Hokage Ryo's Path

Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 331


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Danzo was extremely excited as he watched his Sensei questioning Ryo. With his understanding of his Sensei, he knew that he had gave him enough reasons to be angry.

The people that Tobirama trusted the least were the Uchiha.

Danzo inserted that fact that Ryo had Uchiha blood right after claiming he was a scourge, and then accused him of supporting tyranny. Right now, Tobirama’s trust in this kid unknown to him was at its lower possible point.

Ryo heard Tobirama’s tone and stared at him.

Tobirama was actually somewhat provoked by Ryo’s stare. He was the 2nd Hokage, and the people of the village should respect him. Ryo’s attitude was, in his opinion, inappropriate, to say the least.

“Don’t be angry, Sensei! This brat had always been unruly! Don’t be angry!” Danzo falsely consoled Tobirama, but only to ignite his anger even more.

Tobirama was a relatively strict person, which could be seen in his students, more or less.

This was very clear to Danzo, so he deliberately provoked this side of him.

“Danzo, save your breath! As I said just earlier, I was never content with Tobirama’s policies. You don’t need to try to provoke him against me; I’ll do just fine on my own!”

Ryo’s words made Tobirama completely furious: “Seems like kids in your time don’t know their place! Give me the controlling Talisman! I need to make him earn his qualification to say such words.” 

Danzo nodded and gave the Talisman, made by Orochimaru, to his teacher.

Because of Ryo, Orochimaru never actually trusted Danzo, so he gave him an imperfect Talisman, that limited the energy of his summon, and made control over it take place slowly.

After using the Talisman, Tobirama gradually regained control over his body. Ryo wasn’t interested in watching him change, so he just teleported straight in front of him.

Immediately, he sealed him completely within a block of Ice.

Danzo was stunned, not believing that his mighty Sensei had been subdued so easily.

Ryo also did not expect that, muttering to himself: “Is the Nidaime’s response speed so low? Or was the Edo Tensei inferior?”

As he was thinking about that, he was surprised as he saw cracks in his eyes!

The ice exploded, and being so close to Ryo, Tobirama who had regained his freedom jumped on him, hugging him tightly.

“[Mutually Multiplying Explosive Tags]!” Tobirama held Ryo tightly, infusing him with Chakra to keep him from teleporting. Ryo could only enter Ice Elementization again, before…


A massive series of explosions took place, and both the silhouettes of Ryo and Tobirama disappeared, with only some crushed Ice Being left on the ground.

A few seconds later, “confetti” flew and swirled as Tobirama’s body began to recover. He glanced at the shattered ice on the ground and smiled.

Danzo was also overjoyed, and he quickly said: “That’s my Sensei! So easily getting…”

“Getting rid of who?” Danzo was interrupted by a voice that shook his heart.

“Ryo Yamanaka?! You… that big explosion right now…. It can’t be!”

Danzo was shocked, and Tobirama was also surprised: “Kid, how did you escape?” 

“I obviously have my own ways…” As he said that, Ryo still sounded slightly scared.

At the moment of the explosion, the entirety of Tobirama’s body turned into a bomb.

Such a detonation that causes a nearly infinite series of explosion could not be bared even by Ryo in Ice elementization. Yes, he could regenerate, but the attack wouldn’t have left him with enough of his body to regenerate from!

Therefore, after the start of the explosion series, Ryo had himself fully absorbed into the Ice World, which saved his life.

“Nidaime, I knew that should have sealed the Ice immediately when I locked you in! Still, you’re not at full power…”

Ryo vigilantly watched Tobirama, and being on the fine edge between life and death just earlier made him less impulsive…

“Hey, even if this body can only fight at 50% of its original strength, you’re as good as dead!” Danzo said coldly.

“50%? Is that your assessment of his current strength? It seems like the great Nidaime would be no opponent to me even at full power!” Ryo said with a smile.

Tobirama became more and more furious as he listened to this junior underestimating him. It was completely unbearable, and he made the hand-seals to form two massive Water Dragons appear out of thin air.

“This technique?” Ryo looked at the water dragons and remembered the technique passed down to him by the 3rd.  However, this Jutsu did appear much stronger than what he had learned back in the day, even though it was definitely the same technique. Did the 2nd add anything special to this Jutsu?

Ryo became more intrigued, and in order to better observe this technique, he activated his Mangekyo, letting a couple of rows of pale blue ribs appear around his body.

“Susanoo? you actually have the Mangekyo? I will not let you leave alive!” Tobirama became more concerned, and he further increased the Chakra output into the Water Dragons, making them even more massive.

“Using Water Ninjutsu of such scale in the absence of water… Perhaps you did make a deal with sea, Nidaime!” Ryo admired Tobirama sincerely.

“Enough with your nonsense! [Suito: Water Dragon Biting Explosion]!” The Nidaime controlled the two dragons to go around Ryo.

As they did so, they both constantly attacked Ryo, until one of them found a window to push him into the air. As he was falling from the sky, the other one fell above him, crashing into his Susanoo.

The attack was so powerful, it broke through Susanoo’s defense eventually, but as it did so, it was also exhausted.

Ryo landed on the ground, all okay, but he was rather embarrassed. Before, he used to think that [Suiton: Hard Whirlpool Water Blade] was the more powerful attack of the two given to him by the 3rd. Now however, he realized that [Suiton: Water Dragon Biting Explosion] was the more powerful attack; it’s just that his own Water Release ability was far inferior to that of the Nidaime!

Tobirama looked at Ryo with some helplessness on his face; his body now was limited in strength, and the kid was yet to show a fraction of his potential.

Ryo on the other hand was glad. He had learned a lot from this previous collision.

“Nidaime, thank you for your teachings. Ignoring your stinky character, you are a truly admirable Ninja!”

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