Hokage Ryo's Path

Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 290


The big three unexplored sage regions are all areas inhabited by summoned beasts that are very familiar with the use of Senjutsu. After the great elder Slug agreed to meet Ryo, Tsunade took out a scroll and put Ryo at its center

Having so much experience with the Teleportation Barrier technique, Ryo was extremely sensitive to spatial fluctuations. With only one of his feet set on the scroll, he immediately determined the position it was going to lead him to.

“Please close your eyes!” Katsuyu said.

After Ryo closed his eyes, Katsuyu injected the scroll with some its Chakra, and the two began to spin round and round. When Ryo opened his eyes, a massive creature was in front of him.

Ryo looked up, and then upward some more, and more, until he finally could grace his eyes with the full shape of the massive creature before his eyes. This was a Slug a hundred meters in height, and several times that in length.

Ryo did anticipate that he was going to see a big Slug when he arrives, but never did he think she would be that big!

During the Fourth Shinobi World War in the Manga, both Sakura and Tsuande summoned parts of the Katsuyu’s body in the forme of Katsuyu.

The Ninja alliance had 80,000 Ninjas. While many fell on the battlefield, half these soldiers made it to face the Juubi.

Just portions of Katsuyu’s true body could provide 40,000 ninjas with assistance. Obviously, slugs were definitely massive, but Ryo could only appreciate its immensity when seeing the Great Elder Slug.

Before Ryo could step back, Korin poked her head out of his back saying carefully: “Ryo, this one’s power is close to the Juubi’s!” 

Ryo was stunned; he never thought that the slug was actually that strong!

“I don’t have nearly as much power as the Juubi. At best, I have stores of Natural Energy that’s close to his.” Hearing Korin, the great elder slug corrected her.

She had the same tone as Katsuya around Tsunade, but because of its size, its volume was actually almost deafening, going into Ryo’s ears like rambling thunder.

(T/N: My understanding is that Katsuya is separated out of the great elder Slug, but the latter has a separate consciousness. This is what I understand from the author’s writings about the matter, but the matter is a bit blurry, and even in the community there are many theories about it.)

When he heard her voice, Ryo realized that he had been too rude and sighed.

“Hello Great Elder Slug! I’m Ryo Yamanaka!” Ryo quickly fixed his mistake.

“Don’t worry; Tsunade already told me all. Say what you have to say directly!”

Ryo didn’t expect she would say that, but he took the chance saying: “Alright, then, Great Elder Slug, I want to know about Kaguya!”

“Kaguya, how do you know of her?” She obviously didn’t expect Ryo to ask such as question.

“The Rikudo Sennin had left a slate to the Uchiha Clan…” Once again, Ryo used the pretext of the Naka Shrine’s slate.

The Great Elder Slug had no reasons to doubt Ryo, for she also had known of a slate left by Hagoromo.

“Hogoromo sama could indeed have written about Kaguya. But since you have seen the slate, there mustn’t be much that you don’t already understand, why should you ask me?”

“Well, I know of the relationship between the Rikudo Sennin and his mother. What I want to know is her origin; where she came from!”

“Is that so? It seems like you’ve already met Gamamaru, and he told you to come to me!” Knowing that Ryo was a Mount Myoboku contractor, the Great Elder Slug made her guess; “Since he asked you to come to me, young Gamamaru must have seen a glimpse of your future. You should be becoming important in coming days, so I guess I don’t mind to tell you!” 

Hearing those words, Ryo became a little excited…

“Thing started with the Otsutsuki clan…” Listening to her, Ryo learned all about the origin of Kaguya. (T/N: The following might contain things that go against what you know from Boruto, but this novel had been written independently from that manga. I would not recognize such differences as I haven’t watched Boruto anyway ^^)

According to her, the Otsutsuki clan is actually more of a race, a race from outside this world. Everyone in this clan was super powerful compared to humans. While Kaguya was a princess of this race, she was actually rather weak in comparison to most of them.

In order to get more powerful, she chose to leave her world and go around other worlds in search for the fruit of the God Tree.

She went to many planets, and found nothing, until she finally stumbled on what she sought on Earth.

At that time, the god tree did not bear the Chakra Fruit yet, and Kaguya was weakened by her many transfers, and she was in desperate need for power. 

She fell unable to move, but she was rescued by a man, a human.

Peculiarly, Kaguya fell for this man who had saved her life, and even though of giving up on her initial pursuit as she was by his side.

It was a shame that this man ended up hurting her. In the end, she still took the Chakra Fruit and used Infinite Tsukuyomi to enslave most of the planet.

After listening to this, Ryo went on to ask: “Great Elder Slug, do you know where the Otsutsuki clan are based in the universe?” 

“That’s not very clear to me, but this clan had once left a mark in this world. It’s through that mark that they could come here.”

“So this mark is…”

I am afraid that only Kaguya would know.” Ryo did not finish his words, when he was interrupted by the Great Elder Slug.

Ryo nodded, and with no more questions, he just thanked her and then teleported to Lain’s side.

“That space-time Ninjutsu is truly proving convenient!” Tsunade said as Ryo had suddenly reappeared.

“Tsunade him, thank you!” Ryo very respectfully expressed his graditude.

“I did promise you, so don’t mention it! Now you’ve achieved your goal, so you can go!” 

“Right! Let’s leave, Lain, it’s time to go.”

With a clever look in her eyes, Lain Nodded and approached Ryo.

“Hold on!” Ryo was about to teleport, when Tsunade stopped him.

“What’s the matter, Tsunade him?” 

“Not you!” Tsunade turned around to Lain and said: “Lain, in a way, you’re the last one to be part of my clan. So I guess I can’t just let you go without a meeting present. These are the scrolls of two of my techniques: [Chakra Enhanced Strength], and my [Yin Seal]. I’m giving them to you!” 

Lain had never heard of such techniques before, so she did not know how big this was. She just thanked Tsunade politely.

As for Ryo, he was immersed in joy; both techniques were extremely strong, and Tsunade’s most signature Jutsu. With Lain having Hashirama’s cells, they should fit her perfectly!

“Ryo, I don’t know when we will meet again…” Said Lin reluctantly…

“I will see you again, Lin, Tsunade Hime, Shizune; goodbye!” As he said that, Ryo disappeared with Lain.

“All right! The nuisance is finally away! I’m going back to the casino to have me some good time!” Tsunade pretended not to care, and she turned around and walked back into town.

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