Hokage Ryo's Path

Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 314


Whether it’s now with him a student of Ryo, or back in the Manga, Shisui relied greatly on his Kotoamatsukami as a viable solution to his clan’s situation.

As he activated Susanoo, he looked at the people in front of his with disdain, as they wanted to take something of such great value just for brute power.

Danzo backed behind his men and frowned as he stared at the green skeleton ahead of him. From it, he could sense a great strong cold Chakra.

“So, no trace you were saying? Good idea…” Shisui’s image became blurred in place.

“No good! protect Danzo sam…” Danzo’s men where interrupted by the appearance of Shisui among them. Similarly to Ryo, he went straight to his opponent’s throat. Unfortunately, Danzo managed to dodge fatal wound.

“Damn! Kill him for me!” Danzo immediately gave his order.

However, his men’s attacks were all blocked by Susanoo.

Shisui had no hesitation, continuing to attack these men. With his ultra fast flicker, he finished the Elite Jonins on Danzo’s side in an instant.

Meanwhile, Danzo Danzo was holding his bleeding throught, watching his team dying.

It was incredibly terrible, seeing his elite’s power being so dominated the young Shisui.

But the truth was, Shisui wasn’t doing all that well. By now, he had used Susanoo enough to begin feeling pain, and during this short encounter, he lost a lot of Chakra.

“Danzo san, we still have to continue?” The quasi Kage carefully ask Danzo.

“Of course we will. We have to! I refuse to believe he’s untouchable!” Danzo began to sound more and more agitated.
Root were all obedient to Danzo, and now was no exception. The Quasi Kage prepared to fight.

At the same time, Danzo summoned Baku, the devourers of dreams and nightmares. Immediately, it opened its mouth and sucked the air from Shisui’s direction.

“What is this?” Shisui had no information about Baku, and was not prepared. Immediately, the ribs around his body were destroyed by the powerful suction force of Baku.

The Quasi-Kage was waiting for this, using Lightning Release to paralyze Shisui in place.

Now, Danzo began approaching Shisui slowly and carefully.

The quasi Kage did not stop his attack, and when Danzo could be sure he was still under the influence of the attack, he reached in for his left eye!

As soon as Danzo’s hand touch Shisui, the latter disappeared into a mini flock of crows that disappeared as well.

Shisui on the Other Hand was behind him, using the Great Fire Ball Jutsu at Baku. In conjunction with air, the Fireball grew larger and larger, until it became as big as the summoned beast itself.

Immediately as it touched Baku, it set him on fire, damaging him greatly.

Here Danzo could only let the beast return to its place to recover.

Now that he had dealt with Baku, Shisui’s Chakra was already bottoming out, and both Danzo and his assistant could see that.

Looking at the two, Shisui gnawed his teeth, pushing his Mangekyo to the extremely and making the Green Skeleton to appear again.

Only now, on this skeleton, muscles were growing, and a sword appeared in its hand.

When the 2nd stage Susanoo appeared, blood and tears where flooding from Shisui’s eyes.

“Danzo sama, this Chakra is not good! We should?”

“What are you afraid of? Shisui is already on the brink of collapsing. There is no need to fear him.

“[Susanoo: Tsukumo]” Shisui heard the two, and quickly opened the chest of his Susanoo, releasing a barrage of Chakra Needles, each thicker than a sword, at his opponents.

“Be careful, Danzo sama!” The Quasi Kage immediately jumped in the way of the needles, wanting to protect Danzo with his own body.

Unfortunately for him, this was in vain, for the great needles were too many, and both ended up falling to the attack.

When Shisui saw him finally die, he immediately left Susanoo, laid on the ground and gasped…

He didn’t take full breath when suddenly, he heard the sinister Danzo once again: “It seems like I’m the victor! Give me your eyes, Shisui!” 

Shisui looked ahead with difficulty and could see Danzo standing in the distance.

“I told you; today, I’m only leaving with those eyes!” Danzo approached Shisui.

In the previous battle, Shisui, who was already tired from his last mission, exhausted himself.

Looking at the approaching Danzo, he could only take an Ice Scalpel tied to his thigh, and crush it immediately.

Danzo saw the scalpel and understood directly that this was Ryo’s scalpel. This meant that the true beast was coming, but it also meant that he could proceed safely, as Shisui is probably out of tricks. Without hesitation, he rushed and grabbed Shisui’s left eye, and he rushed away.

Back in the Wind Country, Ryo was working on his weapons with Pakura, when he suddenly had a special yet familiar feeling.

This Ice Scalpel that Shisui broke was one of many that Ryo made for his loved ones, infusing them with Spiritual Power. When one of these scalpels would break, he would know immediately.

“What’s wrong, Ryo?” Pakura noticed Ryo seemed concerned.

“One of my emergency Ice Scalpels broke. There must be something wrong. I’m going out!” Immediately, Ryo’s figure disappeared.

He appeared again on the borders of the Fire Country. Looking at the empty left eye socket that Shisui had, he understood everything.

“Sensei, I…”

“No need to say anything. I’ll get you your eye back!” 

“Sorry, Sensei; I let you down!” Shisui felt even more embarrassed. 

As for Ryo, he felt angry, but not at all at his student. He immediately said: “Shisui, since you have lost one, you better make good use of the other.”

“Sensei, Danzo is no further than a few hundred meters to the north. It should take you mere seconds to catch up with him, you can give me back my eyes right now!”

Ryo smiled and said: “I told you not to worry; I’ll get your eye back for you, but not now. I need Danzo to get bigger and stronger, and I need that remaining eye of yours to do something for me!”

“What is it, Sensei?” Shisui sounded a little depressed.

“I want you to help your good young brother, Shisui, awaken his own Mangekyo!”

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