Hokage Ryo's Path

Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 318


Maan had no idea that Sakumo was powerful enough to cut Susanoo. The technique’s defensive ability was too powerful, and Maan was extremely confident in it as he went into the office.

However, Sakumo cutting its arm meant that the Susanoo in its second stage would do nothing to help Maan defeat his opponent.

He gritted his teeth, urging his eye to give him more. More it did give him, as his purple/black giant went large enough to crash though the office.

The Hokage’s office was in the center of the village. Just like that, this battle that the villagers and Ninjas had been oblivious about suddenly was exposed to the people of Konoha.

Danzo, who was observing secretly, was so excited! He immediately urged his Ninjas to begin their plan.

As for Ryo, he gave his own order to Sakumo’s Anbu: A problematic outdated fact was to be spread: “I heard that Maan was one of Danzo’s men, only obeying his command.”

People generally believe what they see with their own eyes, even partially. Danzo’s claim was to be believed immediately, Ryo thought. His claim however, that wasn’t to be believed by the people of Konoha without anything tangible.

However, Ryo’s purpose wasn’t to make the villagers believe that Maan was working under Danzo’s command. He was just planting a seed in the village; one that should flourish later when the time is right.

When the “truth” is revealed later, the villagers will remember what they had heard today.

On another side, other Anbu were spreading that Maan was acting on his own, with Sakumo being his target.

Meanwhile, Fugaku and Katachi were discussing their next step near the slate of the Naka shrine.

“Fugaku, announce the meeting. I will lead the supporters of the coup d’état in the village. Those who don’t support the Coup, or even hesitate, will be handed over to you. Same goes for children under the age of 16 in the family. They are the future of the Uchiha…” Katachi’s voice was very dull, but Fugaku could hear it was full of love to the family. This old man was so dedicated to the family, he even decided to sacrifice himself for its survival.

“Great elder, you can rest assured; I will definitely protect them.”

“Well, I’ll wait for you there, and punish you if you haven’t!” Katachi said with a smile, and then he added: “By the way, who did you choose eventually?” 

“It will probably be Itachi!”

“YOUR OWN SON?! Fugaku, you’re completely…”

Great elder, I believe in Itachi.” Fugaku interrupted Katachi, who sighed and said nothing.

In the forest of death, Lain chatted with Itachi for a long time before leaving. In the end, he firmly believed that activating the Mangkeyo was his destiny, and that it was for the sake of protecting.

Protecting Konoha or the Uchiha? This bit was not clear. Both were home to Itachi.

At the age of 4, he followed his father to the battlefield. The fierce battle he witnessed was something that he resented to the extreme. He hated war!

It was very clear to him that once this conflict between Konoha and the Uchiha would take place, the final result would be losses for both sides, and other villages would probably take advantage of it. Such a conflict was not just a threat to Konoha; it could ring the bells of an all out fourth World War!

Thinking of this, his eyes became firm, and the most important thing to him was to prevent this conflict from taking place.

Meanwhile, without him knowing, the battle between Sakumo and Maan was at a critical stage!

Maan was forced into 3rd Stage Susanoo, and Sakumo could no longer penetrate his defense.

However, because of his Susanoo, Maan’s eyes were constantly flowing with tears and blood, and his sight became blurred.

It did not take him too long to realize that his body had reached the limit. 

However, he did not want to give up. To him, if he could at least kill or seriously injure Sakumo, he could give the clan a window of time to deal with Konoha.

Thinking of this, he did not hesitate, and he controlled his giant Fuma Shuriken to go towards Sakumo.

The previous encounters allowed Sakumo to guess that Maan’s main Mangekyo abilities were controlling his metallic weapons from a distance, then switching place with them.

Therefore, he did what was logical when seeing Maan throwing his Fuma Shuriken, he flickered to stay away from it.

To his surprise, this Fuma Shuriken seemed to have one more special ability! This was the special ability of Maan’s Susanoo: The Shuriken, as it rotated, pulled Sakumo to its center like a whirlpool! 

Not too far away, Ryo sensed Sakumo’s calm Chakra fluctuating wildly, and his face changed greatly! Immediately, he moved to the Hokage’s office.

At the same time, Maan also switched places with the Fuma Shuriken, delivering a massive punch straight to Sakumo’s location.

It all happened too quickly, and Sakumo had no time to dodge!

“Boom!” With a loud bang, the Susanoo’s fist crumbled everything left of the Hokage’s office!

This was Maan’s last blow. After this attack, he completely lost sight, and the black/violet Susanoo around his body faded, before he finally lost consciousness.

Outside the office, Sakumo was also gasping heavily. If that punch hit him early, he would be heavily injured, if not dead.

After a while, he could finally retrieve his cool saying: “Thanks, Ryo. You’ve saved my life!”

“Don’t mention it, Sakumo san!”

“Ryo, don’t you want to go and see him? He should still be alive.” Sakumo pointed to Maan who was lying unconscious.

After a moment of silence, Ryo said: “No, this is what we’ve both chosen. He ended our friendship by joining Danzo in the first place, and now his refusal to trust and willingness to hate without hearing the full truth had killed it. Let the Anbu take him.”

Sakumo nodded, ordering the Anbu to take Maan in.

After the battle ended, the villagers of Konoha spontaneously stepped forward to ask about Sakumo’s state.

After he said he was fine, they were all relieved, and some of them began to curse the Uchiha in faint voice.

This had a snowball effect, and very quickly, the entire village was discussing the proper response that the Uchiha should get.

That, along with Root spreading rumors, got people all furious throughout the village.

Seeing all of this, Danzo whispered to himself: “Nidaime, the Uchiha will finally disappear in Konoha!”

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