Hokage Ryo's Path

Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 313


A week went by since Maan’s attack on Danzo, and White and Black Zetsu both returned to the Rain Village. Immediately, they went into the Akatsuki’s base, and reported everything about Maan to Obito.

However, what picked Obito’s interest was something that surprised them greatly!

“White, I want you to be precise! You said he wood rlease had strong vitality; could she create living trees? The kind we find in forests?”

White nodded and said: “Yes! Even Black saw it.”

“Unbelievable! So he actually did it!”

“You know what that was all about?” 

Obito nodded: “I heard it was related to Orochimaru. The story is that he experimented with Hashirama’s cells, creating two Wood Release using children.

“This Orochimaru is really interesting. I remember he left Konoha. Where is he now?”

“I know I know! Now he’s in the Sound Country.” White answered instead of Obito.

“I didn’t expect him to be able to pull this off. Indeed, Orochimaru is very interesting. I guess we must pay the Sound Country a visit!” Obito muttered to himself.

“Hold on; before Orochimaru, shouldn’t we be fixing this deal with Maan?” 

“He’s not ripe yet. The more he cares about the Uchiha, the more spectacular his explosion will be!” After Obito said that, he left the Rain Village.

On the other side, in Konoha, Sakumo and Kakashi were practicing.

Kakashi was now 20 years old. With his father still around and his Sharingan not hindering his progress, he chose the same path of his father, perfecting the Hatake Style Kenjutsu and Lightning Chakra Mode.

After Minato became Hokage, Kakashi entered the Anbu. It was his Sensei’s method to prepare him for the leadership of the corp. For so many years, He trained and performed increasingly difficult tasks, which led to his strength increasing steadily. Now, at just 20 years old, he finally reached Kage tier!

It was a shame that even at this level, he was still slower than Sakumo, and less skillful in Kenjutsu.

But the difference on that was negligible. The true difference between the two was in experience. After a lifetime of missions, every move that Sakumo made in battle was lethal. 

Nevertheless, Kakashi’s strength wasn’t so simple. He used his Sharingan to be able to capture his father’s movements, and this way, he could intercept or dodge them every time.

“Kakashi, how long can you use your Sharingan? If you’re not hiding something, you won’t be beating me today.”

Sakumo’s tone was very calm, and Kakashi knew all too well that his father was right.

At this thought, he clenched his teeth and focused Lightning Chakra in his hands.

“Oh? Another Raikiri?” Sakumo did not care, for he had seen this attack many times already, and was never touched by it.

“No, not just another Raikiri!” As he finished his words, Kakashi’s figure split into three!

They were actually Shadow Clones, and one of them used the Lightning Hound Jutsu directly on his father, while the others went in opposite directions to the sides.

Sakumo realized that this tactic wasn’t as simple as it looked, but the Lightning Hound was already in front of him and it was too late to Dodge. With his White Blade, he actually split the Hound in half with his own Chakra, but then: “Raiden!” he could hear Kakashi from both sides. The two sides had Raikiri activated, and both hands were linked to Eachother with lightning Chakra. It was too late for Sakumo to dodge, and Kakashi wrapped him with this link.

The Lightning Chakra was powerful; his was paralyzed, and Kakashi managed to Lightning Chakra flicker to him, placing his blade on his neck.

“Puff!” Sakumo’s ‘body’ turned into white smoke, and the true White Fang appeared behind Kakashi, his blade pointed to his neck as will.

“I give up!” Kakashi could only admit defeat.

“You weren’t bad today; better than before! Fortunately, I quickly responded while fending off your Hound. If I didn’t make a Shadow Clone Back then, I’d be the one admitting defeat now!”

“Next time, I will beat you!” Kakashi muttered.

“Well, I’m still waiting for that, but now is not time to compete. Kakashi, have there been any action on Danzo’s side?”

Being that they were back to business, Kakashi returned to being serious: “Nothing major. They’ve just dismissed the Medical Ninja we’ve sent to them. I guess Danzo should be finally awake.”

“Well, it’s been a week. With the first Hokage’s cells and so many doctors, he should be awake indeed. Kakashi, go notify Fugaku. There is still time, and Shisui’s plan should be over. When he returns, tell him that the plan is ready and let him come back.

At the same time, Danzo and Homura were going secretly out of Konoha. In fact, Danzo had regained consciousness a couple of days ago already.

In the past two days, he had been thinking about possible methods to get stronger. The more he thought, the more convinced he was that the best way possible for him to compete with the monsters in the village was to acquire the Mangekyo Sharingan.

With Katashi in the Uchiha’s district, Maan under protections and and Fugaku being way out of his league, his obvious option was Shisui, since Ryo was out of the village.

Well in fact, Danzo wasn’t even sure that Shisui would have the Mangekyo. However, with the young genius’s strength increasing greatly and suddenly, Danzo thought that it would only be rational that he had the Mangekyo.

It wasn’t just him who thought like that; Sakumo also thought of the same earlier and based his plan around that. However, Danzo was one step ahead, hiding the fact that he was awake for a few days.

Shisui was just getting into the Fire Country’s territory when he was found by Danzo.

Immediately, the latter surrounded him with his men.

“Danzo san, what is this supposed to mean?” Shisui frowned.

“It doesn’t mean anything; I just want your Mangekyo!”

“I haven’t seen you in a while, Danzo san; never thought that you would get bold enough to dare to ambush me directly. “The group of adults, what do you mean?” asked the water brow.

“Well, with 5 Elite Jonins, a Quasi Kage and me, your eyes are mine! And when that happens, I’ll just kill you, and your dead Sensei will not find any evidence… What’s there to fear?”

“Haha! Well, let’s see what that confidence of yours is worth!” Shisui’s voice went down, and a row of green ribs began surrounding his body!

Although his Mangekyo’s main ability was extremely powerful, it had a cool-down window that was just too long. Therefore, Shisui decided to go straight to the use of Susanoo, and out-power his enemies on the spot!

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