Hokage Ryo's Path

Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 338


Giving the Uchiha the right to return to Konoha’s center, in both location and influence, was a promise made by both Ryo and Sakumo to Fugako, but this was no easy task to accomplish.

Ever since Tobirama assigned the Uchiha to security, they began being excluded gradually from decision making in the village.

For many years, the top of Konoha became accustomed to this situation, and the Uchiha’s rise to the top of the village would certainly cause waves, as it would hurt many clans’ interests.

Fortunately, Fugaku managed to now get the support of the 3rd, which added to the odds of Sakumo’s and Ryo’s success.

Over the course of the following few days, the Uchiha maintain the security of the village efficiently. In fact, the lack of man power that happened to them did not seem to affect the safety of the village, although it did make their tasks harder.

The villagers had by now left behind their prejudices against the clan, which made their job easier. Now, civilians and Ninjas around the village gained more and more respect to the clan as they watched them work diligently through the grief. They grew more sympathetic to the Uchiha, complying with their requests to not add to their trouble.

Still, this embarrassment they felt, this sympathy they had, all would become fragile when it comes to maintaining their own interests.

On one day, Sakumo ordered his Anbu to cause trouble in the village again. In the mess, the Uchiha were slow and late to solve problems because of the lack of manpower.

While all the “thugs” were captured, the villagers still suffered losses as a result.

Afterwards, Fugaku personally came forward, apologizing to the villagers. Most of them expressed their understanding. However, some thought that the Uchiha had to bear some responsibility for this.

In the evening, the villagers gathered in great numbers.

“Everyone, I think it is clear why we’re all gathering today. Speak your minds please!” The old man who went to meet Fugaku before said.

Afterwards, Uchiha Fuyue personally came forward and apologized to the villagers. Most of the villagers expressed their understanding. However, some people think that the Uchiha family should bear some responsibility for this.

“Actually, I believe it is reasonable to say that the Uchiha did their best. We should not blame them. Still, the clan is no longer as efficient as before in maintaining the village’s security. Should we discuss this with the Hokage maybe?” A middle age woman spoke. Today, because the Uchiha were late to the scene, her business had suffered massive losses.

“I also agree that the Uchiha’s situation is a problem. They are doing their best, but this cannot go on!”

“I agree.”

“I have no opinion.”


Most people agreed with the woman, and the old man who tried to speak up for the Uchiha couldn’t say anything before the crowd.

He sighed helplessly and said: “Well, since you all think so, I will go meet the Hokage tomorrow.

The next day, the old man arrived to Sakumo’s office with Aoki, and explained to him the results of the villagers’ discussions last night.

Sakumo looked concerned, and promised to deal with the matter very quickly…

On the same day, his men secretly spread the news that he will be selecting members of other clans to supplement the Uchiha’s ranks. This caused major uproar across the village!

In particular, the Hyuga, the Sarutobi and the Ino-Shika-Cho felt great about this news.

While the whole police force matter was Tobirama’s way to exclude the Uchiha from decision making in the village, the department did give great perks to the Uchiha. They had access to information, managed the prison, and had an abundance of resources at their demand.

Therefore, as the clans heard of the news, their eyes went red and they all wanted a slice of the pie.

After Sakumo spread the news, he took no further action, just arranged for more of his Anbu to blend in with the villagers.

The families all gathered to discuss the matter, and the Ino-Shika-Cho were no exception.

Many members of all three clans gathered, and Shikaku Nara explained the situation to everyone. 

The eyes of those who had not yet heard of the news shined, especially the Yamanaka.

Seeing the excitement of those around him, Ryo sighed helplessly. After all, nothing came without a price.

The idea that he and Sakumo had was that any clan that would get security privileges would have to give up on equivalent privileges that they would already have. This way, balance would be managed and maintained. 

Now, the Ino-Shika-Cho were in control of the entirety of Konoha’s medical system. This was large enough to easily digest all they would have to offer, and they had no need to touch the security department.

He began to think of a way to take the word and discourage everyone, but just he was about to do so, he heard Shikaku’s voice: “While the idea sounds tempting, our clans should not interfere with this.”

Everyone’s excitement came to a halt, and they went quiet. 

A moment later, an Akamichi asked: “Shikaku dono, why is that?” 

Shikaku smiled and then laughed as he watched everyone’s gloomy faces, before answering: “It is very simple; it’s because all of this is a ploy to return the Uchiha to the top of the village. For every man we get to include within the security department, we would have to give on some of our power when it comes to decision making in the village. Isn’t that right, Ryo?”

As if moved all by one mind, everyone’s heads turned to Ryo, who could only helplessly nod.

“Nothing gets by you, Shikaku dono! What you have said is true, and I believe that, for the time being, our clans don’t need to expand their interests, as they already have control of the entirety of Konoha’s medical system.

Obviously, if the people here feel that they want to lose some of that control, and some of their political weight, you’re welcome to make the exchange and pursue some rights in the security department.”

Shikaku’s and Ryo’s words came like slaps on the faces of everyone present, awakening them immediately.

Ryo is right; they have enough, and what they would have to sacrifice would be greater than what they would gain. It did not take people long before the Ino-Shika-Cho alliance alienated themselves from the race to get positions in the security department. 

It was just a shame that Sarutobi and Hyuga clans had no people such as Shikaku among their ranks…

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