Hokage Ryo's Path

Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 298


Just like in Konoha, the other villages were not calm.

Ever since the passing of Bunpuku, the destruction caused by Shukaku before it was subdued by Ryo, the atmosphere in Hidden Sand was rather tense.

As for the Hidden Cloud, they’ve been focusing on getting stronger, training their Ninjas rigorously.

As for the Hidden Rock, they became isolated after so many failed alliances, and they became isolated the world, with almost no news from them reaching other villages.

Being isolated was an understatement when it came to the Hidden Mist. Ever since Yagura took over, the village had zero communication with the outside world.

This however had changed very recently, and the village became open all of a sudden.

This news reached Konoha, and Sakumo immediately summoned Ryo and the 3rd Hokage.

“Ryo, Sandaime, I guess you already know of what happened in the Hidden Mist. It seems peculiar to say the least.”

The 3rd very much agreed with Sakumo: “Indeed! We’ve known of the 4th Mizukage’s cruel methods, which according to Ryo and Jiraya have paid off. The one to implement the selection methods earning his village the title of the Bloody Mist; such a guy suddenly opening the village is something that means trouble. There must be something wrong!”

As for Ryo, he wasn’t surprised by what was happening. Mei Terumi should have grown by now into an outstanding Ninja; one who should really want the best for her village if nothing had changed. Perhaps, this sudden change has something to do with her countering Obito’s control over Yagura.

He could not speak of such thoughts. He just discussed the ideas put forward by the others around him until the meeting was over.

The truth of the matter was indeed just like Ryo had expected. 

Mei Terumi was one of the few remaining Ninjas in the Hidden Mist with a Kekkei Genkai.

Despite her power, she was just too trusted by Yagura before he was controlled. Killing her off would have been too weird. 

Therefore, Obito awaited his chance, but in vain. For years, there was no excuse, no mistake made my Mei, no pretext or any way to justify punishing her, let alone killing her. Obito found no way to deal with this beauty, with all the assassins he sent at her perishing at her hands.

He felt he had to give up, and he didn’t feel bad about it as he did not expect this young woman to be much of a threat anyway.

What he never expected was that this low key beauty would show her true power a month and a half ago!

She had become a Kage Tier by now, and a very powerful one as well. In less than half a month, she defeated the many prominent figures in the Anbu, taking control of this faction.

In this village where strength spoke loudest, all positions could be claimed by any Ninja, even that of the Mizukage, if they would just show enough strength. On top of that, Yagura’s policies caused most people in the Mist to be dissatisfied with him.

Therefore, Mei’s actions quickly received many people’s support.

After taking the Anbu under her command, Mei quickly suppressed all voices of opposition to her and led the department to secretly start taking control away from Yagura on many levels.

In the way, without “Yagura” being able to notice in time, she easily isolated him completely.

After this happened, Mei began to investigate Yagura’s great change over the years. However, she had to face problems that she never expected.

From the Anbu, she learned that his change was rapid, as if it had happened overnight! 

What was even more peculiar was the fact that Yagura had asked the Anbu to do some very inexplicable tasks.

Hearing this, Mei frowned and asked: “Hold on, what did he ask you? Tell me everything.” 

“Well, there are too many specific tasks, but what this had led to was the new policies implemented in the village; especially the ones involving Young Ninjas.” 

Hearing this, Mei couldn’t help but say what was on her mind all along: “I believe Yagura sama is being controlled through Genjutsu!” 

“What? That’s impossible! He’s a perfection Jinchuriki of the Sanbi, and Kage tier Ninja even without that! How could he be controlled?” The first to question the hypothesis was the previous Anbu leader.” 

“I also believe that this is impossible. Yahura sama is proficient with Genjutsu, and he couldn’t just be controlled!” The Anbu speaking to Mei agreed.

“I actually believe that Mei san’s proposition is very possible. Ao, that eye of yours can see Chakra flow. If you manage to approach Yagura sama, could you confirm if this is indeed true?” said an old man on the side. 

Looking at Mei and then at the old man, Ao nodded. 

The rest saw the three agree and they had nothing to say. After discussing the details, they started their action.

In the afternoon, the former Anbu commander entered “Yagura” office with a list of Ninjas to be transferred to the Anbu. After all, on the surface, this was still his department.

Just like everyone expected, “Yagura” agreed with the proposition without giving it much thought. Ao managed to enter the office and see Yagura as a new recruit, and while at it, he used his Byakugan to observe the flow of Chakra in his body.

The truth was, Obito was controlling the docile Sanbi, and using it as medium to control Yagura. While the genjutsu had little effect on the Chakra of Yagura himself, the Byakugan couldn’t miss it. Ao realized: Yagura was indeed being controlled by someone.

After leaving Yagura’s office, Ao told everyone about what he saw. Their faces turned so gloomy; they were difficult to watch. None of them expected that their entire village was being guided by someone that’s behind curtains.

At the same time, Obito who was controlling Yagura discovered what was happening around the village.

While Yagura himself was now isolated, Obito still had his White Zetsus lurking everywhere. When Mei took over the department, it was natural in the village. However, little by little, information about her plan reached more and more Anbu, no longer being limited to the higher-ups.

However, by now the Akatsuki was formed and fully functional. Obito’s purposes behind taking over the Mist were all reached, and the only important thing remaining for him here was to not be exposed. Therefore, he chose to just leave.

Just leaving behind a few White Zetsus to create diversions, he let Yagura out of the Genjutsu and left the village with most of his men.

Mei’s plan was going perfectly, and she and her men surrounded Yagura, ready to face him. However, she found him confused and a complete mess, just leaving Genjutsu.

The two discussed what had happened, and Yagura was surprised to know that Mei and the rest of the Anbu leaders knew that he was being controlled. However, everyone felt disappointed that he had no idea who was in control.

In the end, with Yagura approving, Mei decided that he was to continue serving as Mizukage temporarily until things settled down. After all, the village had experience a great change under his reign, and his resignation without him fixing what he had done was very likely to cause turmoil.

The next day, Yagura announced the abolition of various policies that he had implemented, repositioned the surviving Kekkei Genkai using Ninjas, and changed the supervisors of the Ninja Academy. After things calmed down, he opened the village…

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