Hokage Ryo's Path

Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 312


The Sandaime looked rather shaken. Danzo’s behavior was unforgivable to this old man who had devoted his life to the will of fire.

The 3rd had always felt that Danzo had the same sort of devotion, but his old friend’s actions kept on disappoint him again and again.

After a long silence, the 3rd sighed and said: “Sakumo, handle this matter yourself, and I will not intervene.” As he said that, he stood up and turned around to leave.

Fugaku was delighted by the 3rd’s final words, and he became eager to finally get rid of Danzo once and for all with this great opportunity.

Sakumo, on the other side, had the same thoughts. The two stared at each others’ eyes, enjoying the sight of the bloodlust in them.

“Danzo had tried to kill a Ninja of Konoha for now reason. Therefore, I announce…” 

“Hold on Sakumo san. Danzo is not dead yet, and he will be useful for my next plan!” Ryo suddenly emerged in the office!

“Ryo! What brought you here so suddenly?” Sakumo was rather surprised.

“It’s Lain. She contacted me to let me know what happened, so I returned.” Ryo explained.

“Ryo, you just said Danzo would be useful. What do you want him alive for?” Fugaku asked.

“Sakumo san, Fugaku san, do you really think that killing him would completely mend the rift between the Uchiha and the village? The clan’s image had been stained by his efforts for too many years, and the villagers are not just going to accept them now. On top of that, they are, as a clan, superior to everyone else. Same goes for them controlling security. This hatred, while reaching a peak with the events since the Kyubi’s night, had always been there. The same envy, distrust and hatred that drove Danzo will drive others after the Uchiha.”

Hearing Ryo, both Sakumo and Fugaku remained silent. It was crystal clear to them; Ryo was not wrong at all.”

After a while, Fugaku said: “I understand what you mean, but do you suggest letting Danzo do as he pleases?” 

“Well, before I answer, I would like Maan and Kakashi to leave first.” While Ryo trusted Kakashi, he didn’t want too many people to know.

Kakashi nodded and pulled Maan, who wasn’t willing to leave on his own.

“Alright, now, explain!” Sakumo said.

“Well, I want Danzo to become our sacrificial lamb. I want him to carry all of the hatred that the village holds for the Uchiha, and then die with it once and for all!” 

“He’s going to be the sheep, and the butcher as well, no?” Fugaku began to doubt Ryo’s method

“Yes. I want him at the same time to neutralize the radical faction of the Uchiha. These radicals, just like the haters on the other side, will always cause conflict. On top of that, getting rid of them should allow us to balance the clan against the other families. All contradictions, all causes of conflict, they will all be gone together. I believe that for the Uchiha to co-exist with the rest of Konoha, such a radical solution necessary!” 

“The Uchiha have done nothing! We don’t have to make such a massive sacrifice to eliminate these contradictions!” Fugaku said angrily.

Ryo shook his head and added: “If I was of this age and status during the 3rd’s era, we would probably be able to do that. However, now is too late. Hatred had grown far too large to be controlled. Therefore, Danzo needs to kill the Radical, and the Uchiha will have to leave the security department, and the village will have to go into chaos.

Only then, with Sakumo san’s guidance of course, would the people be forced to forget all their bad blood with the Uchiha. No, scratch that, they will feel sympathy for you, and they will be grateful for your presence.” 

Ryo finished his words, and silence reigned supreme in the office once again. In the end, Sakumo spoke out: “Fugaku dono, what Ryo had just said, it kind of makes sense. You see…” 

“Hokage sama, he said enough to make think about it. Meanwhile, Danzo will be temporarily locked up in Konoha’s prison.” 

“I’ll leave that to you.”  

“Fugaku dono, thank you for being so understanding. Take your time, and if you want to get to me, contact Lain; she has a way to reach me.” As he finished his words, Ryo disappeared.

After his clan’s patriarch left the Hokage’s office, Maan saw they Fugaku’s face had turned gloomy. He wanted to ask questions, but he felt that it was inappropriate. Along their way back to the Uchiha’s district, neither of them said a word.

Finally, when they were about to enter, Fugaku finally stopped: “Maan, do you think that our clan could take a confrontation with Konoha?”

“Fugaku dono, are you thinking of an actual coup d’état?” Maan’s face was filled with surprise; he never thought that Fugaku would have such an idea.

“Don’t misunderstand; I’m just asking.” Fugaku said with a smile.

Maan sighed with relief, and after some thought, he answered: “Now our clan has probably 4 pairs of Mangekyo Sharingans. That means 4 Ninjas around Kage tier. We have many Ninjas, with the most number of Jonins out of any clan. However, I don’t think that would be enough. Yes, we are powerful, but Konoha has Sakumo, Ryo, Kushina and the Sandaime who could all be there at anytime, one for each of us. Beating those should be extremely difficult if not impossible. I’m not counting Lain Yamanaka, Jiraya who might join them and the many quasi Kage tiers and Jonins they have. In fact, I think even Kakashi is a Kage tier. Today, if you didn’t call his name, I don’t think I would have noticed him.”

“It really seems that his way is our last resort!” Fugaku smiled, his face showing a hint of sorrow, and then he walked into the district. 

On the evening of the same day, Fugaku called Katachi, and after conversing secretly all night, they went to Sakumo’s office the next day.

There, Fugaku told Sakumo that he is willing to accept Ryo’s method, sacrificing some of his people to protect the Uchiha clan from being eradicated.

As for Katachi, he was here as he was the one willing to lead the Radicals in the family.

Sakumo on the other hand promised that by the end of this plan, the Uchiha would end up gaining all their rights back, including their old district in Konoha’s center.

After the two sides reached a consensus, Sakumo decided officially to spare Danzo’s life. At the same time, he ordered the Anbu to spread new on Danzo’s attack on Maan, before finally telling Homura that his lost friend was held by the Uchiha in Konoha’s prison.

Learning about that, Homaru immediately went to Sakumo to ask for help. After agreeing to many requirements made by Sakumo, Danzo was released.

However, even with him “back”, he wasn’t awake yet. He had been hit extremely hard by Tsukuyomi, and it was to take him a long time to recover.

This was precious time, for it was the time that Sakumo and Fugaku would take to make their preparations.

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