Hokage Ryo's Path

Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 284


Unconsciously, Ryo and Minato spent over a year practicing at Mount Myobuku.

Over the course of that period, Minato regained over half of his normal levels of Chakra, and his physical fitness was improved greatly.

On top of that, Ryo’s and Korin’s efforts helped his fresh body adapt to Natural Energy. Now, he could enter Sage Mode much faster than before, and when he did, he was also substantially stronger, with the mode lasting much longer.

At this point, Ryo’s purpose was reached, and the rest was up to Minato himself.

Therefore, after bidding farewell to him, Fukasaku and Shima, Ryo left Mount Myoboku, returning straight to Konoha.

It was noon, and Chinse was putting lunch on the table. All of a sudden, her son appeared in the room.

Chinse was well used to Ryo’s appearance out of nowhere. However, she hadn’t seen him in over a year, and she was extremely happy to see him come back!

Halfway through the meal, Ryo still didn’t see lain. He obviously saw that Chinse had put food for two on the table before he arrived, so he asked: “Mom, why isn’t Lain here?” 

“Lain is at the Nara clan. Earlier, she was notified of an urgent meeting held by the alliance to discuss the recent events.”

“Urgent? What happened?” 

“Didn’t you pay attention in the village? Now, both the Uchiha at the entrance of the village or the Anbu doing patrols should be very anxious.”

“Cough, that…” Ryo’s face red and was embarrassed.

Ever since he learned the Teleportation Barrier Technique from Minato, he very rarely entered Konoha from its gate, so he had no idea about what was going outside his own house.

Chinse saw the look on her son’s face, and it was only then that she understood. To lift the confusion, she immediately said: “I heard Inoichi saying that Sakumo san was attacked by three of the Uchiha a while ago.”

‘What? Why would the Uchiha do such a thing?!’ Ryo almost screamed inside.

“Mom, I’m sorry, but I have to leave!” After Ryo place his tableware on the table, he teleported to the Hokage’s office.

A few minutes earlier, at the office, Sakumo was holding a high level meeting, and the atmosphere was extremely tense.

“Hokage sama, I think this should not be dragged down. I suggest that the Anbu should be immediately sent to closely monitor the Uchiha.” Koharu said seriously.

“Koharu, we cannot confirm that this was done willingly by the Uchiha. Perhaps someone used Genjutsu on …”

The 3rd hadn’t finished his words yet, when he was interrupted by Hiashi Hyuga: “That’s impossible, Sandaime. When the incident took place, I was present, and the Uchiha’s Chakra was completely normal. This was definitely not Genjutsu.”

“Hiruzen, now things are clear! You should stop trying to protect the Uchiha!” Homura made his position clear.

Despite Hiashi’s words, the 3rd still couldn’t believe that the Uchiha would do such a thing.

This wasn’t because he trusted the Uchiha, but because for so many years, they’ve been very wise in their actions. This was self-destruction, something that they would never do.

While the Uchiha always had their own thoughts, they had only ever tried to reach a higher status in the village. Things were never at the point where they would try to directly assassinate the Hokage, which would certainly trigger an all out civil war in Konoha. This was obviously the doing of another party.

“Homura, I still insist on my opinion. The Uchiha would never do such a thing, and there must be something wrong with these three members of the clan.” The 3rd firmly stuck to his thoughts.

Hearing the 3rd, Sakumo who had been silent finally spoke out: “I think what the Sandaime is saying is very reasonable; I don’t believe the Uchiha would be stupid enough to send people to stab me in daytime!” 

When hearing Sakumo’s words, everyone but the 3rd looked a little embarrassed, all knowing deep inside that the Uchiha indeed didn’t have anything to do with this.

Regardless of how “good” or “evil” the clan was, what the 3rd and Sakumo were saying was absolutely reasonable.

But did this matter? Some people present here had no interest in the truth. They wanted to take this opportunity to suppress and even directly eliminate the clan.

If Konoha was to be compared to a modern Country from Ryo’s original world, most Ninjas would represent the military power, the Kage and the elders would represent the political power, and the Uchiha would be closest to the judicial power. 

The ones who were securing Konoha internally were obviously the Uchiha, and while many parties were not satisfied with that, no other family in Konoha would step in to take over the security department.

As most of the elders of the village were following the policies left by the 2nd Hokage, they had always been wary of the Uchiha.

Therefore, the younger disciples of the 2nd Hokage, Koharu, Homura and Danzo behind the scenes wanted to get them replaced by any means.

Now was the perfect opportunity for that, and they had to make their move! What’s the truth worth to them before their own ideals? 

“Hokage sama, since you think the Uchiha might be innocent, then let the Anbu intervene in the investigation. You’ll prove the Uchiha’s innocence if that’s indeed the case, and you’ll also give us peace of mind!” Homura suggested.

“Yes! This matter cannot be left to the police department on their own. We all know they are all Uchiha, so there’s a conflict of interests flawing this investigation as it is!” Koharu added.

Sakumo frowned. Sending in the Anbu, whether it is for the surveillance of the Uchiha or to “assist” them with the investigation, would directly indicate the village’s lack of trust in the clan.

Once the Uchiha get this information, they would certainly be dissatisfied with village’s attitude. 

This crime was certainly not the doing of the Uchiha, at least not as a clan. If they are assumed as suspects despite this being so clear, they would rightfully lose all trust in the village.

That must not happen, both Sakumo and the 3rd thought, for otherwise the Uchiha could very likely go against the village.

“Hokage sama, have you not made your mind yet?” 

The 3rd and Sakumo sighed, and they could not say anything.

“Give the matter to me! How about that, councilors?” Just as the two were in a dilemma, Ryo popped up in the office!

“Ryo Yamanaka! How are you here right now?! Weren’t you…” Homura’s face changed greatly upon seeing Ryo!

“Oh? It seems like some people don’t feel good about my return! Well, I should do something about that!” Ryo said in a serious tone.

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