Hokage Ryo's Path

Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 276


With the unwanted man leaving the tent, Ryo smiled and walked to Pakura, embracing her tightly. She did not struggle at all; just her face was blank!

After the two kissed, they both returned to ‘business’: “Pakura, who’s the leader of the Rock’s camp right now?”

“Who else? It’s Onoki. But the old man is really strong! Just yesterday, Rasa fought him and lost, very badly!” 

“Haha. Well, I know you might not want to hear this, but Rasa is the weakest of all the Kage. Onoki however, after the death of the 3rd Raikage, is probably the strongest of the 3rd Generation Kages. It’s obvious that he would win that matchup!” 

Pakura was somewhat shocked; she had always thought that Hiruzen was the strongest of the 3rd Generation Kages

Ryo saw her face and understood her thoughts, so he added explaining: “If the 3rd Hokage was 10 years younger, it would be a draw between him and Onoki. But now, the strongest is definitely the latter.” 

“Ten years younger? The 3rd Hokage had gotten that much weaker because of age?” 

“Well, he’s not just old physically; his heart is old!” Ryo remembered what the 3rd had to endure in recent years, and he sighed in sympathy; “Well, Pakura, let’s not waste time comparing old geezers; let’s…” 

“Pakura sama! Paku… cough! Pakura Sama, what are you…?” Just as Ryo moved his hand naughtily around Pakura, a Sand Ninja suddenly broke in!

Pakura’s face turned red, and she immediately pushed Ryo away: “Speak up! What brings you here?” 

“Well, Pakura sama, Onoki has led his troops to attack again, and Yondaime sama has asked for you!” The ninja wiped the surprise off his face, answering respectfully.

“Okay, I’m coming right away! About what you just…” 

“He saw nothing, Pakura, you don’t have to worry!” As he finished his words, Ryo activated his Mangekyo, and the Ninja who delivered the message looked confused, and then he just left.

Pakura opened her mouth, but then said nothing. In the end, she just sighed.

“Well, let’s go!” 


Ryo and Pakura went out of the tent, finding that the Sand troops all gathered in the middle of the camp, waiting for their consultant.

When she arrived, Rasa ordered the troops to go to the front line, and then said to Pakura and Ryo: “We just received intel about Onoki bringing the Gobi’s Jinchuriki into this battle to take us in one fell swoop. We have no one here that can deal with the Gobi. Ryo Yamanaka, can you help us contain it?” 

“Yes absolutely! Just leave him to me!” Ryo happily agreed.

Hearing Ryo, Rasa felt relieved.

A few minutes later, the two forces met midway between the camps. Immediately, Ninjas of both sides directly collided, while Onoki floated in mid air to locate Rasa and Pakura.

“Kazekage sama, that old man Onoki is looking for you!” Ryo pointed to the sky.

Upon seeing Onoki in midair, Rasa was already red-eyed, gathering gold under his feet to suspend himself in midair.

“That’s possible?!” Ryo’s eyes shined bright upon seeing what Rasa did. If gold could help one fly, why wouldn’t Ice?!

He was about to try it out, when suddenly, from the middle of the battlefield, he could sense the powerful Chakra of a Biju suddenly surging!

“The Gobi is actually here! Korin, are you interested in playing with him this time?” Ryo asked Korin who was in his large bag pack!

“Nah not interested; that Gobi is too weak! If it was the complete Kurama, I might have considered it.”Korin answered lazily.

“You know, if you keep being this inactive, you’ll sooner or later get fat!” 

“Then I’ll be fat!” Korin did not let Ryo’s provocation get to her.

Ryo sighed helplessly, and then took her out of the backpack handing her over to Pakura: “Well, since you’re not willing to deal with the Gobi, then I’ll be leaving you with the task of protecting Pakura!

“Okay okay!” Korin did not give much attention to Ryo’s words, just moving around to find a comfortable position in Pakura’s arms to continue sleeping.

“Pakura, I’ll be back before you know it!” Ryo’s voice just fell, and he disappeared.

By the time Ryo reached him, Han was in perfect Jinchuriki mode, raging in the crowd. 

The air around the desert is relatively dry, and Ryo should not be able to gather enough water from it to make anything substantial. To use his Ice, he had to use Water Release.

Biju are extremely sensitive to Natural Energy Fluctuations. When Ryo used his Korin’s Energy to make water for his Ice, he was immediately discovered by the Gobi!

Both the beast and Han were extremely shocked to see him. With Konoha in war against the Hidden Cloud, why would Ryo Yamanaka be here? Still having his doubts, Han just decided to condense a Biju Dama and attack!

Seeing the incoming Biju Dama, the Sand Ninjas panicked and fled, but deep down in their hearts, they knew they couldn’t possibly outrun the attack…

Being that this was an allied village… and most importantly, the village of his girlfriend, Ryo did not hesitate to use his Teleportation Barrier Technique to send the Biju Dama away.

“Space-Time Ninjutsu! After Minato Namikaze, there are still people who could transfer an actual Biju Dama!” The Gobi looked shocked and worried, not expecting Ryo’s mastery of the Space-Time Ninjutsu to have reached such a strong level.

“Kokuo, I know you’ve missed me, but you don’t have to be so enthusiastic! Welcoming me directly with a Biju Dama?”

“Yeah! You cut my tail the last time we met! You thought I’d forget so soon?” 

Ryo’s face became red, and thinking back of what he did to create Korin and help her grow, he know that he did every Biju besides Kurama wrong.

“Ryo Yamanaka, what brings you here? Shouldn’t you be dealing with the Hidden Cloud on the borders of your country?” Instead of the Gobi’s, Ryo heard a rough male voice.

“It seems that you’re not up to date in the Hidden Rock. We’ve dealt with the Cloud a long time ago!” The matter was no secret, and Ryo directly told Han!” 

“What! That’s impossible! We’ve coordinated with the Cloud…. THOSE BASTARDS! Did they want us to take a loss as well?!” 

Ryo felt that Han’s words were not coherent, but it seemed like the Rock and the Cloud were not acting on their own after all, and that there was some sort of deal between them!

However, this was not important. The most important thing now was to deal with the Gobi as fast as possible.

At this thought, Ryo transformed the Ice Around him into an Ice Dragon, and then controlled it to fly towards the Gobi!

The two beasts collided, and Ryo immediately smiled.

As the two were “wrestling”, the Ice Dragon was getting smaller and smaller! However, the flow of the Gobi’s Chakra was getting slower, as if it was being frozen.

By the time the Biju realized that there was something wrong and wanted to get out of the entanglement, it was too late!

If it was to avoid making contact with the Ice Dragon, its Chakra wouldn’t be frozen, but the Gobi chose to attack with confidence, and now, it couldn’t even move fast enough to flee!

As the Ice Dragon continued to get smaller, the Biju’s movements continued to get slower. By the time the Ice Dragon disappeared, Kokuo completely froze in place.

Ryo teleported to the beast patting its head, smiling and saying: “I did cut your tail before. For that, I’m sorry. This time, I will spare your life, and with that, we will be even!”

After saying that, Ryo teleported with the Gobi to the borders of the Earth Country, and then turned around and left….

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