Hokage Ryo's Path

Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 288


=After returning from the Hidden Mist, Ryo went straight to Kushina’s place, asking her about the seal in Obito’s mind.

“A seal on memories?” Hearing Ryo’s description, Kushina left her chores and began to think.

After a while, she said: “The Uzumaki clan only has two memory seals. They are incredibly taxing, requiring so much Spiritual Power, and they are very rarely used.” 

“Can Dojutsu power replace Spiritual Power with these two seals?” Ryo asked.

“Not with both! If Dojutsu power was used to perform the seal, this means that it could only be….” Kushina told Ryo all he needs to know about the seal.

Even with this knowledge, Ryo needed to use power that’s superior to that of the one using the seal in order to crack it. For now, Ryo had no way to lift the seal left by Madara.

After leaving Kushina’s place, Ryo whispered to himself: “It seems like my hands are tied until I manage to release Obito from this seal!” 

On the other side of the village, the Police Department was working very fast. Under Fugaku’s command, they reached the conclusion that the assassination attempt wasn’t something that any of their own wanted.

Now Fugaku could be sure that this incident was nothing but someone’s attempt to frame his clan. 

He immediately told Katachi of his findings, and after the latter gave the matter some thought, he said: “Fugaku, let some of our people carefully investigate the matter. Be careful though; we must not get in a conflict with the village!” 

“I know!” After Fugaku said that, he turned around and left.

The next day, the atmosphere in Konoha suddenly became tense, as the Uchiha began to spy all over the village.

While they were careful, their movement was in no way small. Still, they kept careful, and no conflicts arose with the villagers.

Danzo’s trio could notice what was happening, and the three met at Koharu’s place: “I didn’t expect the Uchiha to be able to remain rational after becoming sure that they were framed.” Homura said. 

“This response from the Uchiha does not conform to their usual style. Could it be that they really were behind the assassination attempt?” Koharu could only become suspicious.

Danzo shook his head and said: “That’s impossible. The Kyubi’s Night’s impact was not small on their clan. Unless they want to self-destruct, they would not try to assassinate the Hokage’s Substitute.”

“Danzo is right. Right now, they should be as cautious as ever. That move would do them no good. The Uchiha are hateful, but not stupid!” 

“It seems like they’re not all that reckless. Homura, whatever men you have awaiting a chance to cause conflict, pull them back. If the Uchiha continue like this, and we cause trouble, we will be found out with ease. I fear that they might even put the crime of trying to assassinate Sakumo on us!” After saying that, Danzo left Koharu’s place.

Homura sighed helplessly, and said goodbye to Koharu before leaving.

At the same time, at the Hokage’s office, Ryo and Sakumo were also discussing their next move.

“The Uchiha have already conducted a sincere investigation, and they should have already ruled out the possibility that it was one of their own behind this. We no longer need to interfere.” said Sakumo.

“I agree. Just the Uchiha’s attitude about the whole deal explained everything. It’s better to end this issue as soon as possible so that it wouldn’t be used by anyone.” 

Just as Ryo finished his word, an Anbu suddenly appeared: “Hokage sama, Homura dono’s men have retreated.” 

“Great, I guessed that they would! You do the same now!” 

“Yes, Hokage sama!”

After the Anbu left, Ryo smiled saying: “It seems like Danzo and his fellows are giving up. The Uchiha have acted very cleverly this time!”

“Yes, I bet they didn’t expect them to remain calm!” 

“Alright then, I’ll leave the rest for you, Sakumo san!” 

“Leaving Konoha again?” Sakumo frowned, asking with dissatisfaction. 

“It won’t be for too long this time. I’m just going to find Tsunade hime, and then come back soon after that!” After finishing his words, Ryo disappeared.

“This little brat, I didn’t even give him my approval yet!” Sakumo laughed out loud.

In this way, after a bit over a month, the matter of the assassination attempt was gradually forgotten by all clans, and Konoha recovered its calm.

At the same time, Ryo was out of Konoha with Lain.

“Oni san, we’re not leaving Konoha without permission, are we? I have tasks, and you just teleported out with me without even a warning! You’re being bad Oni san!” Lain reminded Ryo cautiously.

Unlike her brother, Lain was “good” law abiding Ninja. At the very least, she knew she couldn’t just leave the village without permission.

Ryo smiled and said: “Don’t worry, I’ve notified Sakumo san!”

Hearing her brother’s words, Lain was relieved and quietly followed him.

In the past few years, Ryo hadn’t paid much attention to his sister’s growth for obvious reasons.

Today, with her along his side, he found that she had no less Chakra than himself!

“Lain, what new Wood Release Jutsus have you learned recently?”

“I’ve learned the Wood Dragon Jutsu. I’m now working on the Wood Human Jutsu, but no matter how hard I practice, I can’t seem to pull it off!” Lain sounded a bit embarrassed about the matter.

Ryo however was rather surprised, not expecting his sister to have gone so far in her training.

With this, she should be stronger for her age than Hashirama himself!

This was incredible, and it made Ryo extremely happy. After all, she was in a way his student.

Moreover, after so many years of getting along, Ryo had long regarded Lain as his sister, to a point where their relationship was no different from that of close blood siblings. His sister getting so strong would obviously make him very happy.

“Oni san, are interested in seeing the Wood Dragon?” 

As soon as he heard that, Ryo became very interested. The two stopped, and Lain used her hand seal, releasing a Wood Dragon just like that of Hashirama from the Manga.

Ryo had always wanted to see this technique with his very eyes. After observing it for a while, he condensed the surrounding moister into his own Ice Dragon.

Without delay, Lain controlled her own dragon to attack her brother’s. This Jutsu was powerful enough to suppress a Biju in the Manga, and it had no problem dealing with Ryo’s Ice Dragon.

The energy within the Ice Dragon was absorbed by its wooden counterpart rather quickly, which made it melt instantly and turn into a pool of water.

“Great job, Lain!” Ryo patted his sister’s head as he praised her.

The latter smiled with some embarrassment, and then the two continued their way to Rin, who was already within Ryo’s perception’s scope.

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