Hokage Ryo's Path

Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 299


As the big news reached them, Sakumo and the 3rd couldn’t just sit still. After some thinking, the two agreed that the best step for them to take was to send Ryo to sneak into the Hidden Mist.

He was the perfect candidate with his techniques and knowledge of the village, but he actually didn’t want to leave Konoha at that time. If something bad was to happen to the Uchiha, jeopardizing Shisui, it was to happen very soon.

Nevertheless, things were very different in Konoha this time around. 

First of all, Sakumo and the 3rd were holding most of the power in the village, not the 3rd and his trio of councilors.

Secondly, most clans in the village now had more input into Konoha’s actions, now that Danzo lost his authority and could no longer restrict them.

Still, Ryo couldn’t feel at ease. He trusted the changes brought by his appearance once, and things did not turn out well. However, Sakumo and the 3rd insisted on sending him.

The poor Ryo could only handle the matter of the Hidden Mist once again, and just try to finish things as fast as possible.

After he went into that village last time to find Obito, his Teleportation Barrier was destroyed, and he could only teleport to the Wave Country and then cross the sea to the Water Country.

What he did not anticipate was that he would actually meet an “acquaintance” in there.

As soon as he appeared on the ground, he found a team of Rock Ninjas, seemingly looking for someone.

He didn’t want to deal with them, only caring about finishing the task at hand and returning to Konoha as soon as possible. However, the rock Ninjas weren’t on the same page.

The leader of the Rock Ninjas immediately ran to stand in his way: “Who are you? How come you popped up so suddenly?” 

Ryo frowned, and just tried to walk past him.

“Hey! Kid, can’t you hear me?”

Ryo lost his patience completely, just slitting the Rock Leader’s throat with an Ice Blade that he condensed from the moister in the air.

The rest of the Rock Ninjas were shocked to see their leader killed, and they were all enraged, rushing immediately at Ryo.

“You can’t just choose to live…” Ryo entered the Lightning Chakra Mode, and only a loud voice was heard before all the Ninjas around him were turned into coke.

At the same time, in the woods not too far away, a blond teenaged with a ponytail detonated the clay bombs he left behind to intercept the Rock Ninjas following him: “Art is an explosion! Katz…. Katz…. KATZ!!!! Huh?!….” 

He could hear no explosion, but he sensed lightning Chakra: “Do they have a Ninja so proficient in Lightning Release that he halted the functioning of my bombs? No! They can’t, I know them too well!”

Deidara became curious, and he decided to look back.

Back at the spot where Ryo teleported, he sensed the presence of someone in the distance when Deidara tried to detonate his explosives.

Ryo thought it was someone from the Hidden Rock, trying to kill him after his companions were finished. Therefore, he rushed at him.

In this way, the two met in midway, and the Ryo looked above at the blond kid in a ponytail riding a white clay dragon.

Deidara also looked at Ryo who glimmered in his Ice Lightning Chakra Mode. 

“Were you the one to destroy my art?” A few seconds later, Deidara was the first to speak.

“Art? You’re the one who tried to detonate the clay bombs? Forget it! I’ve just crushed the Rock Ninjas you’ve left behind, and I guess my Lightning Chakra damaged your bombs. They’re mere duds now!”

Hearing Ryo say that, Deidara was very angry: “Duds? You call my art duds!”

Ryo was speechless. Deidara didn’t even flinch as he heard that his fellow Rock Ninjas were killed, and all he cared about was his “art”.

He helplessly shook his head and said: “Well, they won’t explode, and I think your priorities aren’t in place!”

Deidara felt awkward hearing this, and he was speechless for a while before saying: “What’s your name? I’ll just consider this an accident, and work on making more perfect work in the future. I’ll make art that your Lightning won’t be able to maim! When I do that, I’ll be back, and I will take revenge for my companions!” 

Ryo smiled awkwardly. Deidara was just as eccentric as he was in the Manga. Not being afraid of the young fellow, Ryo said: ”I’m Ryo Yamanaka, a Ninja from Konoha. I hope I will get a chance to see you again.” 

After saying that, Ryo disappeared.

“Ryo Yamanaka? That’s a familiar name; I think I heard it before!” Deidara scratched his head and thought about it. 

On his clay dragon, he flew at the location of his companions. He jumped down and couldn’t help but shudder at the sight of his charred fellow Rock Ninjas.

“This guy is terrible! Ryo Yamanaka…. RYO YAMANAKA!” He suddenly remembered something and took out a booklet.

Deidara had been living in the Rock Village since his childhood, never leaving. He was actually being followed because he snuck out. 

This was a booklet given to him by Onoki, giving details on the strongest people around the world. He was specifically told by Onoki to never provoke any of these people.

On the first page was the name of none other than Ryo Yamanaka! This booklet had a simple overview of his powers and feats, and reading it, Deidara was in cold sweat.

“It’s him! I have to go back and report to the old man!” Deidara controlled the clay dragon to fly to the Earth Country.


At the same time, back in Konoha, Sakumo and the 3rd went to Homura’s place after being personally invited by him.

This was the first time Sakumo was ever invited by Homura, as the two had some “tension” between them for a long time.

After a good while, Homura just kept all three drinking tea. Sakumo was in no mood so such a thing, and he said directly: “Homura dono, we’re all here. What do you have to say?

“Yes! If you have something to say, just go ahead. No need to stall!” The 3rd also spoke out.

“Cough! Right! Well I wanted that we all drink some tea to calm down the mood. Now that’s done so I’ll tell you straight. I’ve received important news from my people about the Uchiha: They’re planning a coup d’état!” 

These words fell like a stone into a puddle, changing the faces of Sakumo, the 3rd and Koharu greatly.

“Homura, what are you talking about? You can’t make jokes about such a matter!” Koharu asked quickly!

“Of course I’m being serious! Yesterday, the Uchiha gathered in the Naka Shrine. Their meeting was about their clan’s dissatisfaction with their state in the village.”

“Just that is not nearly enough to prove such a big claim, Homura!” said the 3rd.

“I’m afraid that I’ve also received news about the matter as well. In their frustration, some radicals proposed a coup d’état in that meeting indeed, and the idea resonated well with the crowd, unfortunately.”  After remaining silent, Sakumo finally said what he knew.

Homura nodded, and what Sakumo just stated was indeed a fact.

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