Hokage Ryo's Path

Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 330


“Ryo Yamanaka! How dare you kill an elder councilor?! Have you betrayed the village?” Danzo shivered in rage and grief as he asked Ryo.

“I’m just fighting for the village!” Ryo answered faintly.

“For the village? This is ridiculous! Do you mean that the elder Councilors put in place by Tobirama sensei would harm the village?”

“Oh yeah! It seems to me that many of your sensei’s policies have been doing nothing but harm to Konoha!” 

“You… you… HOW DARE YOU, YOU INSOLENT BRAT?!!” Danzo never expected that Ryo would openly question Tobitrama in front of so many people.

Ryo said with a cold smile: “Seriously, many of the 2nd’s policies have been out of bad judgment, and a result of his inadequacy.

At first, whether they were forced by Hashirama and Madara’s power join Konoha, or if they did so voluntarily, the 1st Hokage did nothing to separate the families. However, when your sensei took over, he seemingly felt that the individuality of every clan was to be a big threat to Konoha, so he tried to weaken each clan.

The Anbu was established to strengthen the centralization of power in the village around the Hokage, and the Academy was put in place to eliminate the gap between civilian born and family Ninjas. I have said nothing wrong!”

Danzo immediately opposed Ryo: “Sensei just wanted to make the village more closely connected, instead, not to weaken each family like you said!”

“Oh yeah? Then I’ll ask you, what’s the Anbu’s duty?” 

“Protecting the Hokage, preventing the invasion of foreign enemies, as well as handling confidential tasks.”

“You’ve failed to mention the most important role: implementing the orders of the Hokage! With the Anbu, the Hokage does not need to go through the various families every time to get their approval. This way, each family couldn’t interfere with most of his decisions, and the clans got excluded from decision making in Konoha!

At the same time, you so called councilors were set up to assist the Hokage control the village, getting a spot above the representatives of the clans!” 

Ryo’s words made Danzo silent for a long time. Being the disciple of the 2nd Hokage, Tobirama’s purpose behind making the Anbu was most clear to him, but he never expected that a junior such as Ryo could actually realize it.

“What? Nothing to say? Seems like your Sensei’s instructions are as clear as day to you!”

“Ryo Yamanaka, even if you understand Sensei’s intentions, you will never be worthy of criticizing him being as young as you are!”

“Haha! Oh I’m in trouble then! I should be punished, so go to your Sensei, and tell him about how insolent I’ve been in person!” Ryo flickered to Danzo, and a pale-blue skeleton arm appeared above his right shoulder, smashing Danzo into a pile of flesh, blood and bone!

The surrounding Anbu were both shocked and relieved by witnessing how Ryo easily decimated Danzo. However, they never expected the “dead” councilor to reappear in his place!

“Ryo Yamanaka, you’re being so self-righteous, trying to kill me, but unfortunately for you, I have my own hidden cards!”

“That’s one! I want to see how many times you’re going to be able to use Izanagi!” 

Danzo, who thought he would scare Ryo, was just smashed once again with Susanoo’s fist!

A few moments later, Danzo was once again resurrected, but this time around, he began to desperately run away!

“Huh, no one can escape me!” Ryo’s voice fell, and he flickered in front of Danzo, cutting his throat immediately with his Ice Scalpel!

“Three!” According to the Manga, Danzo should be able to use Izanagi ten time, and now he had been killed three times by Ryo.

By his fourth resurrection, Danzo was near the exit.

Ryo frowned and continued to catch up with him.

After killing him three more times, Danzo successfully left Root, and began to desperately run towards civilians. He wanted to use them as cover until he got to the 3rd Hokage.

However, Ryo wasn’t giving him the opportunity; speed had always been Ryo’s forte.

By the time Danzo was killed two more times, he was still a few hundred meters away from the crowded area of the village.

By now, he only had one more Sharingan let in his arm. He could use Shisui’s eye twice, but if things continued this way, Danzo was sure he wasn’t going to make.

“Ryo Yamanaka, you’ve forced me to do this!” As Danzo spoke, he opened up a scroll, releasing a corpse stored inside it, and then he made his hand seals: “Tiger; Snake; Dog; Dragon; Clap!” 

Upon seeing those hand seals, Ryo was shocked: “I never expected you to have this technique!” Ryo watched a coffin slowly rising from the ground.

“If it wasn’t for a deal between Ororchimaru and I, I wouldn’t have learned this technique!” As Danzo spoke, the coffin opened up for silver-haired man in a blue armor: Tobirama Senju!

“Edo Tensei? I never thought I would be bound by my own Ninjutsu! Who’s the user?” 

“Tobirama sensei, It’s me!” Danzo was extremely afraid of Tobirama’s reaction, rushing to answer with respect.

Tobirama glanced at Danzo, and after some thought he asked: “Danzo? How many years have passed since my death? How is the village now?”

“It’s been over 30 years, Sensei. The village is doing very well. We’ve had wars over the years, but we’ve always been victorious! It’s just…”

Danzo deliberately paused, looking at Ryo.

Tobirama frowned, and then noticed that not far behind Danzo, a young man was standing.

Ryo looked kind and harmless, with a smile on his face. However, Tobirama could easily sense that this kid was extremely dangerous.

“Danzo, who is he?”

For a while, Danzo didn’t know to actually introduce Ryo. After thinking about it for a while, he decided to begin with his position: “This Ryo Yamanaka, Tobirama Sensei. He is the dean of Konoha’s hospital, and also the scourge of the village!”

“Ryo Yamanaka? Shouldn’t the Yamanaka always have golden hair? And how is he the scourge of the village? What do you mean?” Tobirama quickly asked.

“Sensei, the father of Ryo Yamanaka is an Uchiha! He has the blood of the Uchiha clan! He not the scourge; he’s just part of it! Now, the new Hokage is Hatake Sakumo, and since he took office, he’s been willing to use any means to get rid of his opposition. This man, Ryo Yamanaka, had been his greatest accomplice!”

“Young man, is that true?” Tobirama’s face turned rather heavy, as he turned around to Ryo to question him.

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