Hokage Ryo's Path

Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 321


Ryo glanced at everyone whose faces were dull.

Among them, elderly and children were around half. A few of them were people he recognized, but most of them he did not know.

The strongest, besides Fugaku of course, were Haname and her husband.

After seeing Ryo, Haname’s face became stranger, and she summoned her courage and asked: “Fugaku dono, why have you called Ryo sama?”

Now, Fugaku did not hide anything, immediately explaining everything to those present. 

The older children and the adults understood the situation; that the lives of those against the coup will be spared.

“Fugaku dono, how could we trust the village? Can’t that just be separating us to make dealing with us easier?” Izumi asked carefully.

Ryo heard her words, and looked at Fugaku. The latter understood and did not speak, letting Ryo explain: “You do not need to worry. I will be guaranteeing that the village would not back on their words. As you probably all know, my father, Houyi, is an Uchiha!” As he said those words, Ryo activated his Sharingan.

Everyone looked into his eyes, and a bond that their blood was awakened, giving them a sense of trust. 

“Ryo status in the village is well known to all of you. His words are echoing those of the Hokage, and he is one of us. His word can be trusted.” Fugaku added.

Upon hearing this, most of the people present chose to trust Ryo. Even if some had doubts, they were in no position to oppose. 

Fugaku saw this and secretly released a sigh of relief, and the nodded to Ryo.

The latter condensed moister in the air into a massive igloo, which he transported away from the country.

After sending the tribe away, Fugaku stood in place. He was filled with reluctance and grief, and then sighed and returned to the Uchiha’s district.

On that night, Danzo and Homura summoned all their men, positioning them around the Uchiha district.

Sakumo also made Kakashi and Shisui monitor the dynamics of the Uchiha clan.

In the Kamui space, Obito lurked watching all of this: “This strange doomed family; is it finally over?” 

Late at night, dressed in black, Itachi looked at the moon, and then walked alone into the Uchiha’s district.

“Hello Itachi! You’re getting home late today!” The guard in the entrance greeted him enthusiastically.

Itachi’s face remained expressionless, and as his Sharingan flashed, the Ninja who greeted him lost consciousness. With his short knife, Itachi slit his throat.

The other guards were shocked and immediately rushed in to surround him.

“Itachi! What are you doing?” 

He still did not answer, but his Sharingan rotated, taking the Mangekyo pattern.

“This is… the Mangekyo! Itachi, you…” The voice of the one asking did not fall when he stopped and began to scream along with the others from the impact of Itachi’s Genjutsu.

He did not hesitate, killing the two and continuing to venture deep into the district.

His actions were clearly seen by Root, who reported that to Danzo: “Danzo sama, Itachi Uchiha just returned to the Uchiha’s district, and began killing everyone in his clan!” 

“Itachi?” Homura was shocked.

Danzo was also a little bit surprised: “Oh, I never expected him to be so loyal to Konoha!”

“Danzo, what should we do?” 

Danzo glanced at Homura and smiled: “He’s opening the path for us. We just need to keep up with him!”

After that, Danzo led Homura and two of men into the Uchiha’s district.

Seeing him making his move, Kakashi also said: “Shisui, let’s go!” 

Shisui looked at Itachi, and under his mask hid an expression of Pain. Kakashi put his hand on his shoulder to comfort him, and Shisui just sighed and went with Kakashi behind Danzo.

After the two left, Obito finally revealed himself: “Today’s Uchiha are really lively.”

“Indeed, and it’s rather hilarious with some of them. Like this one I know, he keeps chasing the same target, and no matter how much he would run, he would eventually fall into his chaser’s reach!”

The voice that came from behind Obito shocked him, and he turned around quickly, just to see Ryo.

“Ryo Yamanaka! What are you doing here?” Obito sounded a little scared.

“Waiting for you, obviously! I’ve been meaning to have a talk with you for the longest time!”

Ryo’s strength had always been something that Obito feared. He never wanted to deal with him.

“I have nothing to talk with you about. You still have to care about your precious Uchiha and Konoha!” Obito pointed behind him.

After saying that, space around him began to fluctuate, and Ryo knew that he was going into the Kamui space. However, he was actually waiting for this opportunity!

In fact, Ryo had noticed something from Obito’s previous patterns: When transferring his whole body into the Kamui space, it went through his eye, and he couldn’t apply partial Kamui.

Moreover, it took him a very short time to transfer himself, but to someone like Ryo, that was all he needed!

He immediately entered the Mangekyo fortified Ice Lightning Chakra Mode, and in the blink of an eye, he appeared before Obito, punching him in the gut! He was not yet absorbed, and he took quite a blow!

This meant something clear to Obito: Before Ryo, he could not just escape, and he had to stay and fight. All he could do was use partial Kamui.

“Now, let’s talk!” Ryo said with a smile…

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