Hokage Ryo's Path

Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 294


“That’s me, and who are you?” Ryo was turning around when he suddenly felt that the Chakra from the one behind his back felt abnormal.

In fact, it gave Ryo a feeling so wicked that he immediately entered Sage Mode to enhance his perception. Doing so, he immediately realized; this one was a white Zetsu!

Ryo did not immediately react, checking again and again. If this was truly a White Zetsu, how on earth would he be standing before him without any qualms what so ever?

After confirming again and again, Ryo became sure, and he took out an Ice Scalpel putting it directly on the person’s neck: “Zetsu, what gives you the courage to stand before me?!” 

White Zetsu became extremely flustered, wanting to explain himself to Ryo. However, the latter was not interested in listening to him. Right as he was about to hit, Korin jumped from his backpack and stopped him: “Wait, Ryo! This is no ordinary White Zetsu!” 

“No ordinary White Zetsu?” Ryo frowned!

“He should be Guruguru, the one that was attached to Obito and controlled by me! I can feel my Chakra on him.” 

Hearing Korin’s words, the poor Zetsu with the blade on his neck nodded quickly, and Ryo put down his Ice Scalpel.

“Master, Ryo Yamanaka sama, I have something to tell you!” As he said that, White Zetsu led the two to his residence in the Sand Village.

As soon as he locked the door, Guruguru undid his transformation and returned his original swirly face appearance, finally letting Ryo feel completely relieved.

“What brings you to this village? Shouldn’t you be with Obito?” Ryo asked Guruguru.

“This was what Obito arranged after Madara’s death. He felt that we need some form of presence in all major villages, the village that was assigned to me was the Sand.” 

“White Zetsu, you said that all villages needed your presence? Are there other White Zetsu lurking in Konoha?” Ryo asked.

“Nope! In Konoha, the White Zetsu had been captured and detected by Orochimaru, therefore, we have none of them there. Another thing, Ryo Sama, I have a name: Tobi!” Tobi said cautiously.

“We’ll correct what we call you later! Didn’t you say that you have something to tell us? Let’s get to the chase!” Korin interefered.

“Yes Master! The things that I wanted to tell you are actually about…” Tobi told the two of everything important that he knew.

Most of what he had mentioned was already known by Ryo, but one thing that that grabbed the latter’s attention was the fact that Obito wanted some rare materials from the Sand; ones usually used to make special kinds of toxins.

“Hmmm, there’s one thing that you have not mentioned: how does damaging Gaara’s seal fit into Obito’s plan?” Ryo asked.

“That wasn’t us; that was Sasori’s own spy that he had left behind in the Hidden Sand. None of the White Zetsu clones that I have assisting me could ever damage that seal.” Tobi quickly answered.

“Oh, Sasori’s own spy? Who is it?”

“I have no idea. He never told us!” 

Ryo obtained a lot of information, and was very satisfied. He praised Tobi and told him to keep an eye on Obito, before leaving with Korin.

In the evening, Ryo revealed some of the information he obtained to Pakura. The latter was rather shocked, never expecting that Sasori would have spies lurking in her village!

Early on the next morning, she went out to Chiyo’s place alone.

With her help, Pakura could make a list of all Ninjas who were close to Sasori before he defected, and she started her investigation with these people.

At this time, in the desert no too far from the village, Sasori was hiding under the Sand Dunes.

He had been lurking in there for a while, waiting for his spy to notify him of a chance to infiltrate into the village. Little did he know that by now, his spy was being disintegrated into ash!

Pakura found the spy, and managed to take an approximate location of Sasori from him before finishing him up. In the afternoon, she and Rasa quietly left the Sand Village, planning to take care of Sasori once and for all.

Not too far behind them, a Ninja with Chakra that couldn’t be sensed was lurking; Ryo! He wasn’t worried that much about Pakura’s safety, but he himself wanted to find Sasori for his own reasons.

With the information from the spy, Pakura and Rasa quickly found Sasori. The two were both well aware that he had something to do with the 3rd Kazekage’s death.

While Pakura admired the 3rd Kazekage like most Sand Ninjas, Rasa’s relationship with him was beyond that: he was his closest disciple, and the late Kazekage was somewhat of a father figure in his life. With Pakura by his side, he went into battle furiously!

With their joint efforts, Sasori quickly lost. Pakura’s Scorch Release easily destroyed most of his puppets, including Hiruko. Unfortunately however, they couldn’t catch Sasori!

The master puppeteer took them by surprise. They wanted to take him alove him for interrogation about the 3rd Kazekage, not knowing that his whole body had been transformed into a puppet by now. He used his gas to create a diversion, and by the time they could chase him, he was already away.

Knowing that they couldn’t possibly catch up with him considering how fast he was moving, Pakura and Rasa could only give up in regret.

They did not think of Ryo who was following them, as they had no idea about his presence.

“Those two seem to have a grudge on me, and they’re powerful! One of these days, I’m turning you both into my puppets!” Sasori smirked as he watched the two disappear into the village.

“I’d get that thought off my mind if I were you, for if you don’t, you won’t be living to see another day!” 

Sasori was shocked by the sudden voice that came from behind him. He turned around, and a figure he never wanted to see was there!

“Ryo Yamanaka! How are you here?” Sasori’s now puppet body did not show emotion, but panic could be clearly heard in his voice.

“How I got here should be the last of your concerns. What you need to do now is being obedient, for otherwise you’ll die right here, right now!” 

“You wish!” Obviously, Sasori was never the obedient type. He immediately controlled the 3rd Kazekage’s puppet and attacked Ryo.

This puppet had inherited the Kekkei Genkai of the one it was made out of, and it allowed Sasori to control Iron Sand at will!

Under his control, the Sand took all sorts of weapon shapes as it went towards Ryo.

“If this was truly the strongest of the Kazekages attacking me right now, this would actually be a headache. Unfortunately for you, this is nothing but a puppet that you control!” As Ryo said that, he entered the Ice Lightning Chakra Mode, swiftly cutting all the threads linking the puppet to Sasori with his scalpel.

Seeing that, his opponent did not yield, continuing the attack with his own body as weapon.

After his transformation, Sasori’s body turned into the strongest of his puppets, being equipped with all sorts of weapons. On top of that, he kept his weak spot well hidden. Ryo had to go in close if he wanted to end the fight quickly, but who knows how Sasori would attack him then?

Therefore, Ryo decided to keep his distance, for Sasori’s weapons were bound to end at some point. Right then would be the perfect window for Ryo to attack.

This plan was clear to the masterful puppeteer, who tried to counter it by sending threads to the 3rd Kazekage’s puppet again and again. Every time however, the threads would be stopped by Ryo, who seemed to be well aware of Sasori’s plan.

In the end, after many attempts, Sasori sighed and stopped, for it was no longer meaningful to fight…

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