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Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 328


After the second wave of villagers who went to the Sakumo’s Office came back, they once again gathered other villagers and told them about what they saw and heard.

The middle aged man who was in the lead added this thoughts on the incident, and almost all of the villagers believed his words.

“I didn’t expect Danzo would actually do such a thing!”

“Is it really that strange? Just look at him! How can anyone ever think that man is a good person?” (T/N: Reading this one, I chuckled XD.)

“Yes, his eyes are always filled with ill will!” 

As the villagers were discussing Danzo’s matter, Aoki looked at the other hidden Anbu in the eyes, and they all began giving their “thoughts” as well, and transferring the topic to the Uchiha.

“Perhaps the bad news we’ve heard about the Uchiha before were released by the enemies of the Uchiha?” Aoki took the lead.

“Aoki, you mean their responsibility for what happened on the Kyubi’s night and the assassination of the Hokage?” Another Anbu asked.

“I am just making guesses here. I mean, think about it, if all these things were the deeds of the Uchiha, why wouldn’t the Hokage do anything about it? Why would the village hide such a secret? That would be to nobody’s interest but the Uchiha themselves. And if they were hiding such information, how come they were leaked to us every time? Someone in the top of Konoha is trying to use us!” 

Aoki deliberately did not name Danzo, letting the villagers say it themselves.

Sure enough, all the villagers bowed their heads and thought after hearing his analysis.

A moment later, the middle aged man said: “We clearly heard it in the office; Fugaku dono mentioned Danzo’s name! He had dug out many of the Uchiha’s eyes. Aoki, you’re being still timid; you’re afraid, but I’m not!

This whole matter seems to me as a plan put by Danzo to get the Uchiha’s Sharingan! He first used the Kyubi’s attack to frame the Uchiha, and then sent people to make us clash with them. When things went too far, and he no longer feared that we would have compassion for the clan, he killed them in secret and had what he wanted!

Danzo is not just hiding behind his high position in the village; he’s hiding behind our approval!” 

Hearing him, everyone felt that this analysis was very reasonable, and even Aoki nodded “hesitantly”.

In fact, he was once again impressed by these villagers, always taking their analysis one step further than what he anticipates. 

“Aoki san, are these really ordinary villagers? I’m starting to feel their ability to analyze intelligence is better than ours!” An Anbu whispered to Aoki.

“How do I know? I never saw them being so… analytic. Forget it, this is better. This coming out of their own minds will be always be more credible than it would be coming out of our mouths. Go to the Hokage, and tell him that our mission had been completed.”

“Yes, Aoki san!” The Anbu slowly left the crowd while making sure that no one noticed, and cautiously returned to the Hokage’s office.

At this time, Sakumo, Ryo and Fugaku were all there.

“Ryo, should we start acting? The Hokage and I have already done our parts!” Fugaku was somewhat unpatient.

Ryo sighed helplessly and said: “Don’t worry, Fugaku san! We need to wait for the crowd’s reaction. Otherwise…”

“Knock Knock!” Ryo was interrupted by the knocking on the door.

Sakumo looked at the two, instructing them to leave, and after Ryo teleported with Fugaku, he said: “Come in.”

Sakumo found that the one visiting was a “civilian” Anbu, and his eyes shined knowing that progress had been made. After the Anbu delivered the villagers’ thoughts to him, he became excited for his plan that had been cooking for so long was finally getting to its final stage!”

“You will inform Kakashi that the Uchiha will immediately be dispatched to “clean you up”. Remember not to get caught too easily; resist, and show the villagers what burdens the Uchiha have to carry for them, and at the same time how efficient they are in dealing with you!” Sakumo ordered.

“Yes, Hokage sama!” The Anbu nodded and left through the window.

Sensing the Anbu’s Ki leaving, Ryo returned with Fugaku to the Hokage’s office.

When the two returned, they found Sakumo smiling, and he immediately said: “Ryo, Fugaku, just now….” He told the two everything he had just heard from the Anbu.

After listening to him, Ryo sneered: “Fugaku san, it’s finally time!” Arrange for the Uchiha to begin acting tomorrow.


Not knowing of this discussion taking place in the Hokage’s office, the villagers of Konoha were discussing Danzo’s crimes.

In less than a day, all the things Danzo had “done” to the Uchiha clan spread through Konoha.

After the villagers learned of this, they became more and more sympathetic to the Uchiha clan, and more and more embarrassed about their previous behavior.

By now, they had no face to ask the Uchiha for help. What they did not expect however, was that they Uchiha appeared on the streets of Konoha the following day!

Fugaku himself led the surviving Uchiha to “clean up” the streets of Konoha from “thugs”.

The operation was very well orchestrated, and the villagers were extremely impressed with the Uchiha’s proficiency. 

However, they had also noticed another thing: The Uchiha now have been working extremely hard to help them, for they had far less men than usual. Even the clan head had to come himself to help.

Still, with their “hard work”, the Uchiha finally ended the terror of these thugs.

Fugaku looked at the villagers with a tired sad face and said: “The clan had some… trouble, recently, and that caused these people to disrupt everyone’s lives. We could not just sit still and abandon our duty as Ninjas of Konoha. However, due to our lack of manpower, we could not handle these issues as fast as before. Please forgive us!” After Fugaku completed his words, he bowed to the villagers, and then turned around and left.

The villagers looked at his back as he walked away on their now peaceful again street, and their faces were all filled with both gratitude and shame.

“What have we done?!” Aoki’s aunt sighed and said.

“We’ve been horrible to the Uchiha clan! We should be the ones apologizing; not him!” Another villager added.

In this way, Sakumo, Fugaku and Ryo finally eliminated the feud between the Uchiha and the rest of the village, erasing the impact of the 2nd’s policies…

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