Now, give me B!” 

“Well, of course not! Once you pay, you’ll get Killer B back. Sakumo san, I’ll hand over the rest for you!” Ryo teleported with B to Konoha.

After staring at Sakumo fiercely, A retreated with the rest of his troops.

Back in Konoha’s camp, Ryo called Kushina.

Together with her, they re-sealed Gyuki, preventing B from utilizing his power.

Initially, Kushina also wanted to seal B’s Chakra, but Ryo stopped her.

The fact is, Ryo was still a big fan of the Manga’s B. Moreover, with the latter having no access to his Biju’s Chakra, he couldn’t possibly afford to make trouble.

A few hours later, Sakumo and the 3rd led their triumphant army of Konoha’s Ninja, and everyone had a night full of joy!

The next day, the Hidden Cloud sent an ambassador to negotiate with Konoha.

Over the course of the next few days, Ryo and Killer B talked things out, getting along very well. Soon, they became good friends.

After negotiating, Konoha and the Hidden Cloud reached a consensus and signed a peace treaty. Killer B then reluctantly bid farewell to Ryo.

Before leaving, he invited the latter to go to the Hidden Cloud to find him. Ryo did not hesitate and promised him to do so, saying that he would definitely visit him in the future. With that, Killer B left with peace of mind.

Just as Konoha’s troops were ready to evacuate their camp, Sakumo received information from the Hidden Sand!

While Konoha were in battle against the Cloud, Onoki also wanted to have a slice of the pie, leading his troops to directly attack the village!

All of this was noticed by The Sand, and against the common oppinion in her village, Pakura led her village’s Shinobi to intercept the Hidden Rock. Obviously, Rasa was practically forced to join her.

The two sides fought in the desert for several days and were still in a deadlock.

Sakumo quickly held a meeting about a matter, in which Ryo immediately volunteered to go, as soon as he heard Pakura’s name.

Sakumo felt that Ryo’s eagerness was rather strange. Ryo would usually act calmly facing such situations, never being eager to act unless absolutely needed. What was different this time? 

However, no matter what the case was, what Ryo suggested was definitely the best option. Both Sakumo and the 3rd agreed that he was the most optimal support for the Sand.

Ryo immediately prepared a platoon of 1,000 of Konoha’s Shinobi, supplementing their ranks with his personal medical team to support the Sand.

However, the troops were to be too slow. Ryo decided to hand the command over the platoon to Uchiha Maan, while he teleported directly to Pakura.

At this time, the latter was with Rasa in the main tent, discussing their next move. Ryo suddenly appeared, startling the Kazekage. As for Pakura, she had grown used to Ryo’s ghost appearances.

Seeing Rasa on Pakura’s side, Ryo said with a serious face: “Kazekage Sama, I’m here on behalf of Konoha to thank the Hidden Sand. We have dealt with the Hidden Cloud already, and the Hokage had sent me to help you deal with the Hidden Rock.”

As soon as Rasa heard that, a big smile showed on his face. Ryo’s words showed well that Konoha appreciated their gesture, which was to be beneficial for the Hidden Sand.

“There’s no need for thanks; we are allies and we are supposed to help each other. I just want to know how many men were sent with you.” 

“A thousand, Chunin and above, and my own medical team!” 

Rasa was overjoyed, never expecting Konoha to go so big with their support: “That’s great! During the past few days, we’ve had too many injuries on the battlefield, so the medical team is coming right on time!”

Here, Ryo scratched his head in embarrassment: “Well, about that, Kazekage sama, I directly teleported here as ordered by the Hokage, and the medical team is still behind.”

Hearing that, Rasa’s joy faded from his face, and he left the tent!

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