Hokage Ryo's Path

Hokage Ryo Path Chapter 317


Maan returned to Konoha, and the villagers watched him on his way to its center, all their eyes filled with either hatred or indifference.

He was filled with emotion, and his anger became more and more difficult to suppress. To not act irrationally, he ran directly towards the Hokage’s office.

At the same time, a being similar to carnivore plant popped up from the ground next to Danzo.

As it opened up, Danzo looked at it and asked: “What are you doing here?”

White said: “We’re here to deliver information: Maan is going to the Hokage’s office.

“What does that have to do with me?” 

“Obviously, it has everything to do with you! He’s going for Sakumo, to settle some scores!” Black who never said anything interfered!

“What kind of scores?” Danzo’s eyes lit up.

Black mentioned to him how he and some companions manipulated Maan, and Danzo became more and more excited.

“Danzo san, I believe I do not need to tell you what to do next….”

“Don’t worry, I already have a few ideas in mind.”

White and Black Zetsu drilled into the ground once again and left. With them Gone, Danzo immediately sent people to call Homura. When the latter arrived, he asked worriedly: “Danzo, is there something wrong with the plan?” 

“Nothing wrong; just a better chance is falling into our lap! Just now, I’ve received information that Maan is going to Sakumo’s office.”

“Yeah? So why should we care? It’s not the first time!” Just like Danzo thought at first, Homura found this information trivial.

“Oh, this time he’s looking for Sakumo for a different thing.” Danzo told Homaru what he had learned and his old friend also felt that this was a once in a lifetime opportunity.

After some discussion, the two arranged for their men to mix into Konoha’s villagers, prepared to spread new of the Uchiha attempting to kill Sakumo and launch a coup d’état as soon as Maan would make his move.

Any movements against the Uchiha from that point on would be justified, which would force the Uchiha themselves to go with the coup as their only option.

Once they get their hands dirty, their annihilation would be justified, and the village would finally get rid of them… 


In Sakumo’s office, Ryo had a rather complex look on his face. Sakumo patted his shoulder and said: “Don’t worry Ryo; I’ll take it easy with Maan!” 

“Don’t, Sakumo san. This was his own choice, and he has the Mangekyo, so you shouldn’t underestimate him.

Sakumo nodded. He knew that Ryo still cared for Maan, and if he could, he was willing show as much mercy as possible in this upcoming battle.

“Ryo, any moves on Danzo’s side?” he asked.

“Probably, I’ve just noticed two uninvited guests who have entered Konoha. I’ve detected them with Sage Mode, and they met Danzo. After that, Homura went his way. They have their own plan, and I’m guessing it coincides with ours.”

“Then we’ll start our action. I’m guessing Maan is near, so shouldn’t you go ahead and leave?”

“Indeed, he is close. Again, Sakumo san, be careful. If anything goes too wrong, just break that Ice Scalpel I gave you, and I’ll be here in an instant.”

“Do not worry! This is Maan we’re talking about! Even with the Mangekyo, he’s no opponent to me!” Sakumo’s confidence gave Ryo a lot of peace of mind.

“Well then, I’ll out, Sakumo san!” Ryo’s figure disappeared.

“I’ve been sitting in this office for too long. I hope you won’t disappoint, Maan!” Sakumo muttered as he wiped his blade.

Soon, Maan arrived, and with his Mangekyo, he went through all the guards using Genjutsu, and slammed the door open into Sakumo’s office.

He saw Sakumo sitting behind his desk, and he remembered the faces of the villagers as he made his way here, along with the “death” Shisui. Anger was filling him, and he looked very seriously at the Hokage’s substitute. 

Feeling the young man’s bloodlust, Sakumo stared at him carefully, prepared to fend off his attacks at any time.

However, Maan hadn’t fully lost his mind yet. After some thought, he found that it was necessary to ask: “Hokage sama, I have two questions to ask you.”

“Huh… go ahead!” 

“Is Konoha really willing to attack the Uchiha.” 

“That is true. However, it is being done to protect the Uchiha clan and its future!”

With the first of the two craziest things Obito told him about being confirmed, Maan said with a hold voice: “Then no more questions need to be asked anymore. It seems like what those people have said is true.”

Immediately, a dozen Kunai raised in the air around Maan, while Sakumo unsheathed his White Chakra Blade. 

As soon as the blade’s metal saw the light, Maan’s Kunai were all making their way towards Sakumo!

The latter easily dodged them all. When he was about to fight back, he felt the blood-lust of his enemy behind his back!

He quickly turned around and put his blade against his own throat, fending off Maan’s Kunai which was in his hand. Then, he quickly retreated, making some distance with his foe.

“Worthy of your name, Konoha’s White Fang! It’s been too long, and you’re still so strong. Your reaction time is nothing short of admirable!” Maan praised Sakumo.

By now, the White Fang’s blood was boiling, but he calmed himself down by remembering those years on the battlefield.

“So that was your Mangekyo ability? Ryo wasn’t wrong saying that a Mangekyo is a true hassle to deal with!” 

“That was just the appetizers; now is time for the main course!” Saying that, a Black-Violet skeleton emerged around Maan’s body.

Feeling the sinister massive Chakra before him, Sakumo frowned: “A Susanoo like Ryo’s? This Chakra feels horrible!” 

During his previous battle against Lain, Maan managed to make his Susanoo reach 3rd Stage, but with his current condition, he could only reach 2nd Stage.

Sakumo looked at the giant in front of him growing some muscles, with a massive Shuriken in its hand. It was growing in both Chakra and size, and the office itself didn’t seem to be able to hold it anymore.

Immediately, Sakumo puffed and just went in with his Blade to attack.

Maan saw that he was going for his Susanoo’s arm, and he did not dodge. He firmly believed that Sakumo had no chance to damage his Susanoo. He shivered however, when he saw Sakumo going through, with the Arm of his Susanoo being cut cleanly off its body!

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