Hokage Ryo's Path

Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 336


After Shisui gained control over himself, his first sensation was comfort. With him now awake, the first thing he felt was comfort! Ever since he activated his Mangekyo, his eyes never felt so comfortable.

The Mangekyo could bring one great strength, and an equally great burden on his body.

Shisui before knew that using his Mangekyo would get him blind. Until Ryo would fulfill his promise to him, he very rarely used the power of his eye. 

Even so, on those rare occasions, his eye would absorb his vitality.

What was shockingly draining however was the Susanoo. His eyes would shed tears of blood, and his body would feel ill and burdened like never before.

Now as he was in the perfect Susanoo state, not only did he feel completely comfortable, he found that his Susanoo had actually evolved.

“Shisui, have you played enough?” Immersed in his joy of gaining great power and preserving his eyes, Shisui heard Ryo’s voice.

He looked at his Sensei and left his own Susanoo state, dropping down to talk with him.

“How’s the Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan?” Ryo asked.

Shisui answered with excitement: “It’s great! I feel on my eyes or my body, and I also feel much stronger! Thank you, Sensei!” 

Ryo nodded and said: “That’s good to hear! Now, we’ve been out of the village for several days, and I’m estimating that Sakump san is ready. We must go back!” 

Hearing Ryo, Shisui’s joy was replaced by worry: “Sensei, do you think that the 3rd might try to avenge Danzo and Homura?”

“The old man is very emotional indeed, especially after retirement, but he is rather rational as well. The two were his close friends, but there’s a lot more than that. Either way, we must be ready for everything!”

“I understand, Sensei! Let’s go back now!”

“Well, I am going to Orochi san first; you are waiting for me here.” Ryo’s figure disappeared.

A few moments later, he returned to the desert, and then teleported back to Konoha with Shisui.

At this time, in the office, Sakumo was finally confronting the 3rd.

While Ryo and Shisui were away, Sakumo had been doing even more propaganda, and the villagers became even more aware of Danzo’s evil.

Two days ago, when they were boiling in rage against the old man, Sakumo announced that the Anbu had confronted Danzo, and that the latter fought back and died during the operation.

The village boiled again, and Sakumo took this time to release the 3rd’s Anbu and withdraw Kakashi and his men.

After the return of the 3rd’s Anbu, they went straight to their leader and told him that they had been detained by Sakumo.

The latter’s face changed, and he asked his men to investigate whatever had happened during the period of their detention.

When the results of the investigation reached him, the 3rd was extremely shocked; he never expected that Sakumo would be so bold, actually killing Danzo and Homura while keeping him out of the loop.

When he also received the news that over 70% of the Uchiha had been killed overnight, the 3rd could no longer sit still, and he went straight to Sakumo’s office.

He entered without saluting the Hokage’s substitute, laid down the two scrolls he received from his Anbu on the table and yelled: “What the hell is going on, Sakumo?” 

Sakumo picked up the scrolls and went through them quickly and then said calmly: “Hokage sama, the matter is simple. Danzo had managed to take away Shisui’s Mangekyo, and he used it to control Itachi Uchiha into killing over 70% of the Uchiha in one night. If I didn’t find out about this in time, the Uchiha clan would have long ceased to exist.” Sakumo gave an answer blending elements of truth into a story of his own fabrication.

The 3rd was shocked and taken aback, for he had never thought that thing could go so far.

After a moment of contemplation, he asked: “Sakumo, I have information that Itachi himself had opened the Mangekyo; how would Danzo be able to control him through Shisui’s eye?”

Sakumo heard that and did not directly answer the 3rd, instead sneering and saying: “It seems like you’ve long known about Danzo’s attack on Shisui, and the latter’s self sacrifice to help Itachi awaken his Mangekyo.”

The 3rd lowered his head slightlty. He had indeed learned of what had happened to Shisui and said nothing, trying to cover up for his old pal.

The office fell in silence, and after a long time, the 3rd sighed: “That was my fault, but Danzo and Homura did a lot for the village when they were young. I just can’t believe they would actually go for this. Maybe, Itachi acted on his own?”

Sakumo answered in a cold voice: “You really think that? You’re really sticking to defending your old comrades, Sandaime! I’ll tell you the truth, and you tell me if those two bastards deserve what they had! Didn’t you wonder how Danzo could control Itachi? Well, Shisui’s Mangekyo ability is perhaps the most powerful Genjutsu of all. It is called Kotoamatsukami, and allows one to directly modify one’s will for the rest of their lives. Danzo controlled him with that, and now that he’s dead, that Genjutsu is lifted. But now, young Itachi has to cope with the fact that he had killed most of his clan, and can no longer live in the village!”

The 3rd’s face was showing more and more shock, but he was still not willing to believe that his pal would go so far. He asked, after some hesitation: “Sakumo, do you have any evidence for all of this?”

“There is evidence, of course!” The 3rd’s voice just fell, and he saw Ryo and Shisui appearing next to him out of nowhere.

He first looked at Ryo, then turned away to look at Shisui. In shock, he asked: “Shisui, you are not already…”

“You’ve watched me grow up, Sandaime. Do you really think that I could not save him? He might be an Anbu and a Sensei now, but Shisui is still my little disciple, and would do anything to save him!”

The 3rd heard Ryo and asked no more questions, returning to the matter of evidence: “Ryo, do you have any evidence proving that Danzo was behind this massacre that hit the Uchiha? Can I see such evidence?”

Ryo nodded, and then took out Danzo corpse out of a scroll: “This is the best evidence!”

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