Hokage Ryo's Path

Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 329


Sakumo asked Kakashi to pick up the captured Root Members from the Uchiha and arrange them all around Root’s headquarter.

The villagers of Konoha had returned to their previous lives thanks to the Uchiha clan. Therefore, they began to feel more and more hatred towards Danzo.

At this point of time, Sakumo officially announced what was to be the final nail in Danzo’s coffin…

Maan Uchiha, who had previously attempted to assassinate the Hokage, was a member of Danzo’s Root!

Through this, Sakumo disclosed the existence of Root to the entire village.

Previously, this division was well known to the big families, but many people had no idea about it.

This disclosure caused a major uproar in the village, and most small families and civilians were shocked to know of the existence of such an institution in Konoha.

In the afternoon, many of Konoha’s higher-ups arrived together to Sakumo’s office.

The highest ranking among them was Koharu, who took the lead and asked: “Hokage sama, I hope you could give us a proper explanation!”

“There is nothing to explain. Root’s presence is simply no longer necessary!” 

Koharu’s face changed greatly, and she asked: “What do you mean, Sakumo?!” 

Hiachi Hyuga also persuaded: “Hokage sama, Root were the eyes and ears of the Nidaime. They are the legacy that he had left behind for us in Konoha!”

Ryo here interfered: “Yes, they are the plague left behind by the Nidaime…” 

“Ryo Yamanak, you …”

“I’m just speaking my mind, Hiachi dono…”

Koharu glanced at Ryo Yamanaka who was sitting in front of Sakumo with a smile on his face, and she said to Sakumo: “Are you of the same opinion, Sakumo?” 

Sakumo nodded: “Yes, it seems to me like Root are pure rubbish!”

“How could things left behind by Tobirama Sensei be rubbish?! Aren’t you getting to conceited, Sakumo? I absolutely disagree with you on this matter, and will not be agreeing in the future!”  

“Oh? Old woman, the Sandaime isn’t here today, isn’t that enough for you to understand?” 

Koharu turned around to Ryo staring at him in disbelief: “Impossible…. It can’t be…”

“Also, what the Hokage sama was doing was informing you of his plans, not discussing them with you. Whether you agree or not, Root will be no more, and anyone who has an opinion about that can come to me!” 

Ryo released his Chakra as he said this, and his great blood-thirst gave everyone around him besides Sakumo the chills, along with the six-pointed stars that appeared in his pupils.

“Ry… Ryo Yamanaka… You will… What will you do?” Koharu’s voice trembled.

“Instead of asking me what I’m going to do, how about you ask everything else what they think?”

“The Hyuga clan agrees!”

“The Sarutobi clan agrees!”


“It seems like everyone is still very sensible!” Ryo pulled back his momentum, turning back to his harmless-looking self.

“Since everyone agrees, the Root…” 

Koharu interrupted Sakumo: “I don’t agree! Sakumo, Ryo Yamanaka, you can’t just question Sensei’s legacy!”

Ryo didn’t want to listen to Koharu’s nonsense; he just used Genjutsu, and made her say yes!

Everyone present was rather scared, and were grateful that they had agreed earlier.

After everyone left, Sakumo made Kakashi start his action.

Outside Root’s headquarter, after receiving Sakumo’s command, Kakashi led the Anbu to directly attack Root!

The poor Root members who were brainwashed by Danzo lost their senses, and they did not fear death.

However, Kakashi’s team far outnumbered them, and with little effort, he managed to break into the depths of the headquarters.

At the same time, around the 3rd’s residence, people constantly came to meet him, but Shisui and his group of Anbu kept rejecting them. Anyone who went too violent was killed by Shisui.

In the Hokage’s office, after Sakumo and Ryo received a report from him, Sakumo said in a cold voice: “There are actually people who tried to kill their way to the 3rd!” 

“Isn’t that normal? Go there, Sakumo san. I believe you’ve already arranged everything?” 

“Well, yes, but it’s still a bit uncomfortable!” Sakumo complained. “Right! Why did you want to go to Root’s headquarter to help? Shouldn’t Kakashi and the Anbu be enough?” He asked.

“I want to protect Shisui’s eyes, Sakumo san! Did you forget that Danzo had taken them?” 

“Yeah I remember, but what could happen to them? Would he jump over the wall and fall eye-first on a stick?”

“This eye is very important to Shisui, that’s all. I just want to make sure he gets it back. 

Hearing Ryo, Sakumo just nodded. He knew how much Ryo valued his disciple, so him taking the time to take his eye himself made perfect sense.

In fact, there was one more reason that Sakumo did not know, and that was Izanagi.

Ryo did not mention this technique, for it was a absolutely confidential secret of the Uchiha clan. It just didn’t seem right to him to tell Sakumo.

Therefore, Ryo went in to protect Kakashi and prevent him from falling to Danzo’s trap.

“Sakumo san, I’ll be going!” After saying that, Ryo teleported directly to Root’s headquarters.

At this time, Root, Danzo and Homura were confronting Kakashi.

“Kakashi, how dare you barge in here and kill many of my men? What do you want to do?” 

“The village have discussed this and made their decision. I’m not here to explain, I’m just following my orders.” Kakashi answered casually.

“The village’s decision? The Hyuga and the Sarutobi clans would never agree!” Homura retorted.

“I cannot believe this either! There’s something hidden here! We should meet the Hokage!”

As Danzo’s voice fell, Ryo suddenly appeared by Kakashi’s side: “Sakumo san doesn’t want to see you!”

“Ryo Yamanaka? Huh, I guess this decision was one you’ve made with Sakumo, taking out those you do not want!” Danzo sneered!

“Yes, I’ve been waiting for this day for a long time!” Ryo did not hesitate; entering the Mangekyo fortified Ice Lightning Chakra Mode. Danzo only saw a flower shaped pattern made out of lightning surrounding him, before Homura and the rest of his men fell to the ground.

Seeing his comrade for many decades lying in a pool of blood on the ground, Danzo was stunned. He never expected that Ryo would actually dare to do it, dare to kill an Elder Councilor of Konoha!

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