Hokage Ryo's Path

Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 323


Looking at the massive orange giant before him and feeling its horrifying Chakra, Itachi was stunned.

“This technique is called Susanoo. You already have the Mangekyo in both eyes. Sooner or later, you will also master this power. Its essence is the materialization of you Chakra and vitality through your eyes. It grants you the Uchiha’s mightiest defense, but it has its side-effects. It consumed your Dojutsu power at an incredible pace, bringing you closer to losing sight, all while consuming your vitality, your life! Be cautious, and only use it when necessary.” Katachi introduced Itachi to the technique he was about to use against him.

After Katachi finished his words, his Susanoo faded. By now, he was completely blind, and his vitality plummeted.

Watching the old man collapse, and perceiving his Chakra fading with his Sharingan, Itachi hesitated a bit and then walked to his side.

While Katachi was already blind, he could hear Itachi’s footsteps. He rubbed the blood off his mouth and said: “Sorry young lad; we old folks have been miserably incompetent to let your young soul carry so much pain!

“Great elder, you…”

“I have nothing more to hide, this is all…” Katachi told Itachi about Konoha’s plan.

Hearing that the village was aiming to get the Uchiha to finally coexist in peace with the rest of the village, Itachi’s pain that showed on his face was blended with a hope and excitement.

“Great elder, could this really be fulfilled?” Itachi became excited, and his voice trembled slightly.

“It must be! This is what Sakumo and Fugaku have promised me.” Katachi said seriously.

Itachi showed a smile, and his eyes were filled with determination.”

“For the rest… be… quick… and merciful!” 

“Do not worry… I will be!” 

“Then I can… rest… Thank you….” Katachi said his final words and then closed his eyes. This man, devoted to his clan to his last breath, finally left the world…

After a moment of silence, Itachi bowed to his body, and then turned around and left.

Ryo, whose respect to Katachi grew yet again, decided to carry out a proper burial for him. However, Obito suddenly appeared, his hand reaching for Katachi’s eyes.

Ryo’s expression stiffened, and he coldly flickered in and pushed Obito away.

“Ryo Yamanaka, you!”

“I don’t like this old man, Obito, but I do respect him greatly. If you want your best interest, don’t lay a finger on his body!” 

Under his mask, Obito’s face was filled with hesitation.

In fact, it was clear to him. With Ryo around, he was probably not getting Katachi’s eyes. Even if he did, it would take too much of his precious time, and he was better off just plucking out other regular Sharingans for a guaranteed gain.

Thinking about this, he chose to give up, turning around and leaving.

Ryo took Katachi’s body, and left the Uchiha’s district.

Now that he had understood the Mangekyo that he had faced before, he no longer had any interest in staying there.

Just as he left, he saw the young Sasuke returning late. Remembering the scene in the Manga, Ryo changed his mind and rushed to Fugaku’s place.

At this time, Itachi was already home. 

Fugaku and Mikoto were sitting on the knees as he approached him from behind.

After a long silence, Fugaku sighed and said: “Hello Itachi; you’re finally here.”

“Father, Katachi dono told me everything.”

“Is that so, then I guess I no longer need to explain. Sorry my son, I’m making you carry a great burden!” 

Itachi shook his head; he just wanted to know if his father trusted the village like Katachi.

Hearing the “embarrassing” question, Fugaku said with a smile: “Of course I do! This is the deal I’ve made with Ryo and Sakumo.” 

“Really dad? That’s great!” The relationship between Itachi and the village had always been the pain of Itachi. That, along with Shisui’s “will”, pushed him to strive for peace.

If the village could coexist peacefully with Uchiha, all his efforts and pains would be worthwhile.

“Itachi, you’ve already killed all those in the village who want to launch a coup d’état.” 

“Yes. What are your commands, father?”

“Nothing. Go back to your room right now!”

Itachi was stunned, and he asked quickly: “Do you mean that the village will cover this up for me?”

“Well, the details will be known to you tomorrow. I had planned it long ago. You know nothing about what happened today, and you haven’t been out today either.”

Hearing his father, Itachi kept silent for a moment, and then said firmly: “Father, I will not go back.” 

Here, Mikoto could not stand her son’s answer and jumped in place pleading: “Why? Trust you father! He and the Hokage could deal with this! You must trust them!”

“Mom, I trust them well. However, these people are still dead. If I don’t bear the weight of this, the hatred will return. If I do and stay, the Uchiha will never forgive me. Also, today I’ve met a mysterious masked person, one who claimed to be Uchiha Madara!”

“What? You’ve met Uchiha Madara?” Fugaku was shocked, standing up to ask!

“Yes father, he claimed to be him. His abilities are rather strange: He could go through the barriers of the village, ignore my special ability and has a Time-Space Ninjutsu that might be even stronger than Ryo sama’s.”

“Well, do you want to lurk by his side?” Fugaku understood what his son wanted to do.

“Yes. Only by staying by his side would I get the opportunity to get information on his action.

“Is that so? Then…”

“NO! Don’t agree! We just made him go through hell and now…” Mikoto interrupted her husband.

“Mom, you can rest assured; I will be safe. Now, I have a Mangekyo Sharingan!” Itachi activated his Mangekyo.

Being an Uchiha herself, Mikoto understood what a Mangekyo was, and almost had blind trust in its power.

“But Madara had a Mangekyo as well! It’s too dangerous!” The worried mother kept on pleading her son to back down, but Itachi was extremely determined…. 

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