Hokage Ryo's Path

Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 335


Orochimaru had originally thought that Ryo would stay in the village with Sakumo to deal with the 3rd, so he didn’t expect that he would return with his disciple!

“Ryo kun, what brings you back? I thought you would stay in the village!” He asked directly.

“Well, here’s the deal: Shisui’s Sharingan had been taken away by Danzo, and I managed to get it back.”

Orochimaru nodded and understood. To him, Ryo’s care of his disciple was no surprise.

“Orochi san, can you help you out by leaving me one of the lab rooms vacated? I have to transplant Shisui’s eye back!”

Orochimaru immediately gave his orders, and soon, a lab room that was being used was prepared.

After thank Orochimaru, Ryo took his apprentice to his room.

In there, he did not immediately start the operation, instead opting to explain the Mangekyo to Shisui.

Most of what he said at first was already known to his apprentice, but the latter was somewhat surprised when Ryo moved on to talking about the Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan. He said that this was the 1st time he heard about it.

He understood what this eye was, but he couldn’t get why Ryo was mentioning this matter now. He had no siblings, and his parents had died young. 

Ryo understood what was going on in his mind through his expression, and he took out Kagami’s Sharingan’s from his scroll. 

“Shisui, these are your grandfather’s eyes. While they didn’t really become Mangekyo Sharingans, but they got close in their evolution. I intend to use these eyes to help you awaken the Eternal Mangekyo. Will you be okay with that?”

Hearing Ryo, Shisui was shocked, for he never expected his Sensei to have his grandfather’s eyes!

After a while, Shisui finally asked Ryo: “Sensei, where did you get these eyes from?”

“Danzo was the comrade of your grandfather, and he….” Ryo explained the truth of the matter to him, bringing sadness to his face..

“Well, Danzo is now dead, so there is no need to think about his deeds anymore. You did not answer me yet: Would you accept using your grandfather’s eyes to evolve yours?”

“Sensei, besides this method, is there no other ways to make my eyes evolve into Eternal Mangekyo Sharingans?” Shisui was rather repulsed by the idea.

“No. I do have my own method to ensure that you would never go blind, but that would not bring you the power boost of an Eternal Mangekyo.” 

Ryo’s tone was cold and indifferent, as he didn’t want to influence Shisui’s decision.

Shisui had deep feelings for his grandfather, and Ryo understood that, and respected Kagami himself. Therefore, he could only lay down the facts and let Shisui take his own decision.

After long hesitation, Shisui decided to accept using Kagami’s eyes. When he faced Danzo, he realized his own shortcomings, and understood that to face the greater dangers that might come, he would need to grow more powerful in order to protect his clan, village and the ones he loved.

Ryo was not surprised by Shisui’s answer. He smiled and took out Shisui’s Mangekyo, undoing the seal he had on it.

After so many years of practice, Ryo’s medical Ninjutsu was impeccable, and the transplant process went very smoothly.

Later, Ryo took out Kagami’s eyes, and integrated theme with Shisui’s.

The change began slowly, with the Spiritual power of Shisui increasing slightly. 

The process was to take a while. Therefore, Ryo used Genjutsu on Shisui to get him to sleep and accelerate the whole process.

Three days later, Ryo sensed that Shisui’s power had changed qualitatively. He guessed then that the evolution of his eye should be complete.

Sure enough, in the afternoon, he awakened Shisui. The latter felt confused as he looked around, and then remembered what had happened and activated his Sharingan.

His Sharingan didn’t have three tomoe; just one. His eyes rotated, and the tomoe became two, then three, finally turning into Mangekyo.

The whole change was very fast, but his eyes stopped rotating at this stage. Ryo frowned: Didn’t Shisui’s eyes evolve enough?

A few minutes later however, a row of green ribs emerged spontaneously around Shisui, and the pattern of his eyes changed. The edges of his Shuriken like pattern split into two peaks going to opposite sides.

At the same time, Ryo could sense a powerful force bursting out of Shisui’s Mangekyo. 

It kept getting stronger and stronger, and the great skeleton around his body was surrounded by muscles. Ryo felt this was going bad, and he quickly teleported with his disciple to the Wind Country’s desert.

Just as they arrived, armor formed around the muscles of Shisui’s Susanoo, and its Shuriken became more vivid. In the end, it grew legs…

“Complete Susanoo?” Ryo looked at the green Chakra giant with admiration.

He was visibly excited, and activated his own Mangekyo. A while later, a pale blue giant appeared next to the green one.

Ryo’s Susanoo’s weapon was a sword, but not one that’s often, if at all, seen in the world of Naruto.

It was a Chinese War Sword, a weapon used in ancient China. Requiring both great strength and skill to wield, this weapon cut men like butter on the battlefield.

Ryo’s Susanoo has gotten far more powerful overtime, and it now also had armor covering it.

It was a shame that no matter how hard Ryo tried, he couldn’t get his Susanoo to become complete; it never grew legs. In the end, it was inferior to Shisui’s.

Ryo sighted and left his Susanoo state, and Shisui also regained control of his own gradually after getting familiar with his new eyes.

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