Hokage Ryo's Path

Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 293


“Don’t underestimate it. The power of this technique rivals that of my Ice Colossus, and could even exceed it!” Ryo saw the disdain in Korin’s eyes and he answered quickly.

Hearing this, Korin’s was finally interested in this technique. “Is that so? Really?” 

Ryo answer hesitantly: “With my current strength, Ice Colossus is probably on par with the complete Susanoo. My Ice Colossus on the night of the Kyubi’s attack doesn’t get even close.” 

Korin had known Ryo for many years, and his level was clear to her. 

This year Ryo had become exceptionally strong, after focusing on his Ice Release for so long in Mount Myoboku. His Ice Colossus now was extremely powerful. With Susanoo having the potential to match that or even exceed it, it meant that this technique was far beyond what she expected!

At this thought, Korin sincerely sighed: “The Uchiha are truly terrible! No, the bloodline of the Rikudo Sennin itself; their potential is just limitless!” 

“Well, while their potential is limitless, their power is far from so. Susanoo, in a way, is a technique that devours its user.” Ryo said with a smile.

“What do you mean? Are there any side effects to this technique?” Korin asked.

“I told you before that the Mangekyo’s continuous use makes one blind. On top of that, the use of Susanoo also consumes a lot of its user’s vitality. Obviously, these side effects could be completely eliminated through the awakening of the Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan.” Ryo explained to Korin.

“Well, that’s to be expected. Such great force must have a price. Aren’t you fortunate to have me? Otherwise, you’d be burning your life away!”

“Indeed! Thank you for your help!” Ryo left Susanoo and patted Korin’s head.

“With you getting so strong on your own as of late, and with none of your enemies getting even close to your level, it’s good to know that I’m still important. Well, I guess there’s nothing left for me to do; I’m going to sleep!” 

Perhaps it was something about the Biju, or maybe it was because Korin often remained in her Ragdoll Cat Form, but she always liked to just sleep!

Still, there was nothing wrong with that, and Ryo opened his bag for her to get in.

The two had been in the desert for a long time, and the sky was almost dark by now. Ryo thought that he had no need to return to Konoha, and he teleported straight to Pakura’s place.

This year, he had been training in Mount Myoboku, and when he left, he was busy in Konoha. It’s been so long since he saw Pakura.

However, the two were both Ninja, and Pakura understood his duties well and never complained.

At night, Pakura returned from work, just to be surprised by Ryo’s smiling face: “How come you’re here? Aren’t you supposed to be practicing today?”

“I’m taking some rest, and it’s not just for today! I want to spend some good time with you!”

Pakura smiled and did not argue, and the two sat down on the sofa to talk. While they were at it, Ryo took the chance to let his hands wander lustfully around.

From the kitchen, Shi watched the young couple, and smiled gladly for she hadn’t seen her sister so happy in a while.

“Ryo, can you do me a favor?” Pakura’s interrupted Ryo’s perviness.

“I can do whatever you want!” After pausing in surprise, Ryo finally got back his pervy smile.

“Well, here’s the deal. I don’t know what’s been happening recently. Despite all your precautions, young Gaara started recently having the same problem as the previous Jinchuriki, not daring to sleep at night.”

Ryo frowned, for things should not go this way: “When did this start? Did it begin after you’ve opened the gap in the seal?”

“No. I’ve done that over a year ago, and Gaara had been refining his Chakra for a while now. This had began around a month ago, so I don’t think that it’s related.”

“That’s strange. Pakura, take me to Rasa; I will help.”

Not hesitating, Pakura nodded immediately, for now the situation was urgent, related to the Kazekage’s son and to the future of the Hidden Sand. Rasa shouldn’t care much about Ryo’s presence in the village.

After dinner, Ryo and Pakura left. Rasa had been worried for so long by now. Upon seeing Ryo, he felt a lot more at ease.

Just like Pakura expected, he was so concerned with his son that he didn’t care to think about how Ryo was there. Immediately, he took him to the top floor of his place to let him check on Gaara.

As soon as Ryo entered Gaara’s room, he sensed Chakra oozing out of his seal. He activated his Sharingan, and found that the seal showed signs of damage.

“Kazekage sama, has anyone tempered with Gaara’s seal recently?”

Hearing Ryo’s question, Rasa tried to recall the events from a month ago, and then called Yashamaru to ask him some more.

The latter mentioned that only a few children have made contact with Rasa, and that he never noticed any suspicious people approaching him.

“That’s strange. I’m sure that the seal was damaged on purpose. This is what allows Shukaku’s Chakra to leak. A child could only resist the beast and keep him from emerging by never sleeping.”

Learning that, Rasa’s face instantly turned gloomy, and he couldn’t stand the thought of people managing to do such things under his nose.

“Ryo, please help us with fixing the seal, and I’ll handle the rest.” 

Ryo nodded, and not wasting any time, he immediately began to repair the seal. While he was at it, Korin took some more of Shukaku’s Chakra, sealing it in Ryo’s body.

Not feeling the beast anymore, poor young Gaara couldn’t even smile, immediately closing his eyes and falling asleep.

After leaving Rasa’s place, Ryo discussed the situation with Pakura.

The latter was also rather angry after hearing everything. There was someone trying to hurt Gaara and the Sand, and worst of all, no one knew who it was.

The next day, Rasa and Pakura both investigated the Hidden Sand, wanting to find this mystery enemy.

Ryo felt rather bored while away from Konoha, and he could only take a walk around the village. While the Hidden Sand wasn’t as prosperous as Konoha, it had its own unique desert culture; there were many things that interested him.

“Hey, you’re Ryo Yamanaka sama?” As he was walking, Ryo heard a voice of someone calling him from behind.

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