Hokage Ryo's Path

Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 289


In a small town on the Fire Country’s borders, Tsunade was sitting at a table, staring at the dealer’s hand for a long time, before finally pushing all the remaining chips by her side into the middle of the table.

Everyone else saw that and their eyes went bright, eagerly pushing their chips in as well, only to make the opposite bet.

The result was self-evident, and Tsunade lost another round.

“Shizune, take the money out! I want to regain my money!” 

“No, Tsunade sama! Rin has earned us that money to be able to eat and stay in the motel! I can’t give you that!” Shizune was exceptionally determined this time.

“Trust me, Shizune, I can win our money back!” 

Shizune was about to answer, when Rin patted her shoulder, stopping her, and giving the money to Tsunade.

“Great, Rin! Just wait for me to turn this over; go to some restaurant with Shizune and indulge in a big meal!” 

“Rin, you’re too soft with Tsunade sama! With how things are going, you’ll have to get back to work soon to get that money back!” Shizune was somewhat dissatisfied.

“It doesn’t matter. If the money is lost, it can be earned again, and Sensei can remain happy!” 

Shizune couldn’t argue with Rin, and Tsunade was about to made a bet again when suddenly, she stood up and took the two out of the casino.

“What’s up, Tsunade sama?” 

“Nothing! I suddenly didn’t feel like gambling anymore. Let’s just use this money and have a nice big meal!” 

“Tsunade sama! Please ask Rin; it’s HER money!” 

“Oh is it? Don’t worry about such details; it’s time to eat now!” Saying that, Tsunade walked into a big hotel.

When full of food and wine, Tsunade looked at Rin who was about to pay the bill and showed a smile. For so many years now, she had been most fortunate to have the young girl by her side.

She was absolutely sure, while she did goof up from time to time, Rin still respected her greatly.

Shizune and Rin also were getting along very well. In fact, Shizune’s life had been changed with her arrival.

Before, when along with Tsunade, the latter often lost all the two had, and they even had to sleep on the street far too many times.

However, ever since Rin joined in, she always took the time to go out and make money. While Tsunade would still love, the extra income was often enough to give the three food and a roof over their heads.

Just as Rin paid the bill and went to pick up another bottle of wine for Tsunade, Ryo and Lain suddenly popped up next to her!

She was shocked by the two’s appearance, and Tsunade who saw two people appearing out of nowhere next to her disciple also rushed to Rin side, pushing her behind her back.

“Oh, you’re being so cold Rin! It’s me!” Ryo smiled.

“Are you… Ryo?” Ryo had greatly changed over the course of the past few years in both looks and voice. Rin was not sure of his identity.

Ryo laughed, controlling the Ice Scalpel in Rin’s bag to fly slowly to him.

Watching that, Rin confirmed that this was indeed Ryo Yamanaka.

“Sensei, it’s Ryo Yamanaka! You don’t have to worry about me.” Tsunade had also relaxed her vigilance by now.

“Hello, Tsuande hime!” 

Tsunade nodded, took the bottle wine off the counter and got back to her table.

“Ryo, I haven’t seen you in so long! How have you been doing all these years?”

“I’ve been doing good! Right, let me introduce you: This is my sister, Lain Yamanaka!” After Ryo finished his words, Rin looked at Lain.

“Rin Ne san, hello!” Lain smiled.

“Well, hello, hello!” Rin answered, feeling it was bizarre that Ryo had a sister.

Then, Rin and Ryo chatted for a while, before she finally asked him about the Kyubi’s Night.

On that night, Rin, Shizune and Tsunade were all out of the Fire Country. The news about that night only reached them several months later.

Rin was extremely saddened after learning that Minato had passed away.

Seeing Ryo now, she could only remember her Sensei. Ryo noticed the sad look on her face, and after some hesitation, he told her that Minato had been resurrected!

“What?!!! How is that true… or even possible?” The news was too shocking for Rin, and she couldn’t take it for a while.

“Of course it’s true. Now, Ni-san is recovering in Mount Myoboku!” 

It was only after staring hard at Ryo’s serious expression that Rin could believe his words.

“Rin, this matter must be kept a secret. Don’t tell anyone, not even Tsunade hime.”

“I understand.” Being a formidable medical Ninja herself, Rin knew very well what it meant to have a revival technique. She would certainly not talk about it.

After chatting some more, Ryo went to Tsunade table with Lain.

Without giving him time to say anything, Tsunade took the initiative: “Kid, speak up! I can see Rin’s face, so as long as this is not too much trouble, I am willing to help you!” 

Ryo looked back at Rin in disbelief. She looked happy to learn of her Sensei’s revival, which Ryo understood, but he never thought that she would be so valued by Tsunade in just a few years!

“I can only thank you for being so gracious, Tsunade hime! I have one thing to show you, and another to ask you. Let’s start by the first thing: Lain, show you Wood Release to Tsunade hime!”

Without saying a word, Lain extended her hand, and a small sapling slowly grew out of it.

Tsunade was completely stunned, and it took her quite a while to get back to her senses…

She then grabbed Lain’s hand and began to inspect her Chakra, only for her face to show more awe.

“Is this the work of Orochimaru?” Tsunade’s voice was very dull, and she seemed very bothered.

“Not just him; I’ve also helped!” Ryo smiled.

“How did you do it? I know my grandpa’s cell’s more than anyone! Anyone, let alone a child, should be overwhelmed by his cells instantly!”

“Well…” Ryo explained to Tsunade how Lain was given this power.

“I never expected that this could be done! Lain, isn’t it? The blood of my grandfather is flowing through your veins, the purest blood of the Senju.” Tsunade looked at Lain, and she seemed to be more affectionate than before, perhaps thinking back of Hashirama.

Using his cells to do experiments did indeed make her extremely angry. However, nowadays, the Senju clan was no more for many reasons, and she was left on her own. What’s wrong with having a memento from her grandfather in Lain?

“Now I’ve told you of Lain’s story, so on the thing I was hoping you could help me with. I want to go to the Shikkotsu Forest and meet the great elder slug!”

Tsunade frowned, not expecting such a request: “Why do you want to do that?” 

Ryo said nothing, just standing in silence.

“Forget it; you don’t want to speak and I’m too lazy to ask again. As I said before, you made Rin look so happy; I will help you. I can get you to the forest; as for seeing the Great Elder Slug, I cannot guarantee that!”

“Thank you, Tsunade him!” Ryo said very respectfully.

The lot left the hotel and went into the woods. When arriving at a spacious spot, Tsunade summoned Katsuyu.

After explaining the situation to her, Katsuyu disappeared. When she was summoned once again by Tsunade, she said: “The Great Sage Slug is willing to see you!”

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