Hokage Ryo's Path

Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 316


The disappearance of Shisui made many people wonder if the village had done something to him.

According to their investigation, only two people could be suspected: Danzo, and Itachi.

Obviously, Danzo was out of reach for now, so they could only ask Itachi.

However, the “death” of Shisui made him feel very confused. He didn’t fully understand what Shisui entrusted to him yet, and he didn’t understand why he was chosen.

The questioners’ arrival only added to his trouble.

At the same time, in Root’s headquarters, Danzo gathered a lot of former Root Members.

“Danzo, it seems like the Uchiha have discovered the news about Shisui. Do we have to go in advance?” Homura asked.

“No need to hurry. Wait, wait for the Uchiha. They could not help themselves. Once they become a risk to the village, everything will be justified.”

“Danzo, are you sure that they will launch a coup d’état?” 

“I was sure since what happened after the Kyubi attacked. It’s no longer a matter of if they would do it; it’s a metter of when they would do it. They are cornered, and if they think the village might eliminate them at some point, they would only have a coup d’état as a choice.”

Hearing Danzo, Homura began to think, and then finally sighed and said: “Well, I hope it will all go as smoothly as you said!”

On the other hand, in Sakumo’s office, Ryo was discussing with him the recent events.

“Sakumo san, don’t worry about Root for now. The main thing is to work with Fugaku san on a way to protect those in the Uchiha who want peace.”

“I’ve already discussed this matter to Fugaku. Before the operation, you go to the clan and temporarily transfer the peaceful ones to the Forest of Death. I will arrange for the Anbu to protect them.

As for the rest of them, they will be left for Hanzo and then one you’ve chosen.” Sakumo told Ryo of the plan. 

“Good!” Ryo nodded.

“After this, the Uchiha would lose at least two thirds of their ranks. I just hope that after such a sacrifice, they would finally end all conflicts between Konoha and their clan.”


Meanwhile, outside of Konoha, Maan, who went out to perform a task, once again encountered Obito and White Zetsu.

“What are you doing here?” 

“Maan san, we are here to deliver bad news.” Obito sounded rather anxious, and Maan frowned, asking him to carry on: “We’ve had information about Konoha preparing for the elimination of the Uchiha. On top of that, Shisui’s disappearance, it’s linked to Danzo. On the day on which he disappeared, he and a group of his Ninjas attacked Shisui and seized his eye.” 

“What? Shisui actually lo… Hold on, how do you know all of this?” Maan was shocked to hear the last news, but he had not lost his mind.

“This is something I’ve seen with my own eyes. If you don’t believe me, I could take you to see where he was ambushed. This time, unlike when they attacked you, there were 5 elite Jonins and Quasi Kage by Danzo’s side. They were just too much.” 

“Still; Shisui was seen later on near the Naka Shrine with Itachi.”

“That is something I don’t know about. However, what I know is that Itachi had already activated his Mangekyo…”

Obito had his way with words. He only told half facts, ones that that could fit into a much more horrifying image than reality. The lack of information made his story more believable as well.

Therefore, the new image began to be built in Maan’s mind: The Poor Shisui getting ambushed by Danzo, losing his eye, asking Itachi for help. However, his own student, poisoned by the thoughts of the Will of Fire just like Maan was before, took this chance to take his remaining eye…

Maan lost all trust in Konoha by now, and started to think if maybe, Itachi was sent by the village as well…

“Well, I’ll immediately return to the village to get a clarification from the Hokage.” After finishing his words, Maan turned around and left.

Whenhe was gone White said to Obito: “Your acting is getting better and better, Obito, and that enraging genjutsu you’ve used on him; so subtle, yet so effective!”

“It’s Maan’s own distrust of Konoha that makes him believe my words. My Genjutsu only plays a guiding role. Now, with the bomb set, Maan will be giving us quite a show with Sakumo. However, before we check on that, we should go meet the new member of our organization.”

“New member? Itachi, perhaps?” 

Well, as a genius who acticated the Mangekyo at the mere age of 12, it would be a pity for him to stay in Konoha.” After saying that, Obito’s Mangekyo flesh, and his figure disappeared. 

Walking in Konoha aimlessly, Itachi unconsciously found himself in the Forest of Death.

Lain would often practice in the Forest of Death, ever since she returned from the Shikkotsu forest. The forest was big and a perfect place to take her massive scale experiments.

Noticing the movement in the forest, Itachi did not stop, continuing to walk to its death.

When he saw a Massive Wood Human, he wondered: “Wood Release? Lain?” 

Lain also noticed him, and she immediately lifted her Jutsu saying with a smile: “Hello Itachi! Long time no see! What brings you here?” 

Seeing a teammate he hadn’t seen in a while, Itachi smiled as well. He still remembered his strong rivalry with Lain. “Hello! Long time no see!” 

“What’s wrong? Your mood doesn’t seem to be good.” Lain could feel that Itachi’s smile was bitter.

After some silence, he shook his head and said: “Nothing, just small stuff.” 

Itachi didn’t want to tell Lain that her Sensei had died; hoping that she would always keep her innocent smile.

“Hey, we’re teammates, so what are you hiding? I can help; I’m very strong now!” Lain did not yield, continuing to ask.

“Yeah? Now that you’re so strong, what will you be using that power for?” 

“What for?” Lain thought for a second and said: “Obviously to protect the people I cherish, like my mother and brother!” 

Her words, as innocent as they were, reached Itachi’s soul, and made him fall into deep thinking…

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