Hokage Ryo's Path

Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 319


Maan trying to assassinate the Hokage was now an undisputable fact, and it began to stir things up between the clan and the village.

Just like in previous times of distress, the villagers began to get in the way of the security department, and the Uchiha did not choose silence this time, arresting all those who bothered them; Ninjas or civilians.

Their actions made the villagers angrier, and with Danzo’s men adding fuel to the fire, some people began actually attacking the Uchiha.

As he watched the situation getting intense, Sakumo did not try to stop the villagers. All he did was to order the Anbu to run an investigation in order to calm down the villagers for now.

Sakumo not defending the Uchiha this time-around led the villagers to believe that the assassination was indeed organized by the Uchiha clan.

In the evening, Fugaku Katachi held an emergency meeting in the Naka Shrine. All the Uchiha, civilians or Ninjas, were required to attend. Obviously, Itachi was no exception.

After the tribe came together, the two leaders looked at each other as they stood on high ground. Katachi began speaking: “Everyone, I believe you’ve all heard…”

“Katachi dono, is it true that the clan tried to assassinate Sakumo?” One of the people attending could not help but interrupt Katachi.

“Yes, grand elder! Tell us what’s really going on!” 

“Yes, we need to know the truth!”


Katachi frowned, veins popping in his head and then he screamed: “JUST LET ME TALK!” Seeing him so furious, everyone quieted down…

“Since you want to know: No, Maan was not sent by us.”

His words made everyone murmur; and the place was boiling for a while.

After a while, an elite Jonin had the courage to say out-loud: “Katachi dono, how did Maan open the Mangkeyo? What was the trigger that made him feel such hatred?” 

“I don’t know what happened. However, no matter what the truth is, or who was guiding him, the fact remains: Konoha is no longer a place where our clan could live.”

Katachi’s words were filled with his own true sadness. He knew that the clan, as it is right now, could no longer persist in the village. Upon hearing him, everyone’s faces turned very gloomy.

“Indeed! Whether we’re guilty or not, this proven assassination will be taken as an opportunity to get rid of us! We cannot sit still!” Another elder said.

The vast majority of those listening agreed with these words. Ever since the Kyubi’s night, things were getting worse and worse for the Uchiha, with events causing doubt in them happening over and over again.

“I agree with the elder! We all know what Konoha’s reaction will be! We should just start a coup d’état! If our many Ninjas suddenly start the operation at the same time, we will have decent chances for success. When our clan’s head becomes Hokage, no one will dare to insult us!” An elite Jonin gave his solution.

“Hold on! The village outside the clan is not so weak! They have the Sandaime, Sakumo Hatake, Ryo Yamanaka, and Kushina Uzumaki. Just these four would be too much for us to handle! And don’t forget the many Anbu, and the Ninjas from all other clans. We won’t stand a chance! Besides, Sakumo san never said he’d be taking action against our village. If we launch a coup, and it turns out that he was planning to defend us, what would we do?” 

This was the opinion of Haname Uchiha, someone who had once fought alongside Ryo. She now was a Jonin, married to another, and she had a child.

She and her husband hated the thought of their lives and friendships being crushed by a coup d’état and internal conflict withtin the village. Since Sakumo did not show a clear position against the clan, the two clealy apposed a coup d’état.

Both of them were Jonins with numerous feats, and their statement of their opposition to the coup caused the rebellious momentum to slow down.

“Haname san, do you want us then to just leave the fate of our clan to Sakumo? Today, there was an assassination attempt against him. Since, like Katachi dono had mentioned, we have nothing to do with it, maybe it’s all a play? Maybe Sakumo is just acting to give himself an excuse to get rid of us? Now is no time to relax our vigilance. And even if Sakumo is innocent, do you really think he would consider what’s best for our clan? This was not an attack from those three weaklings of last time; a Mangekyo user tried to kill him, and almost could!”

These were the words of another Jonin who decided to oppose Haname, and they spread agitation through the crowd again.

Looking at everyone arguing around him, Itachi also began to think. Unlike them however, he wasn’t just thinking of the coup d’état’s odds of success, but also of its consequences. 

Now, he was sure that the clan was heading towards launching a coup d’état. Once that would happen, they would probably fail, and even if they pulled a victory out of nowhere, Konoha would end up losing a lot of combat power. By then, other villages would make use of that.

Remembering the still vivid images of the cruelty of the 3rd war, the last thing Itachi wanted was another war taking place.

However, the Uchiha were truly on the edge of annihilation, which should also be the result of them not launching a coup d’état.

In any way, the clan launching coup d’état or the village starting a civil war by attacking the Uchiha would weaken the village beyond being able to survive a war that should follow.

As Itachi was lost in such thoughts, Izumi approached him slowly, frowning.

She grew with Itachi in the Academy, and then in Shisui’s team. Of all people, she was the one most capable of understanding his thoughts just by looking at him. However, this time, she could say nothing, only silently standing next to him.

The argument intensified, with neither Fugaku nor Katachi expressed their opinions.

The Uchiha obviously felt that there would be no result if things carried on this way. Therefore, some of them asked the two to express their opinion. “Fugaku dono, do you think we should launch a coup d’état?”

“Yes, Fugaku dono. And Katachi dono, what’s your opinion as well?”

Fugaku did not speak, and Katachi said after a long silence: “We cannot leave our fate to the village. I am for the coup d’état!” 

This had an approval of around four fifths of the clan. At the same time, Fugaku was memorizing the names and faces of those opposing this move. These were the future of the clan…

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