Hokage Ryo's Path

Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 285


Homura seemed to be disturbed and confused by Ryo’s appearance. Therefore, Koharu stopped waiting for him to answer and took the initiative saying: “No, I don’t agree!”

“You don’t? Why would that be, Koharu san?” Ryo turned around and looked at her.

“It’s very simple: You have the blood of the Uchiha, and there’s no guarantee that you wouldn’t just cover for them!”

“Anyone else in the room thinks the same?” Ryo looked around the conference room. 

The moment his eyes landed on Hiashi, the latter hurriedly answered: “No! We have always trusted in you Ryo sama! This is a big matter related to the village’s security, and we are sure that you will stick to your principles with the investigation!” 

“Yes! The Sarutobi clan also believed in you Ryo sama!” The head of the Sarutobi clan also got up.

Two major clans took the lead. The other clans, while unwilling, could only bow their heads and agree to let Ryo handle the investigation.

“You…” Koharu looked around her flustered, for she never thought that the clans in the room would actually give up on their interests so easily.

“Sandaime, what do you think?” Ryo did not pay attention to Koharu, and asked Hiruzen about his opinion.” 

“I also agree that this should be left to Ryo.” The 3rd did not want to have conflicts between the Uchiha and the rest of Konoha. Obviously, Ryo’s appearance came right in time for him, and his intervention in the matter was ideal.

“It seems like only the two councilors disagree. While I’m sure we all appreciate their concern, the majority rules here. This matter will be left to Ryo!” Sakumo smiled and said his verdict.

“I hope you won’t regret this, Hokage sama!” After saying that, Homura left the room.

With him out, Koharu had no reason to stay either, and she immediately left.

After that, Sakumo chatted with the clan heads about other issues for a while, before he announced the meeting over.

After everyone else left, Sakumo was left alone with Ryo.

“I didn’t expect that everyone would join forces to target the Uchiha. But fortunately, you’re back. Otherwise, I don’t know how I would have been able to solve the issue.” Sakumo said with relief.

“Most of the people present are either looking for the demise of the Uchiha or could benefit from it. It’s not surprising what they tried to do.” 

“That is true! Well, that’s behind us now. This is the information we have on the three Uchiha who tried to assassinate me; check it out!” Saying that, Sakumo handed three scrolls to Ryo.

After a quick glimpse at each of them, Ryo said: “These three should pose no threat to you, nor should they be hard to control. They’re just ordinary Chunins. Genjutsu?” 

“I thought it would be that, but I think it shouldn’t be the case. Hiashi was there, and while he only focused on one of the three, the kid’s Chakra didn’t show any abnormalities at all. I’m guessing it’s the same for the other two.” 

“They are not under Genjutsu, but are probably controlled…” Ryo immediately thought of Black Zetsu.

Black Zetsu could easily attach itself to a person and manipulate their actions. Still, nothing in the information pointed at anything else that would indicate his presence.

“Sakumo san, I have some ideas. Give me some time, and I’ll get to the bottom of it.” 

“Don’t worry. With the families stabilized, you can take all the time you want.”

Far from the office, at Danzo’s place, Homura and Koharu came to visit.

The latter had never forgiven her two friends who used Kagami’s eyes to bargain with Orochimaru, but when it came to taking down the Uchiha, she could only cooperate with the two.

Homura quickly explained what happened at the meeting to Danzo. When the latter heard of Ryo’s sudden return, his face turned gloomy.

“So this matter will be investigated by Ryo Yamanaka?”

“Well, all the families agreed, and we have no choice.” Homura said helplessly.

“Since that’s the case, we’ll just have to find another way!” Danzo frowned.

“This was a perfect opportunity to take down the Uchiha. Are we just going to miss it?” Koharu looked dissatisfied with Danzo’s words.

“Of course I won’t let this chance be wasted. Koharu, I’m guessing that the information about the assassination was classified by Sakumo, no? But I think all villagers are part of Konoha, and they have the right to know!”

“But if the news gets to the villagers, Sakumo should immediately think that we are behind this!” Homura remembered what happened last time when the information about Naruto was spread, and he interfered quickly.

“I know; I didn’t say it is to be announced now! We still need to wait for an opportunity. Whenever Sakumo is distracted, we’ll make our move!”

“How would that be?” Homura frowned.

“There are many ways. Perhaps, an Uchiha could be killed by an ordinary villager, or the Uchiha would have a conflict with the one investigating them… Ryo Yamanaka!”

“It seems like you already have some plans in mind, Danzo. I guess I’ll just leave this to you two!” Koharu stood up and left the place.

With her out, Danzo continued to discuss the matter with Homura.

The ex-leader of Root had his group disbanded, his arm cut by Ryo, and his Chakra sealed by the 3rd. Now, he was just a powerless mind, acting purely through Homura.

After some deliberation, the two decided to start from the villagers. Now, Ryo was too strong for any clan in the village to face, and it was ideal for him to be the one having a conflict with the Uchiha.

However, that same strength, along with his usual caution, made it extremely difficult to get to that step. The villagers on the other hand should be much easier to turn on the Uchiha.

Most people in the village were not on good term with the clan already because of the old rumors about their involvement with the Kyubi’s attack. If the Uchiha didn’t chose to back down voluntarily back then, the bloodbath that was to take place would’ve been unimaginable.

Now, with the Hokage substitute’s assassination attempt, the Uchiha should naturally want to solve this matter as quickly as possible and prove their innocence.

If some hot headed villagers were to be agitated, they would soon begin to hinder the Uchiha’s investigation. Then the clan would go with their usual practice of arresting such people directly.

This should be enough for a small conflict to arise, which would get Sakumo mediating to solve the problem. When that happen, it would form the perfect opportunity to spread the news about the assassination attempt. 

This should get the villagers to admire Sakumo further more! How good is this man, mediating between the villagers and the villains who tried to kill him!

Like a snowball, the villager’s dissatisfaction with the Uchiha should then continue to grow.

In that case it would be natural for physical conflict to begin occurring, which would give the Uchiha one of two options: Either completely give up their dignity, and go soft with the villagers, or resist and rebel against Konoha…

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