Hokage Ryo's Path

Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 322


Itachi continued his killing spree, and the Uchiha who showed up to him one after the other died at his hands with ease.

Under Danzo and Homura’s command, Root took the opportunity to gather Sharingans of the fallen Uchiha.

Shisui was trembling as he watched Danzo doing this. If it wasn’t for Kakashi, he would have jumped on him immediately.

Outside of the district, Ryo was facing Obito with a smile on his face. The latter simply had no escape, for Ryo was just too fast for him.

In the end, he chose to compromise: “Well, what do you want to talk about?” 

“Well, it’s the seal in your brain. I betting you’ve already discovered it. Don’t you wonder why Madara would leave you with such a thing?” 

Obito did not deny this. He had indeed discovered the seal, and did find its presence really strange.

“I’ll take that as a yes. Well, that seal was left there by Madara. For now, I cannot undo it, but one day I will. When I come to do so, do not resist. Let me help you!” 

Hearing Ryo, Obito’s face showed an expression of disbelief. He could not understand why Ryo would help him.

Ryo on the other hand did not explain any further, watching Obito and waiting for his response. In the end, the latter nodded.

When that happened, Ryo smiled and threw him an Ice Scalpel. Obito hesitated, and did not pick it up.

It was very clear why he didn’t. Such a scalpel would make for the ultimate tracking bug for Ryo. Even if Ryo was to really help him, Obito couldn’t help him back.

But Ryo did not try to urge him; he just waved to him and then entered the Uchiha’s district.

After some hesitation, Obito followed him. He needed as many Sharingan as he could gather, and if he would miss this opportunity, he would never get it again.

As soon as he entered, he began looking for corpses. Unfortunately for him, Danzo had taken a huge lead over him, and all the bodies he found had their eyes dug out.

Obito coldly grunted, and walked towards the depths of the Uchiha’s district.

Ryo did not pay much attention to him, and went straight to the house where Katachi was located, all while masking his Chakra.

Back when Ryo’s Uchiha origins were exposed, he was forced to fight against the Uchiha clan. The biggest challenge he had to face was fighting Katachi.

Not long ago, Ryo learned from Fugaku that Katachi had a Mangekyo. The truth was that it wasn’t just awakened late in his life: it was left to him by some of the clans predecessors.

Back in the battle, Ryo’s Rasengan suddenly disappeared just before hitting Katachi, and he theorized that this should be Mangekyo ability.

When thinking about the battle, he was sure that he sensed no Space fluctuations when that happened. This ability should have nothing to do with Time-Space Ninjutsu.

However, to make a Jutsu disappear in thin air, all Ryo could think about was time-Space Ninjutsu; something like the Teleportation Barrier or Kakashi’s long distance Kamui.

Therefore, out of curiosity, Ryo went to Katachi to see how his battle against Itachi would go.

With Ryo’s understanding of Katachi, even if he agreed with the plan, even with him being willing to sacrifice for the Uchiha clan, he would not just sit still, and would definitely fight Itachi. Ryo did not need to face him again; he just needed to watch.

Soon, Itachi reached Katachi’s door after annihilating all the people that came in his way.

He slowly pushed open the door and saw Katachi, who was standing in the courtyard.

With his face as expressionless as ever, he released [Katon: Great Fireball Jutsu] at the elder.

Itachi smiled and used the same attack, and the two great fireballs collided in the courtyard and explosed.

Keeping his smile Katachi praised the young Uchiha: “I don’t think anyone short of being a genius could activate the Mangekyo at the mere age of 12. You are really good!”

Itachi kept his emotionless face, but through that collision, he realized that Katachi’s power was not bellow his, at least for now. Therefore, he decided to directly use his Mangekyo.

However, as his eyes changed, what shocked him was that Katachi’s 3 tomoe were linked into a circular pattern; he had the Mangekyo as well!

“Katachi dono, I didn’t expect you to have the Mangekyo Sharingan!” He looked into the elder’s eyes with much more concern than before.

After the two stared at each other for a while, Itachi opted to attack first, and a dark flame appeared on Katachi’s body.

With this black flame just being on his clothes, Katachi did not panic, just throwing h chest protector on the ground.

“Amaterasu, the eternal flame! Fascinating ability!” He stared at the flame on the ground.

Itachi saw that he was still calm and opted not to act rashly. He didn’t know what the elder was plotting, but he didn’t seem to be trying to put out the flame. 

“However, such a flame cannot hurt me!” The flame on the ground disappeared all of a sudden! As it did, blood and tears were shed from Katachi’s right eye.

“Extinguishing even Amaterasu; those eyes really aren’t simple!” Ryo muttered.

By now, Itachi was just stunned! The legendary Mangekyo Sharingan had been extinguished just like that! 

“Now, it’s my turn!” Katachi’s left eye now flashed, and an even more dense black flame appeared at Itachi feet!

“Amaterasu?” Itachi was shocked and he quickly avoided the attack.

Ryo however was less shocked by this, already guessing what Katachi’s abilities were.

What he had just done was absorbing the attack with right eye, and then releasing it amplified with his left.

After using these two techniques, Katachi’s vision became extremely blurred. He sighed and resisted his pain: “Just because most our people are not sane enough, you have to carry this entire burden. I am sorry, Itachi!”

These words took Itachi by surprise, and he did not know what Katachi’s position was anymore. However, he knew well, this fight was still on. He assumed a fighting stance and looked at the elder carefully.

“Oh, you don’t need to be so nervous. I just want you, my excellent descendent, to see the true strength of our clan before I die!” As Katachi finished his words, a massive orange giant appeared before him in the blink of an eye…

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